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10 AEW Wrestlers You Had No Idea Starred In Movies & TV Shows

When fans think about wrestlers breaking into the acting world it is often former or current WWE Superstars such as John Cena, Batista, and The Rock that people think about. However, more people have broken out and experienced the glitz and glamour of Hollywood than just those who are part of WWE.

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Many wrestlers in AEW have had the chance to experience acting as well, with plenty of wrestlers on that roster having starred in movies and television shows. However, some fans have no idea that is the case, which is a shame because it showcases a different side to them.

10 Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe as Sweet Tooth

Samoa Joe has a very commanding presence which works perfectly for him in the professional wrestling business. However, it has also opened doors for him in the world of acting as well, most recently by being part of the television show “Twisted Metal.”

It was Joe’s physique and ability to portray authority that led him to the role of Sweet Tooth as well. He is masked in the series and his voice isn’t used either, but Joe’s body and ability to showcase feelings with his movement helped to make him ideal for the role.

9 Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana Brooklyn Brawler

Colt Cabana might not be one of the most prominently used wrestlers on the AEW roster, but he certainly does have one of the biggest personalities. That’s something he has showcased over the years both in and out of the industry, and it has opened up a few acting opportunities for him.

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People might not talk about Cabana’s work as much, but he has starred in “Chicago Fire,” while most recently he was part of “Young Rock.” The television series featured a lot of iconic wrestlers, and Cabana got to portray one of them as he played the Brooklyn Brawler.

8 Mark Henry


Mark Henry has been utilized in a non-wrestling capacity by AEW, but he has had a major career in the industry due to his WWE career. It is through his former employers that he was given the chance to have a cameo role in the movie, “MacGruber.”

He got to appear alongside several other wrestlers such as The Great Khali, Chris Jericho, and MVP with all of them being involved in some hilarious moments. However, it is only a brief appearance from Henry, which is why a lot of fans have likely forgotten all about it.

7 Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes Copper Bill Cropped (1)

Dustin Rhodes has always been an extremely charismatic wrestler, and that is something that makes him a perfect fit for being part of the acting world. However, the wrestling veteran hasn’t had too many opportunities to do so, although he was recently given a lead role in “Copper Bill.”

The movie focused on two thieves attempting to steal $80 million, with Rhodes taking on one of those roles. It isn’t a blockbuster movie that a lot of people talk about, with this going under the radar for most people.

6 Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega's voice acting

Kenny Omega has enjoyed a successful career in professional wrestling, and that has helped to make him a bigger name outside of the industry at the same time. He is particularly popular in circles involving anime and video games, and that has ultimately led to him to an acting opportunity.

He showcased his voice acting qualities in the new Netflix series, “Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix,” where he actually got to portray himself. Both he and Cody Rhodes are featured in the series, allowing professional wrestling to get some spotlight.

5 Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels on GLOW

Christopher Daniels is a veteran of the ring and someone who has been involved in a variety of different promotions, and that has also opened the door for him with acting too. While Daniels hasn’t had big featured roles, he has had a few cameo appearances in different shows.

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Daniels got to compete inside the ring during an episode of “GLOW,” while also appearing on the show “Love” which had a wrestling episode where he got to be a referee.

4 Claudio Castagnoli

Cesaro in The Wrestler

Any movie called “The Wrestler” was going to have to feature some actual professional wrestlers to be taken seriously by fans of the industry. That is something that the film did perfectly, sprinkling several well-known stars in for cameo roles, particularly since things were filmed alongside Ring Of Honor.

Claudio Castagnoli was one of those wrestlers as he popped up getting changed in the same area as Mickey Rourke’s character. It was a cool moment for wrestling fans to see, giving Castagnoli a moment in the spotlight.

3 Saraya

Santa's Little Helper

Saraya has had a rollercoaster career in professional wrestling and beyond, and she got the chance to show a lot of that during her appearances on “Total Divas.” Saraya even had an actual movie on her life created with “Fighting With My Family,” but she wasn’t the star of that as Florence Pugh portrayed the British wrestler.

However, during her WWE career, she was able to be part of “Santa’s Little Helper,” which was a WWE Studios movie based around Christmas. It’s not a big movie that people are aware of, but it was an acting opportunity for her.

2 CJ Perry

CJ Perry acting

CJ Perry is one of the newest members of the AEW roster, and she’s someone who adds a lot of genuine star power to the show due to her history with WWE. However, she has also had a great acting career where she has been able to get involved in some major movie projects.

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Perry had small roles in the likes of “Pitch Perfect” and “American Hustle,” but her biggest opportunity came when she worked alongside Bruce Willis in “Cosmic Sin.”


MJF as Killer Croc

MJF is one of the biggest names in AEW right now, and that is something that is going to open up a lot of doors for him as an entertainer. MJF has always been a showman, even from a young age due to his singing, and that’s why it’s not a surprise he has already started tapping into the acting opportunities.

MJF was recently able to do some voice acting for “Justice League X RWBY Super Heroes And Huntsmen Part Two,” where he plays the part of Killer Croc. However, he does such a convincing job and changes his voice so much that it is tough to recognize him at first.

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