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10 Bad AEW Moments That Nobody Talks About

No wrestling company bats 1.000, and mistakes or poor moments are expected to take place. Fans are aware that there can be issues, botches, or just poor booking that creates bad situations, and AEW is no exemption from that. The company has had some poor moments over the years, and many of them have been brought up and spoken about a lot.

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Whether it was the botched barbwire explosion or letting Matt Hardy wrestle after being seriously injured, there have been other bad moments that have been forgotten by fans. Whether this is because they weren’t as glaringly obvious or that time has simply let them go by the wayside, these have often been skipped over.

10 Shark Cage Issues

AEW shark cage

Anytime a major prop is added to a match a company must try to practice it as much as possible to avoid any issues. That is something that AEW has dealt with in the past which has left them looking poor, but Eddie Kingston facing Chris Jericho with the JAS locked in the shark cage is another example of that.

The key for the door didn’t work properly and despite them all trying they couldn’t get out. This led to them having to squeeze out of the structure themselves, which rendered the cage pointless as they could easily have gotten out in the first place.

9 The Dark Order Beatdown

The Dark Order Cropped

The Dark Order has ended up being a mainstay on AEW television with the group establishing themselves with some great moments. However, the early days pre-Brodie Lee proved to be difficult for the group, and one infamous beatdown of established talent proved to be exactly that.

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Some of the unknown wrestlers who were masked and their identities were never known, but they did not make things look convincing. They attacked those in the ring but the camera saw them completely missing with their punches which made the company look amateur.

8 Chris Jericho vs. Luther


This was technically a tag team match as Chris Jericho and Jake Hager teamed up to face Chaos Project, but the entire match was built around Chris Jericho and Luther sharing the ring. The idea was that this match was 30 years in the making, which is something that wasn’t truly the case for most fans.

The encounter shouldn’t have taken place on AEW television as it was sloppy and easily forgettable. It was bad booking and the case of a ‘dream match’ that was just self-serving those involved.

Ruby Soho promo to Britt Baker

Ruby Soho is someone who has great qualities both in the ring and with her overall character, but her storyline against Britt Baker saw a bad moment take place. Soho lowered her levels to cheap tricks and tacky quotes as she called Baker a, “Broad,” claiming she’s just like other women, sleeping with someone in the back.

This was about her relationship with Adam Cole, but in this day and age that isn’t something that should be getting dragged up as a negative situation. It was a cheap promo and something that people didn’t enjoy.

6 Throwing Burgers

Britt Baker title celebration

Another bad segment that Britt Baker has been involved in took place in what was supposed to be her title celebration back in 2021. This was supposed to be a big moment for her that was going to make her look like a top star, but it ended up fizzling out in a very strange manner.

The situation was booked to help build Nyla Rose as a new contender, but how they got there was odd. There was a plate of burgers in the ring, for some reason, and Rose ended up throwing them around, which created an awkward spot for fans to watch.

5 Jake Roberts Straddles Brandi Rhodes

Jake Roberts lays on Brandi Rhodes

Jake Roberts has always been quite a creepy character, and that is something that he does intentionally. However, there are lines that audiences don’t want to see crossed, and that was the case when he was involved in a segment with Brandi Rhodes.

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He placed his snake on her which should have been the big moment, and that is something that could have created a great visual on its own. However, seeing him crawl over the top of her himself was something many people found uncomfortable to view.


Cutting promos in the ring on television isn’t an easy situation, especially for a wrestler who isn’t particularly comfortable with it. This can sometimes lead to some terrible segments, and that was evident when Marina Shafir was handed a live microphone.

She was not comfortable in that scenario, and it shone throughout her promo. Shafir fumbled through her words, punched the turnbuckle a lot, and told the fans she knew who she was only to then scream that they did in what was a truly confusing and forgettable segment.

3 An Awkward Weigh-In

Cody Rhodes Anthony Ogogo AEW Weigh In

Cody Rhodes’ entire AEW career was filled with peaks and valleys, being involved in some amazing moments and others that people would rather forget about. One of those was the weigh-in segment he had with Anthony Ogogo, which is something that was done to build their rivalry.

This was supposed to make things feel even more legitimate due to Ogogo’s Olympic career, but the weighing scales didn’t work. Seeing Paul Wight awkwardly attempt to fix it as the segment dragged on made this a truly bad moment to view.

2 Vickie Guerrero Confronts Thunder Rosa

Vickie Guerrero promo to Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa becoming AEW Women’s World Champion is something everyone wanted to see, but the first segment of her reign was an awful one. She was confronted by Vickie Guerrero was was distracting her so her client Nyla Rose could create an ambush, but the veteran didn’t cut a good one here.

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She could have come out with anything, but instead made comments about Rosa having a fake green card, noting she could backstroke her way back to Mexico. It was out of touch and disrespectful, with this being something that should never have happened.

1 Alex Reynolds Left Knocked Out

Alex Reynolds knocked out

Over the years there have been some serious injury issues that haven’t been dealt with well enough at the moment, and seeing Alex Reynolds knocked out in the middle of a match was a scary example. He was completely knocked out, unable to move, but the official didn’t stop or get involved to help.

Wrestling continued around him, which was incredibly dangerous due to the fact Reynolds wasn’t able to protect himself. He ended up being dragged to the corner for a tag, but it was a bad spot to watch and didn’t show the company in a good light.

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