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10 Behind-the-Scenes Stories About Seth Rollins WWE Fans Need To Know

Seth Rollins has been an inevitable part of WWE’s main roster ever since he made his debut as part of The Shield in survival series 2012. He became the architect of The Shield’s demise and aligned with The Authority to become the group’s first world champion, and The Visionary continued to hold a major spot on the card.

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He is the reigning heavyweight champion of the world and is reaping the rewards for patiently waiting since his last world title run and beating superstars like Kevin Owens and Cody Rhodes in the process. Rollins has achieved a vital position in WWE and has made his mark both in the ring and backstage. With that said, let’s take a look at nine behind-the-scenes stories about Seth Rollins fans should know.

9 I almost got fired

Seth Rollins NXT Champion Cropped

Seth Rollins already made a name for himself in the professional wrestling industry before signing with WWE, as he is a former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion. However, he had to go through the developmental system in WWE before being called up to the main roster, and it took him longer than expected to make the transition.

Rollins stated that he almost got fired for his attitude during his time in WWE’s developmental system because he was frustrated with being there for a long time. Triple H and Joey Mercury sat down with him and gave him a bit of information that helped him calm down.

8 The Shield’s debut was supposed to happen earlier

The debut of the clipped shield

When it came time to move onto WWE’s main roster, he was paired with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns when The Shield and the Hounds of Justice made their iconic debut in 2012. survival series PPV. However, Rollins revealed that the debut was supposed to happen a bit earlier, as WWE had planned to introduce them to main roster fans in 2012. hell in a cell PPV.

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The trio were supposed to help CM Punk in his Hell in a Cell match against Ryback at the event, but WWE officials gave the spot to Brad Maddox and delayed The Shield’s debut. survival series.

7 Vince McMahon yelled at me for making Kofi Kingston look good

Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston

Seth Rollins embarked on a bachelor’s journey in 2014 after betraying his Shield brothers and aligning himself with Triple H and The Authority. Vince McMahon had big plans for Rollins as a legitimate heel and wanted him to crush Kofi Kingston during a SmackDown taping.

However, Rollins didn’t like the idea of ​​crushing Kofi Kingston and it made him look a little good during the match, but Vince McMahon didn’t take Rollins’ decision very seriously. Since SmackDown was not a live show at the time, McMahon ordered Rollins and Kingston to redo their match as per the original plan.

6 Matt Riddle apologized to Seth Rollins backstage

Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle backstage interview segment

Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle had an interesting feud in 2022 that turned personal after The Visionary dug into Riddle’s personal life. However, the two superstars had animosity in real life due to some online comments made by Riddle’s ex-wife about Rollins’ wife, Becky Lynch.

Rollins had some issues with Riddle’s reaction to his ex-wife’s behavior, as it seemed like he was siding with her. However, Riddle approached Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch backstage and apologized for his ex-wife’s harsh comments, and asked to work with Rollins if he ever found it in his heart to forgive him.

5 Had to lead a strange backstage meeting


Following Roman Reigns’ move to SmackDown, Seth Rollins took on the responsibility of being the locker room leader on Monday Night Raw and reportedly had to lead a very awkward meeting with the Raw roster following the post-match travel mishap. 2019. crown jewel Event in Saudi Arabia.

Rollins had to give an awkward speech between the Raw superstars about how they should be a team and keep any grievances they have with the company internal and refrain from posting it on social media.

4 Alleged backstage fight with Cody Rhodes


WWE chose Seth Rollins as Cody Rhodes’ return opponent at WrestleMania 38and The Visionary presented The American Nightmare at the event and also on two other occasions at WrestleMania Backlash and hell in a cell 2022.

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However, Rollins reportedly had issues with Cody Rhodes outside of the ring and the two were reported to have nearly come to blows in front of their colleagues backstage. Although Rhodes and Rollins gave their side of the story about the alleged altercation, the two did not deny that it did not happen, nor did they reveal what the reason for the conflict was.

3 Why did he never wear the white ring again?

Seth Rollins SummerSlam 2015

Seth Rollins defended the WWE Championship against United States Champion John Cena in a winner-take-all match in 2015 summer festival PPV. More than the match, Seth Rollins’ white in-ring team caught the attention of fans, as they considered it one of the best in-ring teams of all time and hilariously named Rollins the White Ranger after the event.

However, Vince McMahon was not a fan of the team and ordered Rollins not to use it again. Rollins revealed that he gave the gear to the WWE archivist who showed it off during WWE Axxess events.

2 Recovering the Curb Stomp

Royal Rumble 2020 by Seth Rollins for men

Vince McMahon is known for making sudden and unpopular decisions over the years, and banning Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp finishing move was one of them. McMahon thought impressionable kids would copy the move, so he forbade Rollins from using it again. Rollins then used the Pedigree and Opening Knee as his finishers for a while before deciding to talk McMahon into letting him do the move again.

Rollins revealed that he caught McMahon on a good day and tried to reason with him to let him use the Curb Stomp again, with the latter seeing the positive in Rollins’ arguments and lifting the move ban.

1 I didn’t know about the Cash-In until the last moment

Seth Rollins charges

Seth Rollins held onto the MITB contract for a while after he won it at the starting PPV in 2014. He revealed that he had pitched the idea of ​​cashing in on the contract in WrestleMania 31but it was not approved at first.

But Vince McMahon and the WWE writers brainstormed and considered the possibility of Rollins cashing in the contract during the main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. WWE officials reportedly kept Rollins waiting after his opening match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 31 and continued to consider the results of the main event before finally deciding to go ahead with the cashout at the last moment.

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