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10 Best AEW Gimmick Changes Ever

Changing a wrestler’s gimmick can be a risky thing, as over the years there have been many instances in which a change in character has led to a downward slope for a wrestler. In AEW, there have been a fair few times in which wrestlers have been given a new direction or even a completely repackaged gimmick.

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At times, this hasn’t worked, but on other occasions, it has been the best thing for the wrestler. Whether it be a breath of fresh air for a stale act or an overhaul that has given them some renewed momentum, AEW has fixed or improved wrestlers with a new gimmick.

10 Chris Jericho

Jericho Appreciation Society AEW

Chris Jericho has gone back and forth between being a heel and babyface in AEW. His initial babyface run didn’t turn out too well, and fans lost interest in his poor jokes and obvious pandering. He formed the Jericho Appreciation Society and leaned into being a “sports entertainer”.

The way he dressed, acted, his nicknames, and more were all a great change for him, and he brought about one of the best runs for Jericho in the company.

9 Julia Hart

Julia Hart AEW WrestleDream

The Varsity Blonds tag team had Julia Hart by their side in a cheerleader gimmick, which did fit well with their act at the time. After Hart got misted in the face by Malakai Black, it saw the beginning of a change in her character.

Over time, she became darker and more brooding, leaning into this role to absolute perfection. Hart joined the House of Black and has since shown immense improvements in her talents with a violent style and mean streak. It has been a wonderful gimmick change and it has led to fans wanting title gold around her waist.

8 Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia makes his entrance Cropped

Daniel Garcia as a brooding third wheel to 2.0 wasn’t taking him anywhere. Even though fans were initially hesitant about his “sports entertainer” gimmick in the Jericho Appreciation Society, it was the best thing for him.

It brought out a hilarious side to Garcia, showing that he can play a range of different characters. Garcia has gotten so many things over during his time as a “sports entertainer”, including his ridiculous dance.

7 Dark Order


The Dark Order’s time in AEW might have gotten quite bad recently, but their initial babyface turn from a cult to a group of cheesy and goofy babyfaces who focused on friendship and support brought some of the best moments in the stunning storyline between Adam Page and The Elite.

Fans wanted to root for the group based on their BTE skits and due to the passing of their leader Brodie Lee, so AEW obliged and changed their gimmick. It allowed the Dark Order to expand their wings and become hugely over as an act (that was until Tony Khan seemingly gave up on them).

6 Toni Storm

Toni Storm AEW timeless entrance

The Outcasts faction was pretty much a failure in AEW and took the steam right out of a talented individual in Toni Storm. She has since become “Timeless” Toni Storm, a starlet-type gimmick who wants to be a movie star.

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Her performance has been a breath of fresh air and something completely new for the women’s division, and it has been a joy to see. She has gotten several things over even though this gimmick has been around for just a short stretch of time.



Although MJF has kept many of his personality traits, his character has changed enough for it to be considered a distinct change in gimmick. MJF has gone from a complete villain to someone with depth, vulnerability, and a love for pandering to the crowd.

Somehow he has gone from an unforgivable bad guy to the most over babyface in the company, and it all felt natural, and it feels as though fans now understand more why he became the way he did. It was more of a gradual change than a sudden one, but it is among the best in AEW history.

4 Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega in AEW.

Kenny Omega wasn’t bad as a babyface, but he was certainly missing something. Dropping Adam Page and becoming a singles star saw Omega become more selfish and unlikable. Finally, joining forces with Don Callis sparked a definitive heel turn and a return to something that resembled more of his “Cleaner” gimmick in NJPW.

His over-the-top entrance and taking the cheap way to win whilst also stealing the show all made for a fascinating world champion. He “collected” several belts during his reign with the AEW World Title too, making him feel like a massive star.

3 Miro


The debut of Miro in AEW saw him undertake a “gamer” gimmick alongside Kip Sabian, and it didn’t really click. As time went on, Miro became more aggressive and dominant, and it led to the birth of The Redeemer gimmick.

Miro’s initial worship of his God and the desire to bring home championship gold made him dangerous. His promos were stunning and must-see TV, and the way he treated the TNT Title made it feel like the most important belt in the entire company when it was around his waist. His character took a complete turn to be one of the most thrilling acts in AEW.

2 Britt Baker

Britt baker

Britt Baker started her AEW career as a clean-cut babyface without much of an edge. AEW decided to try and unlock a different side of Baker with a heel turn which brought out the best in her.

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As the cocky dentist with a bloodlust, Baker became the most popular name in the women’s division, and for a time she was the face of that division. She had a great look, her relationship with Tony Schiavone was hilarious, and her act alongside Rebel worked a treat. Baker rightfully became the AEW Women’s World Champion with this gimmick.

1 Christian Cage

Christian Cage TNT Champion

Christian Cage going from the wise mentor of Jurassic Express to the dead father-obsessed sicko has brought out arguably the best version of Cage in his entire career.

From Jungle Boy to Wardlow to Nick Wayne to Darby Allin, Cage has targeted deceased family members and widows. On paper, it sounds risky, but in execution, this gimmick has been perfect. It is a great mix of hilarious and disgusting all at the same time, and Cage has become one of the most over men on the AEW roster due to it. He has also raised the prestige of the TNT Championship with this gimmick.

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