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10 Best WCW Gimmicks You Forgot About

WCW had such a deep list of iconic top stars that fans often overlook many talents. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting were the kind of names to get all the attention, but a large roster meant that dozens of wrestlers were trying new things to get over. Gimmicks became a huge part of one’s success in WCW for better or worse.


10 Minor WCW Characters That Everyone Remembers

While these characters never played a major role in WCW storylines, they are still memorable.

Various names coming in and out of the creative side saw talents having to win over Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and plenty of other names. There were plenty of acts that got left behind while Sting becoming the Crow or Goldberg’s undefeated streak received the spotlight. WCW had the following great gimmicks that most fans forgot about.

10 Ry Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Konnan, Eddie Guerrero & Torrie Wilson – The Filthy Animals

WCW’s Cruiserweight Faction Had Outstanding Chemistry Together

  • Best Babyface Cruiserweights Formed Unlikely Feelgood Group
  • Matches Were Second To None In WCW At The Time
  • Torrie Wilson Managing Kidman Added Fun Dynamic For All

One of the most underrated factions from WCW saw the Filthy Animals having success together. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan and Billy Kidman formed the original version. Torrie Wilson leaving David Flair for Kidman as his new manager added another fun twist.


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With the incredibly deep roster they had in their heyday, WCW had some of the best finishers in the business.

WCW fans treated the Filthy Animals with a lot of support over their great matches and natural chemistry. The Filthy Animals had a second incarnation with new members like Juventud Guerrera, Disco Inferno and Tygress, but the first version was the successful one.

9 Norman Smiley Goes Extreme

Comedic Hardcore Champion Carried WCW’s Division

  • Became The Unlikely Face Of WCW’s Hardcore Division
  • Channeled Character Similar To Crash Holly In WWE
  • One Of The Rare Bright Spots From Final WCW Year

WCW introduced their version of the Hardcore Championship after WWE found success with theirs. Crash Holly escaping challengers trying to win the title off him in comedic fashion inspired Norman Smiley’s time as Hardcore Champion in WCW.

The gimmick was that Smiley felt afraid and unable to compete with the tougher wrestlers in the hardcore division like Terry Funk, Meng and others. Smiley surviving and facing his fears was a fun secondary story to give fans some entertainment when WCW struggled.

8 Shane Helms Gets Some Sugar

Became The Top Cruiserweight Champion By End Of WCW’s Run

  • Needed New Gimmick Once WCW Realized 3 Count Peaked
  • “Sugar” Shane Helms Name Change Helped Him Show New Things
  • Was Final WCW Cruiserweight Champion After Thriving In Role

The first sign of success for Shane Helms came as a member of the entertaining heel 3 Count faction. WCW wanted to split them up to see which talents would thrive most in singles action, and Helms was clearly the best of the three.

“Sugar” Shane Helms was the name he started going by and tried to talk trash like a boxer. WCW showing new signs of Helms’ personality as Cruiserweight Champion allowed him to get over with talent and charisma rather than relying on the cheap heat of 3 Count forever.

7 Ron Simmons & Butch Reed Bring The Doom

Helped Make WCW’s Tag Team Division Thrive In Early Years

  • Debut Storyline Targeting Steiner Brothers Made Them
  • Got Over With Woman & Teddy Long As Their Managers
  • Ron Simmons’ Push Ended Doom’s Successful Tag Run

WCW came up with a creative new act for Ron Simmons and Butch Reed as the tag team of Doom. Both intimidating wrestlers worked well together in the ring, but it was the storyline introducing them that got them over as a gimmick.

Underrated female manager Woman claimed that “doom” was coming for the Steiner Brothers with the tag team reveal. Simmons and Reed underwent a few changes, but the gimmick of them being a terrifying tag team obsessed with bringing doom to WCW opponents worked well at the time.

6 Crowbar Was An Inmate Trying To Run The Asylum

Underrated Character Work Helped David Flair Get Over

  • Received His First True Big Break With WCW Hiring In 2000
  • David Flair Was Most Successful Teaming With Crowbar
  • Never Received Another Opportunity As Big After WCW Closed

One common issue in WCW throughout the final few years was finding a way to get David Flair over since he was the son of Ric Flair. David struggled in bigger pushes involving Ric, Hulk Hogan and other major names.

No one could have predicted that Crowbar getting signed as a journeyman wrestler would form a fun team with David. Daffney put them over the top as a manager, but Crowbar had to carry the wrestling portion as a character losing his mind with a comedic charm to his actions.

5 DDP, Kanyon & Bam Bam Bigelow – The Jersey Triad

Diamond Dallas Page Used Star Power To Get Friends On TV

  • DDP Wanted To Work With Friends After Main Event Push Ended
  • Jersey Triad Dominated WCW Tag Team Division During Their Run
  • Kanyon & DDP Continued Working Together In Storylines Afterwards

WCW witnessed Diamond Dallas Page becoming an unexpected top star and even winning the WCW Championship during a time when the main event roster was loaded. However, Page wanted to do something new when no longer in the main event picture.


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Out of all the huge names who competed in WCW over the years, nobody won more championships in the promotion than these WCW legends.

DDP formed The Jersey Triad with his close friends Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Kanyon to utilize his star power. All three wrestlers worked well together as heels dominating the tag division and using their backgrounds from New Jersey as part of the character work.

4 Scott Norton Was A Vicious Enforcer

Strength Helped Make Him Strong NWO Mid-Carder

  • Was Regarded As One Of The Most Physically Strong Wrestlers
  • Norton Joining New World Order Was Biggest WCW Moment
  • Had Underrated Short-Lived Tag Team With Buff Bagwell

WCW utilized Scott Norton as one of the more physically impressive mid-carders in his tenure. Norton had immense success in NJPW as a main eventer, but he enjoyed the WCW mid-carder spot getting to work in the United States again on a big stage.

The surprising turn joining the New World Order led to Norton being an enforcer for the group. There was even a short-lived tag team with Norton and Buff Bagwell as Vicious and Delicious. Norton always contributed when given a chance on WCW television.

3 Stacy Keibler As Miss Hancock

Future Legend Broke Out In WCW Debut Gimmick

  • Stacy Joined WCW After Winning Contest For Nitro Girls
  • Miss Hancock Character Saw Her Instantly Getting Over
  • Was A Late Era WCW To Have Momentum Going To WWE

The wrestling career of Stacy Keibler started in WCW when she won a contest to become part of the Nitro Girls. However, WCW made a better call attempting to create a character for Stacy outside of the Nitro Girls team with minimal approach.

Keibler played the Miss Hancock gimmick as a representative of Turner’s standards and practices. WCW fans reacted well to Stacy and made her a rare female talent that thrived. Keibler made WCW realize they could have made more female stars when struggling.

2 Meng & The Barbarian – Faces Of Fear

WCW’s Most Terrifying Tag Team Deserved More Chances

  • Both Wrestlers Were Considered Toughest In WCW
  • Jimmy Hart Managing Them Added Extra Credibility
  • Legacy Is Forgotten Due To Never Winning Tag Titles

Meng and The Barbarian had strong chemistry as the Faces of Fear tag team in WCW. Jimmy Hart managed them playing into their true reputations for being two of the toughest wrestlers in wrestling at the time.

The Faces of Fear had many important matches in WCW’s tag team division, but they never won the WCW Tag Team Championship together. A lack of major wins caused most fans to forget about Meng and Barbarian’s time as a unit.

1 Konnan Speaks On This: Arriba La Raza

Bringing Hip Hop Flair To WCW Helped Him Get Over

  • Signed Konnan After Historically Successful Run In Mexico
  • Joining NWO Changed Career For Better Moving Forward
  • Wolfpac Stint Showed Konnan Appealing To Younger Adult Demo

WCW signed Konnan after he had a legendary run in Mexico as the biggest draw compared to how Hulk Hogan was viewed in the United States. However, many changes were needed to get over in WCW compared to his previous work.

Konnan joining the New World Order was huge, but it allowed him to showcase a new side of his personality. WCW allowed Konnan to dress and talk like someone representing hip hop culture. Konnan felt coolest in the Wolfpac faction cutting promos in Spanish that fans recited weekly.

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