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10 Best Women’s MMA Fighters of All Time, Ranked


  • Female MMA fighters like Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes have shattered stereotypes and elevated the women’s division to new heights.
  • The contribution of top female fighters in evolving unique styles and fighting methodology significantly impacts younger athletes.
  • Women like Sarah Kaufman and Megumi Fujii have achieved notable accomplishments in their MMA careers, including championship reigns and undefeated records.

Mixed Martial Arts has always been a male-dominant sport. In the 21st century, female athletes have navigated all the challenges, transcended all boundaries, and earned a place in MMA among the top stars. Over the years, female MMA fighters have shattered all the stereotypes, overcome obstacles, and elevated the women’s MMA division to unprecedented heights.

The contribution of top female fighters in evolving unique styles and fighting methodology significantly impacts the younger and upcoming athletes. Female fighters like Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes became role models and trailblazers in MMA.


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10 Sarah Kaufman Is The Inaugural Strikeforce Bantamweight Champion

She Won Two Championships In Her Career

Sarah Kaufman
Sarah Kaufman as one of the best MMA Fighters of All Time

  • Sarah Kaufman was the only Hardcore Championship Fighting Women’s Bantamweight Champion.
  • She also became Women Fighter of the Year in 2009.

Sarah Kaufman started her MMA career in 2006 and soon became a household name in Strikeforce. Kaufman entered the MMA World through the ranks of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and earned her brown belt in 2011. The notable achievements of her career included a Strikeforce Bantamweight championship, becoming the first woman to win it. Kaufam continued to exhibit her skill set in various organizations, including a brief stint in the UFC. An Invicta FC Bantamweight Championship reign added superiority to her MMA accolades. She finished her career with an overall record of 22-5-1, 11KO.

9 Megumi Fujii Is The Best Submission MMA Fighter

She Introduced The Famous Submission Move Megulock

  • Megumi Fujii remained undefeated in her first 22 MMA fights.
  • She also had a black belt in Judo.

Mixed Martial Arts ran in the blood of Japanese Men and Women. Megumi Fujii began her MMA training from her childhood days. Her expertise included wrestling and submission moves. She was a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Her career record is 26-3, 1KO. The career highlight of Fujii remains her 19 submission victories, which is a record for any female MMA fighter. Fujii mostly worked in small promotions in Japan before getting a break in Bellator, where she won three straight fights before losing the final two.


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8 Miesha Tate Is Former UFC Bantamweight Champion

One Of The Pioneers Of the UFC Women’s Division in the Early 2010s

  • Miesha Tate became Female Fighter of the Year in 2011.
  • She was also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Miesha Tate began her MMA career in 2007 but became prominent after her decisive victory against Elaina Maxwell at Strikeforce Debut. Tate proved her worth in Strikeforce and won the Strikeforce Bantamweight championship. However, she could not defend it successfully and lost the belt to Ronda Rousey in one of the most important women’s Fights in UFC history. She won the UFC Bantamweight Championship in 2016, entering the list of few women fighters who have won the Bantamweight title in both promotions. She is an active fighter with a career record of 20-9, 4KO.

7 Rose Namajunas Is A Two-Time UFC Strawweight Champion

Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo

Rose after the fight with Joanna
© Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

  • Rose Namajunas became Women Fighter of the Year twice in 2017 and 2021.

Rose Namajunas owns the MMA world with her jolly character, emotional moments, and ruthless fighting skills. From shaving her head to becoming the first woman to beat Joanna Jedrzejczyk, her career is full of highlights that every UFC fan must know about Rose Namajunas. With her footwork and striking techniques, Namajunas surprised many UFC fighters throughout her career. Her overall career record is 11-6, 2KO, and continuous. Rose Namajunas had two Strawweight championship reigns in five years and is also known among the fighters with the most finishes in the Strawweight division.

6 Holly Holm Is Known As First Woman To Beat Ronda Rousey

She Had Successful Boxing and KickBoxing Careers Too

  • Holly Holm won the Boxing World Championships in three different weight divisions.
  • She was the inaugural Legacy FC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

Holm gained widespread recognition in MMA when she achieved a major upset by defeating Rona Rousey at UFC 193. She won the UFC Women’s Bantamweight championship in this fight, one of UFC history’s biggest upsets. Due to her boxing background, she was known as the hardest hitter among women UFC fighters. Holly Holm never backed off from difficult opponents and fought all the famous stars in the UFC. Her career record is 15-6-1, 8KO, but she is not finished yet. Her right and left punching and kicking combinations at a high acceleration put her on the list of top female fighters.


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5 Joanna Jedrzejczyk Is The Greatest Female Strawweight Fighter

She Was The First Female European Champion

  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk holds the record for the most consecutive victories in the UFC Strawweight Title Fights.
  • Her fight against Zhang Weili at UFC 248 became the fight of the year for 2020.

Joanna started her career as a kickboxer but soon became interested in MMA. She was known for her exceptional striking and held an undefeated record for most of her career. Rose Namajunas beat her at UFC 217, her first defeat after 14 straight victories. Her loss is often considered one of the biggest upsets in female MMA history. Many MMA experts and UFC commentators credited her for putting the strawweight division on the map. She had 5 successful Strawweight championship defenses, which is still a record. The Wonder Lady announced her retirement in 2022 at a career record of 16-5, 4KO.

4 Valentina Shevchenko Remained UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion

The Best UFC Female Flyweight Fighter

  • Valentina Shevchenko holds the record for most title defenses by any woman in UFC history, with 7 for her UFC flyweight title.
  • She is currently #3 in the UFC Women’s Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Known by her nickname ‘The Bullet,’ Valentina Shevchenko is quick to adapt between striking and grappling because of her Muay Thai and Kickboxing background. However, her striking ability is the best among active women fighters. She is active in the flyweight division with a career record of 23-4-1, 8KO. Valentina and Antonina Shevchenka hold the record for the first female sibling duo to work on the same UFC card. Valentina Shevchenko became Women’s UFC Fighter of the Year in 2022 after her successful title defense at UFC 275.

3 Ronda Rousey Started The Women’s Revolution In MMA

The Baddest Women On The Planet

  • Ronda Rousey became the first female UFC Hall of Fame Inductee.
  • She transitioned to a professional wrestler and won multiple World Championships in WWE.

Ronda Rousey convinced Dana White to start a Women’s Division in the UFC. Her undefeated streak and charismatic personality helped catapult women’s MMA into the mainstream. Rousey became famous for her outstanding skills, judo-based grappling, and armbars. Ronda Rousey remained undefeated in her first 12 MMA fights before losing to Holly Holm. Rousey announced her retirement with a career record of 12-2, 3KO. She had countless records in the UFC, one being the inaugural UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Ronda Rousey is the only female fighter among the 10 Highest Paid UFC Fighters of All Time.


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Grand Slam MMA Women’s Champion

  • Cyborg is #1 in the Bellator Women’s Pound for Pound Rankings.
  • Her 21 KO victories are the most by any female MMA fighter.

Cyborg has been a dominant MMA force and on top for almost two decades. Her notable achievements include winning the Featherweight championships in the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC, making her the only MMA fighter to become a Grand Slam Champion. Cyborg has an impressive MMA record of 27-2-1, 21KO. Cyborg has incredible knockout power, adding her to the best MMA knockout artists list. Her aggressive fighting style and powerful strikes make the MMA fights fun for fans.

1 Amanda Nunes Is The Best Women’s MMA Fighter

The Greatest Women Fighter In MMA

  • Amanda Nunes is the first and only female fighter to retire as a Multi Divisional Champion in the UFC.
  • She simultaneously held the Bantamweight and Featherweight titles, defending them in 11 successful defenses.

Known as ‘The Lioness,’ Amanda Nunes has held the titles in both the Bantamweight and Featherweight Division in the UFC. She is the only fighter in MMA history who beat Ronda Rousey, Cris Cyborg, and Holly Holm. Amanda Nunes ended Ronda Rousey’s career badly by knocking her out in the first minute.

Nunes was a complete fighter who knew when to use strikes, how to grapple, and where to apply submissions. Her versatility and aggressive approach led to many quick finishes, making her the greatest of all time. She ended her career with an overall record of 23-5, 13KO.

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