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10 Creepiest Masks In Wrestling History

Masks have played a key part in professional wrestling over the years, particularly in Mexico where the world of Lucha Libre is hugely important. Some masks show real creativity and skill, creating a superhero-style feel about the wrestlers due to how fun their masks can be.

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However, that isn’t the case with every wrestling mask. Some can portray a completely different feeling, by being creepy. This can take place to push a specific gimmick that is often scarier and more eerie, with a mask having the potential to take a character to the next level in that aspect.

10 Jeff Hardy’s Alter Ego Is Creepy

The Charismatic Enigma Isn’t Always Bright

  • He created the character for OMEGA
  • Debuted in TNA in 2014
  • Lasted from February to June of that year

When fans think about Jeff Hardy, they instantly go to the bright-colored face paint that he has used over the years to bring his over-the-top personality out. However, during his Impact Wrestling career, he began to experiment with other characters, including Willow The Whisp.

This led to one of the freakest masks to have ever been created taking place. Hardy’s vision oddly came to life, with this mask being combined with face paint to create a look that fans were not sure about.

9 Erick Rowan Is A Sheep

He Would Follow Bray Wyatt

  • Debuted on NXT, 12/12/2012
  • Was part of his Wyatt Family character
  • Braun Strowman became the ‘black sheep’

The Wyatt Family was a creepy faction within itself, with this often leaning toward the darker side of professional wrestling. While Wyatt had no interest in masks, the same cannot be said for Erick Rowan, who always wore one on his way to the ring and while he was standing for promo segments.

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This would be a sheep mask, which was about him being a follower. It was creepy to see as it almost looked like a pot with cracks, and the fact he’d change and evolve it kept it fresh, with his slow head tilts making this even scarier.

8 Mortis Felt Ghoulish

It Had Skull-Like Features

  • Debuted at WCW Uncensored, 1997
  • Portrayed by Chris Kanyon
  • He teamed with Wrath

Mortis was a gimmick portrayed by Chris Kanyon, and while it might not have been the greatest character of all time, it did provide one of the creepiest masks. The entire look was based around skulls, which linked with the overall look of the character and provided a freaky aesthetic.

His singlet would have bones on them while he’d wear skulls on his cape as well. The mask being rather hollowed around his eyes helped to make this one look completely creepy, catching audiences out.

7 Mankind’s Leather Was Odd

It Started Creepy

  • Debuted on Raw, 4/1/1996
  • He’d cut promos from the boiler room
  • Initially feuded against The Undertaker

Mankind would end up being a gimmick that audiences loved, as he would be a fantastic babyface for WWE. However, the initial character was much creepier, with WWE opting for a darker presentation with Mick Foley which led to the mask being seen as rather odd and scary.

The harsh leather that had such a unique design with some elements of his face popping out pushed the idea that he could be disfigured. It was completely different than anything else, and that in itself pushed its creepy element.

6 Kane Was A True Monster

One Of The Most Iconic Masks Ever

  • Debuted at Bad Blood: In Your House, 1997
  • He was unmasked in 2003
  • A new version of the mask would return in 2011

Kane is someone that fans instantly think of when it comes to masked wrestlers, and that is because it was such a fantastic mask. Everything about the gimmick was built perfectly to try and be as creepy and scary as possible, from the red mood lighting to his backstory.

However, it was his presentation that truly cemented that, and his mask was a huge part of that. The dark red and black color scheme instantly pushed evil toward people, and the fact you could hardly see any aspect of his face made him feel very much like Michael Myers.

5 The Fiend Is Out To Scare

Bray Wyatt’s Creativity Provided Spooks

  • Debuted on Raw, 7/15/2019
  • The mask was used on a version of the Universal Championship
  • Lasted until 2021

Bray Wyatt always worked in the shadows throughout his career, even when he was a babyface. However, when he debuted his Fiend character he took the creepy element to an entirely new level with one of the scariest and strangest masks that had ever been seen.


10 Most Confusing Things About The Fiend In WWE

The Fiend may be one of the more unique WWE wrestlers, but his booking and character often make fans scratch their heads in confusion.

The mask had a clown-like element to it, but also felt like a completely different chunk of flesh that had been yanked from someone. With the huge smile and large teeth, the mask was something that audiences certainly found creepy, with this being effective.

4 The Fiend Is Taken To The Next Level

A Crispier Version Was Presented

  • First debuted at Fastlane, 2021
  • Had been defeated in an Inferno match at TLC, 2021
  • The Fiend went back to his normal mask at WrestleMania 37

Fans didn’t only get to see one version of The Fiend mask over the years, as WWE decided to make this mask even creepier during his rivalry against Randy Orton. This was because he lost an Inferno match, but the company didn’t want to completely kill off the character.

Instead, WWE had him return with a new look which saw him in an entire body suit that was burned. This included a new melted mask that highlighted the scars of his burns from that match, which put over the supernatural element of the character while creating a very creepy mask.

3 Black Taurus Shocks Fans

It Feels Very Life-Like

  • Debuted on 10/4/2015
  • He previously worked as Machine Rocker
  • Former AAA Latin American Champion

Black Taurus might not be a gimmick that has taken place at the highest levels of professional wrestling from a casual perspective. However, the masked wrestler has certainly made a name for himself in Mexico and via Impact Wrestling, creating one of the creepiest masks in the process.

The character is made to look like a bull, and the mask certainly achieves that goal. The fact it is so life-like makes this truly terrifying, with a lot of fans finding this to be one of the scariest masks of all time.

2 The Undertaker Channels Phantom Of The Opera

His Mask Had A Purpose

  • Debuted in Survivor Series, 1995
  • The mask protected an orbital bone injury
  • The look lasted just a few months

The Undertaker was always one of WWE’s darkest, creepiest characters, but that was only enhanced by him getting a mask to wear. It’s something that he had to wear for protection purposes, as he had suffered a broken orbital bone during a match against Mabel.

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The mask allowed him to continue wrestling without being hurt any further, showcasing its importance. However, WWE had to make it blend in with his character, and that created a Phantom Of The Opera-style look which fans found very creepy.

1 Luchasaurus’ Vibora Creeped People Out

The Snake Character Was Scary

  • Debuted in May, 2016
  • The character was exclusive to Lucha Underground
  • Part of the Reptile Tribe

Wrestlers being able to tap into people’s genuine fears is always going to garner the best results, and that’s exactly what Luchasaurus did during his time in Lucha Underground. While his mask today is still quite creepy as he works as a dinosaur, his previous character was scarier.

His Vibora character was all about being a snake, and that led to him having a mask that looked just like that. It was shocking to see and very scary, which is why it worked perfectly for him.

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