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10 current impact wrestlers and their inspiration in wrestling

While not every professional wrestler becomes a superfan, everyone ends up being inspired by someone when it comes to getting into the business. For some this is who they grow up watching and fall in love with the industry, for others it’s a fighter they see later in life who they try to emulate as much as possible.

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These inspirations often play a crucial role in helping create the wrestlers they become, be it through their in-ring style, the gimmick they choose, or the promos they cut. those in the impact wrestling the roster is no different, and with such a diverse set of talent working for that company, the inspirations tend to be just as varied.

10 Mickie James (Sensational Sherri)

mickie james and stunning sherri

Mickie James is one of the veterans of the Impact Wrestling roster, and someone who has certainly made an impact by inspiring the future generation of professional wrestlers. There are many people working today who were directly inspired by James, but when it comes to her career, it was Sensational Sherri who inspired her.

Sherri was certainly larger than life and knew how to draw attention to herself, and she brought a commanding presence, which is one of the reasons James was inspired by her as a fan.

9 Bully Ray (Jimmy Snuka)

Bully Ray and Jimmy Snuka

Bully Ray is another one of the most experienced members in Impact Wrestling at the moment, and his hard-hitting, aggressive style has served him well over the years. Whether as a team player or an individual star, Ray has accomplished a lot in the wrestling business.

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As a child, it was Jimmy Snuka who caught his eye, who might not be the first person people think of when it comes to Ray. However, watching him jump out of the steel cage caught his attention and made him want to go into the business.

8 Jordynne Grace (Beth Phoenix)

Jordynne Grace and Beth Phoenix

Jordynne Grace is an in-ring powerhouse, so her Beth Phoenix inspiration makes sense. Grace grew up without many wrestlers working that style or being as muscular as her, but it made Phoenix an obvious person for Grace to gravitate towards.

Grace puts a lot of effort into her overall physique, and she has one of the most physically imposing bodies in the business. Grace is also on his way to creating an equally impressive career, backing up his physique with great performances as Phoenix has over the years.

7 Chris Bey (Eddie Guerrero)

Chris Bey and Eddie Guerrero

Chris Bey is a naturally gifted artist and that’s something that shines through every time he fights a match. His performances are always compelling and exciting to watch, as was the case with the man who inspired him: Eddie Guerrero.

Guerrero is one of the greatest of all time and certainly someone who has greatly inspired the current generation because of the work he put in throughout his time in the industry, which is how his legacy lives on.

6 Joe Hendry (The Rock)

joe hendry and the rock

Joe Hendry has quickly become one of the most entertaining names in wrestling, with his singing and music videos making him a one of a kind act. He took his opportunity with Impact and made the most of it, and he has the world talking about him.

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When it comes to getting into the business, it was The Rock who inspired him to start acting. That would explain why Hendry puts so much effort into promoting him so that fans are invested in him from that aspect of the business just like The Rock did.

5 Sami Callihan (Mick Foley)

Sami Callihan and Mick Foley

Sami Callihan is arguably the most aggressive and violent wrestler on the Impact Wrestling roster, and that has become something of a calling card for him over the years. Considering the hardcore style he works with, it’s no surprise that Mick Foley was an inspiration to him growing up.

Foley helped popularize that style with the crazy risks he would take inside the ring. The potholes he hit created a standard, and it’s people like Callihan who have tried to chase it ever since.

4 Mike Bailey (Zack Saber Jr.)

Mike Bailey and Zack Saber

Mike Bailey is quickly becoming one of the most talked about wrestlers in the business due to the exciting performances he puts in for Impact Wrestling. His style is unique and very technique-focused, which is one of the reasons Zack Saber Jr. inspired him.

The Englishman has often been considered one of the best technical fighters of all time, and he has made a career out of putting his wrestling first. Bailey following in his footsteps can only be a good thing for the industry, and the early success he’s had proves it.

3 Deonna Purrazzo (Trish Stratus)

Deonna Purrazzo and Trish Stratus

Deonna Purrazzo is one of the top names in Impact Wrestling’s Knockouts division, and someone who has proven to be one of the most talented women in the business. She was inspired by another wrestler that she dominated during her time and continues to do so to this day, Trish Stratus.

Stratus is someone who inspired a large part of the wrestlers working today because she was a focal point for the division at the time. She was the main star who was heavily lobbied and clearly made a huge impact in the industry for many years.

2 Moose (Ric Flair)

Moose and Ric Flair

Moose has consistently been one of the top names in Impact Wrestling since he joined the company, and he is one of those people who comes from a different background. He had a fantastic career in professional soccer and then jumped into wrestling, although he grew up as an amateur.

That’s something Ric Flair played a part in because Nature Boy was the first person to capture Moose’s attention when he was young. He kept him hooked, and elements of Flair’s showmanship can often be seen in how Moose dresses on his way to the ring.

1 Josh Alexander (Eddie Guerrero/Dynamite Kid)

josh alexander and eddie guerrero

Josh Alexander has quickly proven that he is one of the most entertaining fighters on the planet, with an intensity that few people can match. That’s something he gets from the people who inspired him because both Eddie Guerrero and the Dynamite Kid worked that way.

Alexander likes to be known as the person who creates great matches and that is something he has developed a reputation for. The public knows that when they see Alexander, they will receive a high-quality product, which is what he learned from idols from him.

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