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10 ECW Champions Who Disappeared Into Oblivion

It’s now been a few decades since Paul Heyman’s ECW closed its doors and was bought out by WWE. Furthermore, it’s already been nearly 15 years since Vince McMahon’s iteration of the show was canceled as well. During that time, a lot of the stars from the brand have retired or moved on to other ventures.

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However, a lot of wrestlers didn’t get that luxury. Since ECW’s closure in 2001, a lot of high-profile former champions have just disappeared from the world of professional wrestling. These ten names fit the bill well, seemingly dropping off the face of the earth.

10 Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel Jackson ECW Champion Cropped

It’s only fitting to lead off with the last ECW world champion, Ezekiel Jackson. As some fans might remember, he, alongside The Ruthless Roundtable was feuding with Christian leading into the final days of the reboot.

On the final episode of ECW, Jackson won the world title, in arguably the most memorable moment of his career. However, after his WWE stint, he had brief runs in Lucha Underground and TNA, not sticking around in either. Jackson officially retired in 2015 and has been very quiet since.

9 J.T. Smith

ECW's JT Smith

J.T. Smith was a star of ECW in the early days of the company. Debuting in 1992, the charismatic fan favorite had a couple of big matches over the years, won the TV and Maryland titles, and even started the Full Blooded Italians.

Sadly, Smith’s time in the wrestling world was incredibly brief. He left wrestling in 1998 to devote more time to his family and has made only a handful of appearances since then.

8 Roadkill

Roadkill ECW

Roadkill is a man that’s hard to forget, mainly thanks to his unforgettable name and look. The big man first debuted in ECW in 1996 and quickly formed a tag team with Danny Doring. They held tag team gold in 2000, the last team to do so.

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Roadkill later returned to ECW as a part of the reboot in 2005 but didn’t do much. He was kept around until 2008 when he was released. He later retired and has barely been seen since then.

7 Phil Lafon

Phil LaFon ECW

Phil LaFon is a name that had been forgotten, despite high-profile ECW, and WWE stints. The Can-Am Express was led by the Canadian, as well as Doug Furnas. In ECW, they won tag team gold but lost the titles to Lance Storm and Chris Candido almost instantly.

LaFon left ECW in early 1998, and that was essentially it for his wrestling career. He would continue to wrestle small indie shows occasionally over the next few years, retiring in 2006. However, he later had a few one-off matches following that retirement.

6 Don Muraco

Don Muraco Cropped

There are some legends who retire and instantly retire, but the vast majority of performers struggle with retirement. The same cannot be said about former ECW world heavyweight champion, Don Muraco.

The colorful WWE veteran won the ECW world title for the first time in September 1992. While Muraco had an alright run with the title, and later a second stint with it, he wasn’t long for wrestling after this point. He retired in 1995 and has barely been seen since.

5 Johnny Hotbody

Johnny Hotbody

Johnny Hotbody was one of the earliest pioneers of ECW. Signed in 1991, he quickly began feuding with Jimmy Snuka over the world heavyweight title. He defeated the legend for the belt in April 1992 but lost it back to him a few months later.

Hotbody then left ECW the following year, and he didn’t really do much outside of that. He retired from active competition in 2001, after spending a few years doing lowly regarded indie shows.

4 Tony Stetson

Tony Stetson holding chain and belt

Tony Stetson was one of ECW’s earliest stars, signing with the company in 1992 after a few years on the indies. Quickly he found success in the tag team division, winning gold with Larry Winters and the aforementioned Johnny Hotbody.

Despite the success, Stetson wasn’t long for the world of professional wrestling. He entered semi-retirement in 1996 and began working in the hospital field. While he had matches past that point, none were high-profile ones.

3 Mustafa Saed

Mustafa Saed white wall background

Mustafa Saed is interesting because he seemingly disappeared after the end of ECW, but he was still around. Since the closure of the hardcore wrestling company, he’s had many matches on the indies.

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However, he hasn’t made much of an impact. Furthermore, he was badly forgotten especially in comparison to his former ECW tag team partner, New Jack.

2 Pitbull #1

The Pitbulls ECW

The Pitbulls were one of the most beloved tag teams to come out of ECW. Sadly, this entry is a bit of a two-for-one. Pitbull #2 only wrestled sparingly after the company shut down, before his tragic passing in 2003.

After his passing, Pitbull #1 took much more of a step back. While he’s continued to wrestle over the last two decades, they’ve been more lowkey, small shows that most fans haven’t heard of.

1 Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn didn’t disappear directly after his ECW stint. Instead, he had a few good years in WCW, and even WWE, despite being paired with a mop. However, after his 2002 release, Saturn essentially disappeared from the spotlight.

For years, Saturn wasn’t seen due to drug addiction and was even homeless for a brief stint. While he’s returned to the public spotlight somewhat over the last decade, there was a long time when the former ECW tag team champion wasn’t seen.

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