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10 Forgotten Matches From The WWE Attitude Era That Dave Meltzer Rated Extremely Low

The Attitude Era was a highlight for WWE as it allowed the likes of Steve Austin and The Rock to thrive at the top of the card. Triple H also became a main event in this era with Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle in the main event scene. The Undertaker changed his mind as the American Badass and WWE roster was stacked with the red hot tag team division. However, while those legends competed in highly rated matches, some Attitude Era matches failed to reach rating.

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Dave Meltzer divides opinions with his ratings in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and can sometimes underestimate and overestimate matches. However, some of the matches that he has rated low in the Attitude Era are forgotten for a reason.



10 The Ministry of Darkness vs. The Brood – Backlash 1999 (1.25 Stars)

Brood v Ministry Backlash 1999 Cropped

The Brood’s Edge, Christian, and Gangrel used to be part of The Undertaker’s faction of the Ministry of Darkness, but they defected from the group. In Reaction In 1999, the Brood came face to face with their former stablemates, the Acolytes and Mideon in a six-man tag team match.

This was the start of the curtain call and the fans were heavily involved in their match which went back and forth. It was an average match, and Viscera proved to be the difference maker as he attacked Christian with Bradshaw securing the victory for the Ministry with an amazing Clothesline From Hell.

9 Goldust vs. Bluedust – Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your House, 1999 (-1 Star)

Goldust v Bluedust Valentine's Day Massacre at Your House 1999 cropped

Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your House was WWE’s last pay-per-view under the In his house series until he returned in 2020 for the NXT pay-per-view. However, Goldust collided with Bluedust, formerly known as Blue Meanie, in one of the worst opening matches at a WWE pay-per-view.

Nothing noteworthy happened in the match and it was incredibly boring. The former Intercontinental Champion took out Meanie with his patented stage call in a forgettable contest.

8 Right to censor vs. Too Cool & Rikishi – SummerSlam 2000 (1 star)

Right To Censor v Too Cool & Rikishi SummerSlam 2000 cropped

Steven Richards, The Goodfather, and Bull Buchanan represented Right to Censor in a six-man tag team match against Too Cool and Rikishi. They had the honor of opening summer festival 2000, but it is a game that is forgotten.

This was a standard match and something you would expect to see in Raw either Slap. Scotty Too Hotty attempted the Worm on Bull Buchanan but Richards intervened pinning Scotty with the Steven Kick earning an unpopular win for the RTC.

7 jaqueline vs. Saber – Survivor Series 1998 (1 star)

Saber vs. Jacqueline Survivor Series 1998

Jacqueline and Sable’s WWE Women’s Championship match at survival series 1998 was historic, as it was the first women’s championship match to take place in survival series. Jacqueline and Sable’s rivalry was fueled by Jacqueline having a relationship with Sable’s ex-husband, Marc Mero.

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Sable was still green inside the ring and although Jacqueline had the experience, she was unable to take this match to a high level. Ultimately, Sable defeated Jacqueline for her only reign at the Women’s Championship.

6 to the snow vs. Big Boss Man – Unforgiven 1999 (-3 stars)

Al Snow v Big Boss Man Unforgiven 1999 cropped

Al Snow and Big Boss Man are two Hardcore specialists, but their Kennel from Hell will square off for Snow’s WWE Hardcore Championship in unforgivable 1999 was weird. This was in a Hell in a Cell structure and there was another cage in position to prevent the dogs from attacking the fighters.

Snow and Boss Man have had better matches for the Hardcore Championship, but this was the worst of their series of matches. The dogs had no interest in harming Snow and Boss Man, but Snow managed to escape to continue his Hardcore Championship reign.

5 ken clover vs. Billy Gunn – Royal Rumble 1999 (1.25 Stars)

Ken Shamrock v Billy Gunn Royal Rumble 1999 cropped

Ken Shamrock rocked ’til 1999 royal rumble as a double champion, as he was co-holder of the WWE World Tag Team Championship and the reigning Intercontinental Champion, The World’s Most Dangerous Man defended the Intercontinental Championship against Billy Gunn.

Shamrock and Gunn had a decent match, but Gunn was selling his ankle injury throughout. It was a valiant effort, but Shamrock wasn’t ready to part with the Intercontinental Championship.

4 ivory vs. Tori – SummerSlam 1999 (-2 Stars)

Ivory v Tori SummerSlam 1999 cropped

Ivory and Tori faced each other in the first WWE Women’s Championship match that took place in summer festival in five years. Unfortunately, the fans were subjected to watching an atrocious match for the Women’s Championship.

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Tori was involved in two of the worst Women’s Championship matches at major pay-per-view events in 1999. Ivory was the veteran and Tori was nowhere near her level. Ivory retaining the title was the right call with Luna chasing Ivory out of the arena afterwards.

3 Rikishi vs. Val Venis – King of the ring 2000 (DUD)

Rikishi v Val Venis King of the Ring 2000 Cropped

Intercontinental Champion Rikishi and Val Venis advanced to the semifinals of the King of the Ring tournament in 2000 with a golden opportunity for both men to reach their first King of the Ring final. Venis and European champion Eddie Guerrero had a decent match in the previous round, and Val was looking to take Rikishi out of the event.

Rikishi was selling his injuries from his previous match and Val was looking to take advantage of them. His match was short and Rikishi caught Val in the air with a Belly-to-Belly to reach the final, but he lost to Kurt Angle in the final.

2 christian and saber vs. Marc Mero & Jacqueline – Capital Carnage 1998 (1.5 Stars)

Christian and Sable v Marc Mero and Jacqueline Capital Carnage 1998 cropped

Christian and WWE Women’s Champion Sable teamed up to take on Marc Mero and Jacqueline in a mixed tag team match at capital carnage 1998. Christian and Sable’s alliance seemed random considering that Christian was not involved in Sable, Mero and Jacqueline’s rivalry.

This wasn’t the best of wrestling matches, but it was entertaining. Sable executed the Saber Bomb on Mero and recorded the win for herself and Christian after she TKOed Jacqueline.

1 The undertaker vs. Kane – Judgment Day: In Your House, 1998 (-1.5 stars)

Undertaker v Kane Judgment Day 1998 Cropped

The Undertaker and Kane faced off for the vacant WWE Championship in the main event of Judgment Day: At Your House. Steve Austin was the special guest referee and if he did not crown Undertaker or Kane as the new WWE Champion, he would be fired from the venue.

Undertaker and Kane have wrestled so many times that it’s easy to forget some of their matches have even taken place. During the closing stages, Bearer double-crossed Kane by hitting him with a steel chair and Undertaker pinned Kane with a steel chair. Undertaker and Bearer were once again on the same page for the first time in two years with Undertaker turning his heel. Austin refused to award Undertaker the WWE Championship when he pinned Kane and counted both men’s shoulders down.

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