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10 Forgotten WWE TV Personalities From The 2010s

There are many memorable voices and on-air personalities from the 2010s on WWE who left a huge mark on the industry and that’s something that helped the company grow during that period. However, because there were so many wrestlers back then, not all of them were able to make their mark in the long run.

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There were many people who were with the company for a while but were unable to produce something for fans to remember over the years. They may have worked hard or accomplished a lot elsewhere, but when it came time to work for Vince McMahon, these people have been forgotten by most.



10 percy watson

Percy Watson commenting for NXT Cropped

Percy Watson had quite a long run with WWE during this decade, both as a wrestler and as a personality, but he couldn’t become too memorable. Watson was a part of the NXT game show series, which is where he first introduced himself to the WWE Universe, but his in-ring run didn’t really pan out.

However, he found success when it came to commentary and took on that role for a time as part of the NXT brand as a nod to his past. Unfortunately, he decided to walk away from the company and the business in general, which is why he has since fallen into oblivion.

9 nigel mcguinness

nigel mcguinness

Nigel McGuinness is another commentator that fans often forget about, mainly because he never broke out in Raw either Slap. He was used primarily for NXT and NXT UK, and McGuinness did a fantastic job with the opportunities he got.

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Unfortunately, they didn’t lead to any bigger pushes, which is a shame because the Englishman has a lot of personality to offer. However, for fans who love the in-ring look and still remember it, they may enjoy his work with AEW/ROH in the future.

8 kazma sakamoto

Sakamoto in NXT cropped

There were a lot of memorable managers throughout the 2010s in WWE with plenty of people getting the chance to shine in terms of outperforming other talent. Kazma Sakamoto was not one of those, since few people remember his time at the company.

He was originally hired to work alongside Lord Tensai as his main roster manager, but that stunt didn’t pan out and Tensai ended up turning on him anyway. Meanwhile, his own in-ring career wasn’t much in terms of being memorable either.

7 abraham washington


Abraham Washington was effective in his coaching role, having a microphone during games so he could talk trash was something that worked as he was under a lot of pressure. However, Washington ended up coming out with a controversial line that led to Washington having to be released.

He was delisted and ultimately that’s why things didn’t work out for him in the long run and that’s why most wrestling fans ended up forgetting about him entirely.

6 brad maddox

Brad Maddox as Raw General Manager (1)

There was a brief period where Brad Maddox was pushed heavily on just about everyone in the company, being thrown into tons of segments both in and out of the ring. From being a special guest referee to taking on an authority role, it seemed that Vince McMahon took a liking to him.

However, the issues outside of the ring caused people to lose a lot of respect for Maddox due to his relationship with Paige. From then on he has been a name that most fans have tried to forget.

5 david otunga


David Otunga took on a wide variety of roles throughout his WWE career, originally working as a wrestler as part of Nexus before landing a backstage role alongside John Laurinaitis during his push as an authority figure. He then ended up on commentary and as part of pre-show panels before he was fired.

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The fact that he got so many opportunities showed that WWE held him in high regard, but while that might have been the case backstage, Otunga was never a fan favorite, and that led to him being forgotten by most.

4 Silvestre Lefort

Silvestre Lefort

Sylvester Lefort was someone who earned many opportunities during his time with the company as part of the NXT roster, showing what personality he had. That was plenty, but he never quite managed to kick off and engage in a big rivalry to the point where he wouldn’t be forgotten.

Lefort was always entertaining, but unfortunately, that’s something that only gets fighters so far, as he found out when he was finally fired by the company.

3 JoJo Offerman


JoJo Offerman originally appeared for wrestling fans as part of the reality series “Total Divas” as one of two rookies on the show alongside Eva Marie. However, while Marie may have become incredibly memorable due to her in-ring opportunities, the same cannot be said for Offerman.

She ended up transitioning into an announcer role, which was something she showed promise with. However, Offerman just wasn’t around long enough in that role to become iconic in the eyes of fans, which is why most of her has forgotten about her.

2 devin taylor

Devin Taylor cropped

There have been tons of memorable behind-the-scenes interviewers in WWE history, and that’s the case in the 2010s as well, with Renee Young being one of the all-time greats, while Cathy Kelley has also etched her name on the history. However, the rise of those two women made it difficult for others to prosper.

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That’s one reason Devin Taylor’s time at the company is often forgotten. She worked on NXT as an interviewer and while she had memorable moments with the likes of Dana Brooke, she never followed through to become a bigger star.

1 Alex Riley

Alex Riley

Alex Riley is someone who had a lot of potential, even ringside in The Miz’s WrestleMania main event against John Cena. However, backstage politics cost him when it came to his in-ring career, as he later moved into NXT as a wrestler and later as a commentator.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out either, and was ultimately forgotten by fans because he didn’t continue and continue to thrive in business outside of the company.

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