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10 Harsh Realities Fans Of The Outsiders Need To Realize

The beloved friendship of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall led to them utilizing that chemistry on television. WCW pushed the Outsiders as a dominant duo after introducing them in the New World Order storyline. WWE, TNA and other promotions used them in tag team action as well since their careers have always been linked together.

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However, even a popular act will have some flaws or things worth exploring about their run from a harsher perspective. Hall and Nash didn’t have flawless records since no one in the wrestling industry is picture perfect. The good times should be remembered and discussed, but the following harsh realities also exist about the Outsiders.

10 Overrated WCW Tag Title Reigns

The Outsiders WCW Tag Team Champions 3rd Reign Cropped

The Outsiders won the WCW Tag Team Championship on five occasions for a total of 244 days. Fans to watch during the Monday Night Wars may name Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as the best tag champs in company history. However, that loses all objectivity when fairly comparing teams.

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The first tag title reign was the only one where the Outsiders regularly defended it. WCW allowed Hogan to be more selective with his WCW Championship title defenses as the New World Order leader. Hall and Nash eventually had the same for their tag title reigns to cheapen the quality.

9 TNA Reunions Always Failed

Kings Of Wrestling TNA

Kevin Nash spent many years in TNA and enjoyed working for the smaller promotion with the lighter travel in Florida. Scott Hall unfortunately had his personal issues prevent him from ever having a lengthy run as he kept coming in and out.

Nash originally debuted with Hall aligning with Jarrett as the Kings of Wrestling. The trio ended before TNA could even put them in any long-term stories. TNA tried it again with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s regime trying to reunite The Band. Hall once again had his personal battles cut their tag title reign short as another weak run together.

8 Only Helped One Team They Feuded With

The Outsiders vs The Steiner Brothers in WCW

A great tag team will typically find a way to look strong while also making their opponents look good. The Outsiders struggled to make their opponents look equal since the New World Order was booked to steamroll over most of their opinions.

Teams like Harlem Heat, the Faces of Fear and various makeshift teams didn’t look their best against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The Steiner Brothers are the only tag team that looked great against the Outsiders since they had a long-running WCW legacy and represented the company against the NWO.

7 Tag Team Didn’t Feel As Important In WWE


The New World Order trio of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came to WWE together after they let their established WCW contracts run out while sitting at home. Unfortunately, enough time had passed for the WWE fans to not care about the Outsiders as much as they did for the returning Hogan.

Hall and Nash didn’t feel like a big time tag team, despite having the name value and competing in tag matches. WWE could have booked a few dream matches for the Outsiders against the Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz and other teams, but Hall was released before they did anything relevant as a duo.

6 All-Time Toxic Locker Room Presence

Scott Hall United States Champion & Kevin Nash Cropped

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall will always be known among the most polarizing wrestlers in wrestling history. The backstage reputations of both members of the Outsiders led to many wrestlers clashing with them in WCW due to their controversial nature.

Names like Goldberg, Roddy Piper and Chris Jericho had issues with Hall and/or Nash when they were both in the WCW locker room. The Outsiders loved to play mind games and didn’t care about getting heat, as they already experienced that as members of the Kliq in WWE with Shawn Michaels as the most hated man leading them.

5 Had All-Time Bad Feud Between Former Partners

Kevin Nash Vs Scott Hall

WCW decided to break up the Outsiders when Kevin Nash started to get over on his own as the Wolfpac leader when Scott Hall was off television. Hall returned with the assumption that he was in the Wolfpac as well teaming with Nash, but he delivered the ultimate betrayal to join NWO Hollywood instead.

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This was done to set up a personal rivalry between Hall and Nash on the singles side. WCW dropped the ball by adding a storyline about Hall’s real-life alcoholism. Their big match was a misfire, and the segments were hard to watch with Hall pretending to be drunk to sell his downward spiral.

4 WCW Reunion Went Nowhere

The Outsiders Crowd

The breakup in WCW led to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash reuniting in the NWO Elite to work together again. WCW continued to run into the same issues of Hall being in and out of the promotion, and Nash being that inconsistent going back and forth from the main event scene to tag team division.

Everything for the Outsiders after their reunion in WCW felt less important. WCW didn’t have any great storylines for them with failed moments like the NWO 2000 reunion again, the duo pretending to get fired by the company and other bad ideas dooming them.

3 Their Best Tag Match Ever Came As Opponents

Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid v Shawn Michaels & Diesel Action Zone Cropped

A funny twist about the pairing of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in the context of tag team wrestling is their best tag match coming as opponents. Nash has spoken many times about this being one of his favorite matches to mirror what fans think about their careers.

WWE paired Shawn Michaels and Nash as Diesel against 1-2-3 Kid and Hall aka Razor Ramon on the forgotten Action Zone TV show. All four close friends were on fire that night to deliver one of the best WWE tag matches in company history up to that point.

2 Tag Team Lost Momentum Without Syxx

Outsiders with Syxx

Sean Waltman joining WCW with the new name of Syxx led to him getting to work closely with his best friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Many fans viewed this trio as the cool act of the New World Order, and they even started calling themselves the Wolfpac before it was an official name a few years later.

WCW even gave them the chance to have some fun trios matches against various teams of babyfaces. Eric Bischoff firing Waltman was reportedly done due to issues with his agent and wanting to send a message to Nash and Hall. It felt like the momentum of the act fell off when Syxx left and more bad luck followed.

1 Kevin Nash Was Better On His Own

Kevin Nash WCW Champion 4th Reign

The Outsiders were initially known for working together when they helped the New World Order get over. WWE had used them both as successful singles star beforehand, and Nash achieved the ultimate success winning the WWE Championship.

WCW splitting them up led to Nash once again thriving by winning the WCW Championship. Fans clearly preferred Nash in the singles role, and it felt like a letdown when he moved into tag matches with Hall. The Outsiders were a popular act, but Nash felt more special on his own when pushed.

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