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10 Hilarious Photos Of Pro Wrestlers Partying Together That You Have To See

Professional wrestlers tend to be rather private people, often aiming to keep their social lives to themselves. However, fans love seeing what they’re like in real life away from the ring or the wrestling business completely. While people get glimpses of it on social media, talent often don’t show themselves cutting loose and having a good time.

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However, occasionally photographs of them partying and hanging out as friends do end up being made available which is often fun for fans to see. It’s always enjoyable from a fan’s perspective to see talent in a relaxed atmosphere or just having fun as friends, which can lead to some hilarious photos.

10 Back Of The Bus Hangout

WWE Stars partying back of the bus Cropped

Whenever wrestlers go on a tour it often leads to them being on one giant bus together as they go from city to city, and that often leads to some parties taking place. That’s the case in this image, with the majority of the talent hanging out without their shirts on, for some reason.

There’s a great array of wrestlers here that fans might not necessarily put together as friends. However, seeing a lot of modern wrestlers just hanging out and having a good time is certainly a great thing to see for fans.

9 Fancy Dress Time

Chris Jericho at a party Cropped

Wrestlers are constantly playing a character and dressing up, therefore it shouldn’t come as a big shock that they like to do that at parties too. That’s clearly what’s happening here with everyone involved wearing some form of throwback fancy dress, even if it’s discreet.

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The picture also has a varied age range of wrestlers with talent from different eras being covered here. From modern wrestlers like Baron Corbin and Tyson Kidd to Attitude Era stars in Christian and Chris Jericho alongside Batista and Natalya, it’s a random group, but one that seems to be having fun.

8 JBL’s Groomsmen

JBL Wedding Party

Weddings are often a fun time for everyone, and while modern marriages between wrestlers have been shared on reality shows, that’s not always been the case. When JBL got married social media wasn’t a big thing, but people did get to see exactly what his groomsmen looked like

It created this hilarious picture which shows several wrestlers completely out of their comfort zones. The Undertaker is someone wrestlers rarely get glimpses of in real life, and a snapshot like this is great for that.

7 A Strange Wedding Outfit

Wrestlers at Carmella's wedding

Another hilarious photo that came from a wedding took place the day that Carmella and Corey Graves tied the knot. This time social media was around and fans got to see many pictures from the big day with all the wrestlers who were in attendance.

However, one that got people talking was this group photograph. Everyone looks like they’re happy and having a good time, but it was Jon Moxley’s bizarre outfit that instantly got everyone talking as it was nothing like the smart outfits everyone else had on.

6 Groomsmen Partying

The Miz with Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, and Zack Ryder

The Miz might often play a heel on television that seems to be annoying, but behind the scenes, he is often very popular. He has a close group of friends and all of those can be seen in this particular picture where a few cocktails have certainly been sipped.

They are all having a wild time at The Miz’s own wedding, clearly enjoying a lot of drinks as they celebrate his big day. It creates a hilarious photograph that showcases them in a completely different light from their on-screen personalities.

5 Happy New Year

New Years Party

New Year’s Eve is always a big celebration for people around the world and it is no different for professional wrestlers. It’s something that a lot of fans don’t normally get to see when it comes to wrestlers, but they are all enjoying their evening as well.

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That is what this picture is from, bringing a random bunch of wrestlers together to enjoy themselves, and that is seemingly exactly what they’re doing, with Luke Gallows in his hat providing plenty of comedy.

4 Celebrating Bryan Danielson

Brie Bella bachelorette

Bryan Danielson is well known for being a wrestler who doesn’t drink alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that he cannot be celebrated. During Brie Bella’s bachelorette party that is exactly what happened which led to this hilarious photo with the Bella Twins enjoying themselves.

This was the time when Bryan’s hair and beard were a huge part of his WWE gimmick, and they decided to tap into that as a theme as everyone had wigs and beards to enjoy the moment.

3 Learning From The Nature Boy

Ric Flair and Batista partying

Ric Flair has lived a famous lifestyle when it comes partying and clearly that is something that he tried to teach to Batista during their time in Evolution. On the right hand side the two of them can be seen just hanging out, but the left brings a hilarious image of them letting loose.

It’s a great photo of two major stars from WWE’s past that were able to have a lot of fun in days long before social media took charge of the world.

2 AEW Stars Unwind

AEW stars drunk

The AEW roster might still be very new in the grand scheme of things, but one of the reasons the company has enjoyed so much success is because they are a tight-knit group. Tony Khan is quite an open boss and has built friendships with his roster, which is why he hangs out with them.

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He’s hosted a few parties over the years, and that is clear from this photograph as well. There’s a group of wrestlers hanging out with Khan such as Chris Jericho and Scorpio Sky enjoying themselves.

1 Old School

Attitude Era stars at the back of a bus Cropped

This is a hilarious and iconic photo of professional wrestlers partying as many of the biggest stars from the Attitude Era are hanging out here on the back of a bus. The mixture of The Kliq and the Bone Street Krew alongside several other major names like Steve Austin makes this such a great picture.

It’s clear that everyone is having a great time here in each other’s company, and despite any rivalries that might have been happening on-screen at the time, they were able to hang out behind the scenes.

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