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10 Interesting Facts Everybody Should Know About Pro Boxing


  • John Graham Chambers developed the rules for boxing, including the use of gloves and three-minute rounds.
  • Andy Bowen and Jack Burke had the longest recorded fight, lasting over 7 hours and resulting in a draw.
  • White collar boxing has become popular, leading to the rise of YouTube boxing and lucrative events.

Boxing is a sport that’s been around for centuries. While initially written off as barbarian, boxing allows people of all shapes and sizes to succeed based on their level of skill.

Mental toughness is arguably more important than physical toughness. Boxing has achieved mainstream popularity over the last century. Because the sport is rich in history and tradition, there’s always something new to uncover.

10 John Graham Chambers Developed The Sport

Chambers Was Inducted Into The Boxing Hall of Fame

  • Chambers developed the rules to promote sportsmanship.

UK sports professional John Graham Chambers developed the rules that would eventually take shape as organized boxing. Chambers established the use of gloves during a boxing fight, as well as the time frame of three minute rounds. Chambers’ creation was known as the Marquess of Queensberry rules after the Marquess approved them. Chambers’ rules were different from bare knuckle fights happening at the time, which were essentially anything goes.

9 Andy Bowen And Jack Burke Had The Longest Recorded Fight

Fans Who Attended The Fight Eventually Fell Asleep

  • Burke was reportedly a last minute replacement as Bowen was scheduled to face someone else.

Andy Bowen (16-3-7, 7 KOs) and Jack Burke (5-3-4, 4 KOs) boxed for over 7 hours before the fight was declared a draw. Bowen and Burke boxed over 100 rounds before the referee noticed that both men were completely tired. Burke broke several bones in both hands.

8 Nipper Pat Daly Is A Legend

Daly Is The Youngest Boxer To Turn Pro

  • Daly was a top flyweight contender while just a young teenager.

UK boxer Nipper Pat Daly was a prodigy. Daly started taking boxing lessons at age 7, and was so advanced that he turned pro at 10 years old. Daly was also a sparring partner for middleweight champion Mickey Walker.

At just 16 years old, Daly was a top ranked bantamweight contender. Unfortunately, a series of concussions forced Daly to retire from the sport. Daly retired just after his 18th birthday with a record of 99-11-8, 26 KOs.

White Collar Boxing Has Become Lucrative

  • The rise of white collar boxing opened the door for the creation of YouTube boxing.

White Collar Boxing is a unique class in which office workers, many of whom have limited experience, fight in two minute rounds. Boxers wear smaller gloves, headgear, and mouth guards to prevent injuries. Many of these events are simply fundraisers.

The Boodies Boxing Ball was a popular white collar event that took place in London. Some of the events attracted public figures, like Prince Harry, Prince William, and Guy Ritchie. Influencers like Logan Paul and KSI have enjoyed the benefits.

6 Muhammad Ali Was Rejected By Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Declined To Give Ali An Autograph

  • Ali used the experience to remind himself to always be kind to his fans once he became heavyweight champion.

Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson often come up in discussions regarding the best boxer of all time. Robinson probably never envisioned that Ali would be viewed as his peer or even better than him. Ali was a huge fan of Sugar Ray as a child and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet his idol. Unfortunately, the meeting was sour. A devastated Ali used this as fuel as he hoped to surpass his idol.


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5 ​​​Sam Berger Was The First Olympic Gold Medalist At Heavyweight

Berger Had A Short And Modest Professional Career

  • Berger fought a few more amateur fights before turning pro.

​​​​​​​Sam Berger won the Heavyweight Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in St. Louis. Berger (6-2-2-, 5 KOs) fought light heavyweight champion Jack O’Brien and sparred with heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries.

4 Sugar Ray Robinson Helped Create Pound For Pound Rankings

Pound For Pound Rankings Were Created to Recognize Great Fighters Outside The Heavyweights

  • Sugar Ray Robinson was clearly the best boxer in the world at his peak.

​​​​​​​The heavyweight division is boxing’s foundation. Heavyweight champions essentially mean that you are king of the world. However, being the heavyweight champion doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the best boxer in the world.

​​​​​​​Sugar Ray Robinson’s acknowledgment as the best boxer in the world while fighting at middleweight opened the door for non-heavyweights such as Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather to be crowned pound for pound king.

3 Billy Bird Has The Most Knockout Victories

138 Knockouts May Never Be Matched


  • Bird fought over 350 times

​​​​​​​UK welterweight Billy Bird had a legendary career. Bird (260-73-20, 138 KOs) worked as a cab driver around London in between fights. Bird fought nearly every other week, sometimes fighting multiple times in a week if he won easily.


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2 Annie Newton Is A Pioneer For Women’s Boxing

Annie Newton Grew Up Around Boxing


  • Annie learned to fight under the guidance of her uncle.

​​​​​​​Annie’s uncle, Andrew Newton was a World Champion, who also taught boxing classes. She sparred with a few men, raising money for charities. Newton eventually became so good that she started giving boxing lessons at her Uncle’s gym. Newton planned to fight in several upcoming exhibitions, but was barred because of her gender. Despite being unable to pursue her boxing dreams, Newton declared that one day women’s boxing would be accepted in culture, and she was right.


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1 Cuban Boxing Has A Troubled History

Professional Boxing Was Banned


  • The Cuban government banned boxing for an extended period because of violence.

​​​​​​​Cuba has produced outstanding fighters throughout the amateur and pro ranks. There was a short period when the ban on professional boxing was lifted, so the government could benefit from the sport’s popularity as a tourist attraction. The country hosted top fighters like Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey.

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