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10 Midcard Wrestlers Who Peaked In WCW

Throughout its history, WCW was home to many wrestlers. We’re talking about a big promotion that competed head-to-head with WWE for several years, so obviously there was a lot of talent on the roster. We know there were megastars like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Goldberg, and Sting, among others, but they also had a solid mid-card.

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In fact, several mid-card wrestlers peaked in WCW, and it was precisely because of that the product was very good overall, not just the main event photography. Certainly, these wrestlers were never good enough to be main eventers, but when they were at their peak, they could steal the show. So, without further ado, let’s look at 10 midcard wrestlers who peaked in WCW.

10 Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn competed in WWE, ECW, and NJPW, but reached his peak in WCW. He worked for the company between 1997 and 2000, and in that span, he showed his best in terms of in-ring skills.

Saturn had some great matches, such as his match against Raven at Fall Brawl 1998, or the bout against Kanyon at The Great American Bash 1998. Also, it was in WCW where Perry Saturn had the most wins (124).

9 Lance Storm

Lance Storm In WCW

Lance Storm was one of the best technical wrestlers of his generation, he had a good arsenal of moves, he had a great sense of in-ring psychology, and his technique was excellent.

However, he was never more than a mid-card wrestler, because his promo skills weren’t good enough, and he wasn’t charismatic enough to connect with the fans. Storm arguably reached his peak in WCW, as he always maintained a high level there and put on several good shows.

8 Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell made his WCW debut in 1991 and stayed with the company until the end. He lived the best moments of his career in this promotion, without a doubt. Although it’s no secret to anyone that he was an average worker, and that’s precisely why he was always a mid-card wrestler.

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He had an incredible physique, but not much more than that, his wrestling skills were average at best, and his mic skills were lackluster. That said, it’s no wonder he had more success as a tag team wrestler.

7 Konnan

Konnan WCW

Konnan reached his peak in WCW, at least in terms of popularity and microphone work. He was great in Mexico, but when he came to WCW in 1996, he proved he could shine in a top promotion.

Truth be told, he was never a great in-ring performer, but he was very charismatic, and he could cut outstanding promos, and that was precisely what made him stand out in the midcard.

6 Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman had a good run overall in WWE, but perhaps his peak was in WCW. It is easy to come to that conclusion if we take a look at the best matches of his career, as most of them happened in WCW.

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For example, his match against Rey Mysterio Jr. on the March 15, 1999, episode of Monday Nitro, or his bout against Juventud Guerrera on the November 16, 1998, edition of Monday Nitro. Also, Kidman won more titles in WCW including the World Cruiserweight Championship three times.

5 Kanyon

Chris Kanyon Vs Mike Awesome

Kanyon was called the innovator of offense for a reason, as he had such a brilliant arsenal of moves, way ahead of his time. Certainly, he didn’t have the best technique, but still, his offense looked awesome, not to mention he was a great seller and always made his opponents look great.

That’s what he showed in WCW during his peak, but it wasn’t enough to receive a main event push. Unfortunately, he declined quickly, and he couldn’t show his best version in WWE, which seems to be the version that fans remember most.

4 Dean Malenko

Dean Malenko WWE

There is no doubt that Dean Malenko reached his peak in WCW. He didn’t have many memorable moments in Japan and WWE killed his career. He certainly had some good matches in ECW, but overall, he had his best moments in WCW.

It was thanks to his work in WCW that Malenko earned the reputation of being one of the best technical wrestlers of the 1990s, and his matches against Rey Mysterio Jr., Ultimo Dragon, or Eddie Guerrero, are proof of that.

3 Johnny B. Badd

Johnny B. Badd in WCW

Johnny B. Badd undoubtedly had the best moments of his career in WCW, as he never made the same impact in WWE. He was a three-time WCW World Television Champion, and he was a great mid-card champion.

He was over, and it was a lot of fun to watch him back then. Johnny B. Badd delivered the best matches of his WCW career, such as his bout against Brian Pillman at Fall Brawl 1995.

2 Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons WCW Champion

Ron Simmons became more than a midcarder in WCW, as he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1992. In his prime, he was a very good in-ring performer, as his powerhouse style was great. In addition, he was always an excellent talker.

He was also successful in WWE, as he had good times and fans have good memories of him, but there is no doubt that Simmons reached his peak in WCW.

1 Shawn Stasiak

Shawn Stasiak

Admittedly, Shawn Stasiak had a lackluster wrestling career, as he was a mediocre worker, so it’s hard to determine what his prime was.

But if we take a look at his WCW run, which lasted a year or so, we realize that he had some decent performances there. So, you could say that Shawn Stasiak was also one of those midcard wrestlers who peaked in WCW.

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