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10 Most Muscular Women In Impact Wrestling History, Ranked

TNA/Impact Wrestling has arguably the best-booked women’s division in North America, with its Knockouts, as they are called, usually getting ample in-ring time and compelling angles. Throughout its history, it has been frequented by performers of varying heights and weights – some petite, others gigantic. And obviously, there have been many hits and many misses, each caused by various factors.

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However, if there is one thing that defines this list, it is “jacked”. When people think of that word in the context of the promotion, they think of strong men like Moose and Joe Doering, but the following female performers may give them a run for their money.

10 Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie AEW

When people think of Taya Valkyrie’s body, they immediately think of her great-looking arms, among other things. They look slender at first glance, but they are surprisingly strong enough to allow her to do the Road to Valhalla – the finisher that she first used in Impact.

But beyond those arms, she also has very thick legs – ones that once again facilitate said finisher and make her stand out among her slenderer peers.

9 KiLynn King


At six feet flat, KiLynn King is one of the tallest female wrestlers out there. And someone that tall needs plenty of muscle, which she provides in spades.

After being used as a jobber in AEW, King initially found her stride under Bushiroad’s watch, challenging Mayu Iwatani for the SWA Championship at 2022’s Rumble on 44th Street – the first time a Stardom title match occurred at a New Japan event. She acquitted herself very well, and by 2023 she was in Impact full-time as Taylor Wilde’s heavy and partner. They have since become Knockouts Tag Team Champions, boating one of the titles’ longest reigns at 139 days.

8 Tara


Is it a surprise that Tara (better known as Victoria in WWE) was quite the specimen during her peak? The 5’8″, 155-lb. former bodybuilder and personal trainer was one of the more powerfully-built female wrestlers of the 2000s.

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While she was largely underutilized in WWE (with the bookers at one point telling her straight up that they had no plans for her, leading her to bail), she had her best years in TNA, winning the Knockouts title five times and being involved in its most notable angles. Her strong physique helped to differentiate her from the model types she would usually face, and she made a killing roughing them up, both physically and psychologically.


Kimber Lee and ODB

ODB was/is not your prototypical Knockout. Instead of being the drop-dead model-esque stunner who embodies the sensual meaning of the term, she is a heavily inked, brutish redneck.

She may not have the abs of most female wrestlers, but look at her arms. You would be forgiven for thinking that they were constructed from tree stumps, but she is one hell of a heavy hitter – one who won the Knockouts title four times and also has the longest Knockouts Tag title reign ever (even if that was somewhat bizarre and controversial).

6 Savannah Evans

savannah-evans-impact-wrestling-knockout (1)

At 5’9″ and close to 200 pounds, Savannah Evans is a mountain of a woman. She is big and brutish by all indication of the word – her arms are large enough to crush heads if she feels like it.

While she currently serves as some sort of third wheel in her alliance with Gisele Shaw and Jai Vidal, she does not have to be. Rarely has TNA had such a physical specimen on its hands since Awesome Kong, and while her best work so far has been being Tasha Steelz’s bodyguard, with the right presentation and booking she can be positioned as a solo monster heel.

5 Lady Frost


Do not let the charming ice queen looks fool you – Lady Frost, who competed in Impact Wrestling from 2021 to 2022, packs some serious muscle inside her 5’5″ frame. To be a queen, one has to have a strong physique!

Still, it is such a shame that her tenure with the promotion did not go as well as expected, with her languishing under surprisingly lackluster booking before suffering an injury in 2022 that required surgery. She then requested her release, but it would not happen until November.

4 Masha Slamovich


Currently, there are two potential budding stars in Impact’s Knockouts division.

One of them is Gisele Shaw, the Quintessential Diva – a vain, glamorous character whose presentation revolves around her love of high fashion. This is reflected in her look and colorful wrestling outfits.

The other, Masha Slamovich, is the polar opposite: built like a tank and very, very intense in the ring. Despite being only 5’3″, she loves to bulldoze her opponents as though she were a battering ram demolishing a castle.

3 Awesome Kong


Awesome Kong is rightfully considered one of the pioneers of the Impact Knockouts division. When the promotion then (and soon to once again be) known as TNA was just getting started, she was immediately entrusted with being one of its pillars alongside Gail Kim.

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The contrast between the two could not have been greater. Kim was the petite, model-esque lovable underdog whom everyone could relate to. Kong meanwhile, was the intimidating giant who could toss her opponents around the ring like they were nothing, thanks to her large and strong build.

2 Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard represents one of the most depressing cases of self-sabotage in wrestling history, given her lineage, talent, and potential.

As the daughter of the legendary Tully Blanchard, she clearly inherited his love of wrestling. Early on in her career, she was presented as just another happy face, but that changed when she joined Impact in 2018. There, the Diamond was born – a divine presence with the corresponding muscular physique to match.

She got a rocket of a push, winning the Knockouts title four months after her debut for nearly five months. Then in 2020, she became the first women to hold the Impact World title – but that was where it all began falling down. She has been recently seen in CMLL, winning a tournament.

1 Jordynne Grace


Seriously, who else was going to top this list?

As far as women’s wrestling is concerned, Jordynne Grace is the very definition of a lightning bruiser. She has a brutal-looking physique – 5’3″ and yet a stout 150 lbs. – and was once a powerlifter before venturing into the squared circle. Any yet she can be nimble enough to dive onto her opponents.

That, in combination with her surprising charisma has propelled her to two singles title reigns and one tag title reign, making her one of the biggest female success stories of the post-Dixie Carter era.

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