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10 Most Overrated Factions In WWE History

Over the years, WWE has created some incredible factions that will stand the test of time. The likes of D-Generation X, The Shield, and The Bloodline have all made memories for fans that will last a lifetime, and rightfully they have gained a lot of plaudits for doing so.

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However, certain groups have been praised a lot that haven’t quite lived up to the same billing, and are overrated. While it is always good to see wrestlers getting praise from fans, there are certain times when it can be over the top, as some groups simply weren’t as entertaining as people make them out to be.

10 nWo

Inferior To The WCW Version


The nWo is one of the biggest and most impactful factions in wrestling history, but that was for WCW. Vince McMahon attempted to capture that magic after purchasing the company by recreating the group and adding in Shawn Michaels to try and make things a little different.

However, this group is extremely overrated as it never had the same magic that the original trio did. It never felt like anything more than a copycat, and that is why this version is overrated, as they didn’t make the same level of impact.

9 The Brood

Nothing More Than A Memorable Entrance

The Brood standing in the ring

The Brood is a group that still gets spoken about regularly, with fans often wanting to see them reunite to this day. While they had a good look and certainly helped Edge and Christian establish themselves, their run wasn’t a particularly long one, nor was it overly memorable in terms of storylines.

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They competed lower down the card and were often belittled by The Ministry when they were involved with that faction. It didn’t help to build The Brood to the true level that they could have reached, which was a shame.

8 The Authority

Boring, Repetive Storytelling

The Authority

Some factions are meant to be around simply to anger fans and bring in as much heat as possible, and that was the purpose of The Authority. Many people believe they did a great job at that, and they were effective at times with the likes of Randy Orton and Seth Rollins benefiting from their time in this faction.

However, they were very repetitive with the segments that they had, often with very long promo segments which people tended to find quite boring. While they had some memorable storylines, particularly involving Daniel Bryan, the group itself was overrated as it ran on too long.

7 Undisputed Era

Never Reached The Main Roster


Undisputed Era was an epic faction that put together some incredible moments in NXT, with countless classic matches and moments having happened at that point. However, while they left a legacy on the black and gold brand, they are overrated due to the fact they never broke out onto the main roster.

Fans never got the chance to see what they’d be capable of on Raw or SmackDown, and while that might not necessarily be down to them as performers, it does stop them from truly being one of the great groups.

6 Riott Squad

Few Achievements In Terms Of Feuds & Major Wins

Ruby Soho Riott Squad WWE

Seeing an all-women’s faction was certainly something fresh on WWE television when Riott Squad first arrived as this isn’t something the company does regularly. However, the uniqueness of the group often leads to them being overrated as they get a lot of praise for not achieving very much.

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They were certainly popular, but there was nothing that truly connected them as their personalities were so different. On top of that, they didn’t achieve much in terms of titles and major storylines, which is ultimately how groups get remembered.


Piggybacking Off A WCW Concept


LWO is a current faction in WWE that is getting a lot of attention, but they are overrated in terms of other groups in the business right now. While they brought a lot of energy, the creative team tends to only focus on Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio, with the other members often falling by the wayside.

There is certainly a vibe about them and they are popular with fans, the group hasn’t been able to maintain the massive connection that they originally had.

4 The OC

Bullet Club Without The Cool Factor Or Star Power

OC Vs Cena

The OC was another group that had a lot of good moments, but ended up being rather overrated by fans. Anything Bullet Club-related often goes down well with audiences, but they can also be overhyped, and because of that as they’re not at the same level as the original group.

The OC did a great job of building AJ Styles as a top character in WWE, but when it comes to being a faction they weren’t always the strongest. This is because The Good Brothers weren’t quite at the same level as him, which does hold the group back.

3 Too Cool

Offered Little Beyond The Dancing

Too Cool Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped-2

Too Cool were a memorable faction, but they are often overrated by fans when they recall it. The group tapped into a lot of stereotypes at that time which wasn’t always a good thing. While there’s no doubt that they connected with the crowd, when it came to memorable storylines they are lacking in comparison to other groups in WWE history.

Nowadays, if a faction came out and primarily focused on a dance routine they’d likely be booed out of the arena, however, that was ultimately what Too Cool is best known for, which is why they’re overrated as a group.

2 The Nexus

First Match Ever Destroyed Their Momentum


The Nexus had the potential to be one of the greatest factions of all time, and their debut remains one of the most shocking moments in WWE history. However, the company truly dropped the ball with this group, and that is why they’re overrated because they simply didn’t make the impact that they should have made.

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Sure, they had some cool merchandise and they got the chance to dominate the company at the very start of their run. However, the fact they were defeated in their first major match instantly deflated them, and they never recovered. Yet somehow they’re still spoken about in the same high regard.

1 The Radicalz

Not Much Of A Unit

The Radicalz Debut

The Radicalz is a group that often gets brought up and talked about as an iconic one simply because of the major names that were involved. It was a huge deal that they all jumped ship from WCW to be part of WWE, but that didn’t necessarily make them a good group.

They didn’t have a long period working together, and that’s something that is often forgotten about. While they entertained inside the ring, as a unit there wasn’t as much impact as people often think, which is why they’re overrated.

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