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10 Most Random Main Events


  • WCW Nitro occasionally featured bizarre and random main events, such as Dennis Rodman’s debut match and non-wrestler inclusion.
  • Poorly matched main events like Sid Vicious vs. Tank Abbott and Hulk Hogan vs. Mike Awesome left fans feeling confused and unimpressed.
  • Even legends like Ric Flair found themselves in unusual main event matchups, like his title defense against Rey Mysterio in a clash of styles.

WCW Monday Nitro offered one of the biggest challenges to WWE’s Monday Night Raw, with the two sides engaging in the Monday Night Wars. This led to WCW often loading up Nitro, particularly when it comes to the main event scene, with several major stars involved each week.

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However, there were times in which WCW booked some bizarre and random main events for Nitro. Whether it be pairs of random wrestlers going up against each other, celebrities being featured in big matches, or lower card wrestlers finding themselves in the main event scene briefly, there are several bouts to explore.

10 Lex Luger & The Giant Vs. Dennis Rodman & Hollywood Hogan – WCW Nitro 06/16/1997

Dennis Rodman nWo Cropped

Any main event which involves Dennis Rodman must be considered among the most random in WCW history. Of course, the other men involved were among the most prominent in the company at the time, but the inclusion of a non-wrestler in Rodman makes this one stand out.

Rodman wrestled in a handful of matches in WCW, and this was the very first for the former NBA star. It ended in 2 minutes, though it must be said that fans were pretty invested at the time.

9 Sid Vicious Vs. Tank Abbott – WCW Nitro 02/28/2000

Tank Abbott

Tank Abbott was brought into WCW to try and blur the lines between kayfabe and reality given his legit fighting background, though he never caught on and fans didn’t get behind him. However, on an episode of Nitro in February 2000, he found himself in the show-closing match, challenging for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

He took on Sid Vicious – an opponent who didn’t fit his style in the slightest. It was a poor main event featuring two names who should arguably have never been in the top title scene by the time the 2000s rolled around.

8 Hulk Hogan Vs. Mike Awesome – WCW Nitro 05/01/2000

Mike Awesome That 70s Guy

Mike Awesome and Hulk Hogan couldn’t have been more different in style and background. Awesome had come from a more rugged and tougher rise in the business, making a name for himself in FMW and ECW, whereas Hogan was the mega star who had main evented WrestleManias.

Seeing the pair in a singles match main event in the year 2000 in WCW was a little surreal for some fans, and given how their paths were so different, it certainly did feel random. It should also be mentioned that Awesome actually won this match too.

7 Scott Steiner Vs. Sgt. AWOL – WCW Nitro 12/12/2000

Scott Steiner WCW World Champion

Sgt. AWOL was never a main event guy, so to see him challenge for the prestigious WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Steiner was out of place.

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This was essentially in place for a post match angle, but it still doesn’t change the fact that on paper, this match offered up one of the worst challengers for the Big Gold belt in WCW history.

6 The Giant Vs. Kevin Greene – WCW Nitro 06/22/1998

Kevin Greene Vs The Giant

Kevin Greene was another crossover name who wrestled several times in WCW, though the NFL star was a complete disaster in the ring and could not keep up with everyone else.

He took on The Giant in what felt like a random main event featuring a celebrity name. He was used to create buzz and boost the product, but ultimately he was among the worst celebrity wrestlers of all time, and this match helped to prove that.

5 Booker T Vs. Vince Russo – WCW Nitro 09/25/2000

Vince Russo vs Booker T

In September of 2000, Vince Russo booked himself to not only main event WCW Nitro in a random move, but he also booked himself to be crowned the WCW World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Booker T in a Caged Heat match.

The finish wasn’t exactly clean, with Russo winning by accident after getting speared out of his body by Goldberg, but it still ended up seeing him win the championship which had been held by so many all time greats.

4 Lance Storm & Mike Awesome Vs. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire – WCW Nitro 03/19/2001

lance storm & mike awesome vs chuck palumbo & sean o'haire

This was the penultimate main event in WCW Nitro history, and it threw together some random names who were never featured in the top title scene in the company, in a very odd decision in the final days of the promotion’s life.

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome teamed up to face Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire in a match that absolutely nobody in the arena cared for. This was unsurprising, as it was a midcard match thrust into the main event position.

3 Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner Vs. Crowbar & David Flair – WCW Nitro 01/03/2000

david flair and crowbar vs kevin nash & scott steiner

WCW’s Lethal Lottery made for some random partnerships and therefore some random main events. One of which came in the year 2000 when the main eventer duo of Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner lost to the awful team of Crowbar and David Flair in a January edition of Nitro.

To make things even more bizarre, Crowbar and Flair were crowned as the new WCW World Tag Team Champions, in what was a terrible booking move.

2 The Demon Vs. Sting Vs. Great Muta Vs. Vampiro – WCW Nitro 08/14/2000


Four random names were thrown into this fever dream of a main event on Nitro in the year 2000. Great Muta had shown up sporadically over the years in WCW but was never a constant fixture, so seeing him in a main event match was a little bizarre in itself, not to mention the inclusion of the KISS Demon – one of the worst gimmicks of all time.

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Add that to the face-painted duo of Sting and Vampiro, and you have a freak show of a four-way which only lasted a couple of minutes.

1 Ric Flair Vs. Rey Mysterio – WCW Nitro 03/22/1999

Ric Flair vs. Rey Mysterio WCW

WCW’s cruiserweight division often kept to themselves, but on rare occasions they would progress out of the cruiserweight scene and challenge a more prominent name. One instance of this came in 1999 when Ric Flair defended the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio in a clash of styles and a match which feels random when compared to the vast majority of title matches in WCW.

These two legends fought in the main event of Nitro, but it ended in a DQ – an all too common trend in WCW.

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