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10 Pieces Of WCW Lore You Forgot About

The history of WCW made it clear that fans remember most of the big details like Hulk Hogan turning heel to form the New World Order or Goldberg having an undefeated streak for over a year. However, WCW lore will feature some unexpected instances of things about wrestlers or storylines that get overlooked.

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WCW had such a deep list of relevant names that the average fan forgot about or just didn’t realize with all that was going on. Quite a few legends ended up in these scenarios with WCW’s booking all over the place. The following things from WCW lore get overlooked, involving these wrestlers and angles.

10 Raven Having A Rich Background After Lying About Tough Upbringing

Raven Mother

The Raven gimmick stuck around in both ECW and WCW when leaving for the bigger opportunity. However, WCW made a huge change that many fans forget since it came later in his run after the first few years of tremendous mid-card production.

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Raven was outed as lying about having a rough upbringing and a family that left him. The loving mother of Raven appeared to ask him to come home where it was revealed he was a spoiled rich kid. Unfortunately, this hurt Raven’s character enough to make the rest of his WCW run pointless.

9 The Giant Was Kicked Out Of New World Order Twice

NWO World War 3

Everyone makes fun of Big Show’s flip flopping from the face to heel character roles in WWE. However, this somewhat started in WCW specifically during his time in the New World Order. The Giant was the name used when he worked there during both stints in the powerful faction.

The first run ended when he wanted an earned WCW Championship match and decided to challenge NWO leader Hulk Hogan. Most fans remember this one, but the second departure was overlooked. The NWO Elite reuniting led to The Giant getting kicked out since Kevin Nash was the top giant in the group after all their hostility.

8 Stacy Keibler Lied About Being Pregnant

Stacy Keibler David Flair

Many of the WCW storylines from the final year get misremembered since it was when the product started losing viewers to the point of no return. Stacy Keibler being pregnant was a major angle on the show since Vince Russo loved to book soap opera storylines.

David Flair was dating Stacy when he discovered that he wasn’t the father. WCW ended up dropping the angle with Keibler claiming she was lying about being pregnant while entering a new romance with Shawn Stasiak. Rumors indicate the plan was to have Russo or Ric Flair as the father before Russo was removed from creative.

7 Ernest Miller Was A Friend Of James Brown

Ernest Miller James Brown

One of the oddest moments from WCW’s final year featured Ernest Miller claiming he was close with legendary singer James Brown when embracing his dancing gimmick. Everyone thought it was a joke until Brown appeared on live PPV out of the blue to a huge pop.

Miller and Brown delivered a fun dance number together in the most random yet fun WCW celebrity appearance. The segment did nothing in the overall story, but it did make Miller feel a bit cooler when playing a risky gimmick.

6 Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell Ended Goldberg’s WCW Career

WCW Totally Buffed Buff Bagwell Lex Luger Vs Goldberg

Some WCW storylines never got the intended ending they wanted, so the lore featured strange stories. Goldberg feuded with the obnoxious Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell tag team known as Totally Buffed. Both heels felt less relevant than ever trying to hold on to a spot. A feud with Goldberg was designed to make them feel credible again.

Totally Buffed defeated Goldberg and his trainer Sarge with the stipulation of Goldberg having to leave WCW. This was done to rehab an injury and eventually return for revenge, but WCW went out of business before it could happen. WCW lore dictates that Goldberg was sent away for good thanks to Lex and Buff.

5 Hulk Hogan Burned Dave Meltzer’s Newsletter To Declare Randy Savage Healthy

Hulk Hogan Dave Meltzer

WCW booked a strange segment when Hulk Hogan referenced Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter all the way back in the 1990s before a larger percentage of fans knew about him. The newsletter was set on fire by Hogan during a segment with Randy Savage and Sting.

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Hogan showed that Meltzer reported Savage was dealing with an injury and burned it to prove it was a lie. However, Savage ended up being injured for real to make Hogan look ridiculous. Meltzer and his newsletter existing in WCW lore is a hilarious scenario given how different wrestling was at the time.

4 Bret Hart Was Unofficial Member Of Lance Storm’s Team Canada

Bret Hart Team Canada

Team Canada was an act that existed in various companies under different names and with different approaches. Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation deserve credit for perfecting and starting the act during the New Generation Era of WWE.

Lance Storm led Team Canada in WCW clearly copying the idea but adding their own twist. Bret actually appeared at the end of a Storm United States Championship defense in Canada. An embrace between the two led to the Canadian fans loving the moment as Hart aligned with WCW’s Team Canada for one night.

3 Billy Kidman Helped Saturn End The Flock

Flock WCW

The Flock became a hated heel faction of Raven leading his followers for a few years. Saturn was the second-most credible wrestler after Raven and eventually grew tired of following his orders. A match was set between the two with Saturn wanting to disband The Flock if he won.

Another Flock member impacted the match when Billy Kidman helped Saturn defeat Raven to show he was also sick of being Raven’s lackey. Kidman being the reason for The Flock disbanding was an underrated part of his career that deserves more appreciation.

2 Scott Steiner Attacked Goldberg’s Girlfriend

Goldberg Vs. Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner finally reached the main event stage after his feud with Goldberg elevated him there. WCW booked a wild moment between the two ahead of their big PPV match. Steiner handcuffed Goldberg to the ring and attacked his girlfriend while he was forced to watch.

The follow-up saw Steiner decisively winning their match to move into the world title picture afterwards. Goldberg having a girlfriend in WCW lore is something very few fans remember. Steiner made sure we never saw her again after the violent moment to truly hurt Goldberg.

1 Original New World Order Never Had An Official End

NWO Elite

The New World Order was the most successful WCW act that allowed them to pass WWE for well over a year in the Monday Night Wars. However, WCW started to witness the flaws of the group overshadowing the strengths by 1999 when they were the NWO Elite.

It gets overlooked that the faction just stopped in the spring of 1999 without a real explanation. Everyone just went their separate ways after Hulk Hogan was off television. A top act not having a conclusion is always disappointing, but WCW did just that to end the original NWO lore in confusion.

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