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10 Pieces Of WWE Lore You Forgot About

You’d need the brain of a genius to remember every detail about WWE’s long, extensive, bizarre, and quite disturbing lore. For decades, WWE has produced weekly programming with ever-changing storylines, characters, gimmicks, and more, some of which doesn’t even make any sense.

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There have been some pieces of lore used in and introduced in storylines that are so random, strange, nonsensical, or even pointless from every era of WWE that they are easy to forget all about. This is a look back at some of those strange facts and bits of information that are officially part of the WWE canon.

10 The Undertaker Caused The Fire That Took His Parents’ Lives

Stone Cold v Undertaker v Kane Breakdown 1998 Cropped

Kane’s WWE debut came with the storyline that he was the one behind the fiery killing of his and The Undertaker’s parents (according to The Undertaker, that is). However, it was later revealed that The Undertaker was the one behind this arson, causing (emotional) scars to Kane and killing their family.

Undertaker is one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time and grew to being one of the biggest babyfaces of the 2000s. Many fans have clearly forgotten the fact that he actually committed arson and murder, but hey, forgive and forget.

9 Kurt Angle Is Jason Jordan’s Father

angle and jordan
via WWE

Jason Jordan was mostly an unknown commodity when WWE decided to split up the American Alpha tag team and try out Jordan as a singles star. It was then revealed that there was some sort of scandal with the then Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, and it turned out that he was the father of Jordan!

This led to months of Jordan trying to please his dad and getting better opportunities, but before this frankly underwhelming storyline took proper shape, Jordan’s career was cut short with an injury. WWE have given vague references to this now and again, but it is mostly forgotten about by all.

8 Kane Faced The “Real” Past Kane

Kane v Imposter Kane Vengeance 2006 Cropped

There have been multiple “doubles” in WWE history, though it was often the case that the Fake Undertaker or Fake Sin Cara was in fact a fake. However, when Kane feuded with himself in 2006, the copycat was billed as being an actual figment of Kane’s past.

The pair feuded and had a match, though in the end the “real” Kane took his old mask back. With no reveal of who was under the mask and no explanation of their motivations, it was left with it being believed to actually be a past version of Kane. It was certainly goofy.

7 Tim White Was A Suicidal Depressive

Tim White Lunchtime Suicide Series WWE Referee

Tim White was a beloved referee back in the day, but injuries suffered during his calling of the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and Chris Jericho led to his career getting cut short. A few years later, WWE.com followed White in his post-refereeing career, and he was at a low point.

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He continuously tried and failed to commit suicide in a series of strange skits, in a series that was called the “Lunchtime Suicide”, which began with a segment on WWE PPV. This is official WWE lore, though it served very little purpose.

6 Liv Morgan Was In Love With Lana

Liv Morgan ruins Lana's wedding

Amidst a terrible love triangle storyline between Lana, Bobby Lashley, and Rusev, a fourth addition was included in the story. Liv Morgan returned after an absence, and proclaimed her love for Lana, implying that there was a romantic history between the pair.

It was never actually revealed what went on in the past, but Morgan aligned herself with Rusev regardless. Morgan was in fact in love with Lana and felt betrayed, which is a really odd piece of WWE lore that never got resolved.

5 Big Boss Man Stole The Big Show’s Dead Father

Big Show's Dad's Funeral Cropped

Big Show and Big Boss Man feuded in 1999 in a rivalry which ended up getting very heated, especially when Boss Man invaded the funeral of Big Show’s father. In one of the most unhinged moments in WWE history, Boss Man strapped the casket to his vehicle and drove off with it, and there was nothing a casket-surfing Show could do to stop it.

Boss Man, in WWE lore, stole the corpse of Big Show’s father and it isn’t known what became of it.

4 Big Boss Man Abused Nailz

Nailz Cropped

Big Boss Man’s weird WWE lore doesn’t stop there, as it was alleged in the storyline that during his time as a prison warden, he abused (supposedly innocent) prisoner Nailz.

This led to a feud between the pair, but Nailz’ WWE career was cut short following a backstage incident with Vince McMahon. This news story has defined Nailz’ WWE run, leading to many forgetting that his origin story came with him being abused by Boss Man in prison.

3 Vickie Guerrero’s Affair With Big Show

Vickie Guerrero, Edge, Big Show, WWE

Vickie Guerrero has had a variety of clients and romantic relationships in WWE, most notably with Edge and Dolph Ziggler. There is one which fans forget about though, and that is her relationship with Big Show.

Their affair was caught on camera amidst a World Heavyweight Championship storyline. John Cena was also involved, exposing the affair and using it to his advantage to get into the WrestleMania 25 title match. It was a strange storyline and a needless love triangle.

2 Hornswoggle Was The Anonymous Raw General Manager

Happy Hornswoggle

The whole anonymous Raw General Manager angle had some potential at first, with fans eagerly anticipating the reveal of who was behind the painfully annoying laptop.

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In the end, the angle was dropped and fans spent years not knowing who it was. Years later, when the laptop was back in charge for one night, it was revealed that Hornswoggle was behind it all along! Yeah… it didn’t make sense and it was a cheap gag, but it is now official lore nonetheless.

1 Chris Jericho Helped To Get Rid Triple H’s Dog

Chris Jericho and Triple H's Dog

The WrestleMania 18 build for the feud between Triple H and Chris Jericho was a mess, and in an attempt to boost the intrigue, WWE had an animal death to build heat.

Jericho was forced to look after Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s dog amidst their relationship troubles, and Jericho decided to tie it up to a car. The dog was ultimately crushed by the car, with it being heavily implied that the dog did in fact die. Much like many insane instances in WWE, there were no legal repercussions for this.

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