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10 Previous WWE Winners Who Never Got Their Comeuppance

When talking about the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time, it’s common to overlook many wrestlers who have excelled in the company. Despite the many talented wrestlers who have competed in World Wrestling Entertainment’s long history, some key members of the roster have been overshadowed by bigger stars for many reasons.

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Some of these men were middle card staples who never made it to the main event, while others were wrestlers who should have won a world title in WWE. This list will examine 10 achievers in WWE who never got what they deserved in the company.

10 shelton benjamin

Shawn Michaels v Shelton Benjamin Raw May 2, 2005

Shelton Benjamin came to Raw without much fanfare after his split from tag team partner Charlie Hass. However, his career took off after surprising Triple H with a victory in 2004. He showcased his physical abilities as a high-flying singles star, competing in memorable matches with Shawn Michaels, John Morrison and Rob Van Dam.

Despite doubts about his charisma, he remained a top athlete and should have won the WWE Championship early in his career. He never became a main event star in the company, though many argue that Shelton deserved a title far more than wrestlers like The Great Khali and The Miz.

9 Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jake Roberts with a snake in WWE

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a scary character to many old-school fans, with his pet snakes and the ability to end a match at any time using the DDT. Despite the danger from him and the excellent promotions from him, he was never able to become champion while Hulk Hogan was around.

In some markets, Roberts was even more popular than Hogan, but their provoked feud never came to fruition. He worked well with all the wrestlers, but never became a main event star in WWE.

8 rude rick

Intercontinental Champion Rick Rude

In a bold and brash statement, “Ravishing” Rick Rude demanded silence from the crowd, so he could reveal his perfect physique to the ladies who adored him. Despite the envy of men, Rude was known for his thrilling performances in the ring and his legendary reign at the Intercontinental Championship.

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Rude is a sometimes forgotten WWE legend since he was paraded up and down the company. He had the charisma to compete with anyone at the microphone or in the ring.

7 rick martel

Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel

Despite not receiving as much recognition as his fellow “Golden Era” wrestlers, Rick Martel was a standout performer with his self-centered fashionista gimmick. He always looked good in the ring and impressed the public with his wrestling skills.

Before adopting his “Arrogance” persona, Martel was part of the Strike Force tag team with Tito Santana and even teamed with Tony Garea in the early ’80s. Martel’s signature move, the Boston Crab, deserves more respect in the world of wrestling.

6 Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect

During his second WWE run, Curt Hennig, known as Mr. Perfect, embodied perfection, capturing everyone’s attention with his memorable gimmick and captivating in-ring work. He was easy to hate and like, and the oversell of him added to his appeal.

Despite never claiming the WWE Championship, his fights against Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan left a lasting impression on wrestling fans. It’s easy to feel regretful that Mr. Perfect never held the WWE title due to his exceptional talent and his ability to keep the public interested. He also didn’t get a push to the top that was significant.

5 Dustin Rhodes


Dustin Rhodes surprised the world of wrestling with his androgynous persona, Goldust, during his second participation in the WWF. Goldust’s provocative persona added excitement to the WWE product, and Dustin played the character perfectly. Goldust was not just a gimmick, but a talented fighter and a source of humor.

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He had memorable moments, including winning the Intercontinental Title and teaming with Booker T. Goldust was a multi-talented wrestler who left a lasting impression on the industry.

4 dean malenko

dean malenko

Dean Malenko is an underrated WWE wrestler and an exceptional in-ring technician. Despite his cold demeanor, he proved to be just as good in the WWF light heavyweight division as he was in WCW during his short tenure with the company. His Backlash 2000 match with Scotty 2 Hotty and random matches with Taka Michinoku and X-Pac serve as evidence of his talent.

While his James Bond-esque WWE theme didn’t do him any favors, Dean’s skill as a wrestler shouldn’t be overlooked. Malenko ended up being the only member of his “class” that included Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero who didn’t spend time in the main event scene.

3 umaga


Umaga’s career was spent mostly in the mid-card, though he did briefly flirt with the main event scene in 2007. As an evil monster, he took on the top mid-card babyfaces and manhandled opponents bigger than himself. , such as Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, and Kane.

While his time as a big heel ran out of steam during his second Intercontinental Championship reign, he was a dominant force in the mid-card during his prime, making him a big heel. Overall, Umaga’s career was defined by his commanding mid-card presence rather than a main event to reward his hard work.

2 Taka Michinoku

Taka Michinoku

WWE created its own light heavyweight division, inspired by WCW’s cruiserweight fad. Taka Michinoku, a Japanese fighter, emerged as the division’s foremost fighter, exhibiting high-flying maneuvers and a powerful finisher in the Michinoku Driver. He brought five-star wrestling to the early years of the Attitude Era, a rarity at the time.

Fans can witness Taka’s skills in his WrestleMania XIV match against Aguila. Additionally, his comedic teaming up with Funaki as part of the Kaientai added an entertaining element to WWE’s Attitude Era.

1 Owen Hart


Owen Hart, a talented WWE wrestler, was known for delivering great matches against a variety of opponents. During his “Next Generation” run, he faced his brother Bret Hart, the 1-2-3 Kid and Shawn Michaels, producing some memorable matches.

In the Attitude Era, he continued to prove himself against Triple H, Steve Blackman, and Ken Shamrock. Sadly, Owen’s untimely death cut short what could have been many more great matches against 2000’s newcomers his size like Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle.

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