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10 reasons why 2022 was the best year in WWE history

While it’s obviously a subjective answer (best when it comes to wrestling), how do you actually determine what’s the best year in WWE the story really is Do you choose something shocking like 1984, with The Birth of Hulkamania and wrestling? How about a mind blowing year like 2001, based almost exclusively on the previous two weeks? wrestling 17where the XFL launched, and ECW and WCW were acquired within days of each other?

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Some fans and critics might consider this a recent bias, but 2022 was a big year for the wrestling business. As the old saying goes: high tides lift all boats. Every company got it right and then every company and the industry as a whole got better and better overall because of it.

10 brock cowboy

Brock Lesnar Cropped Jeans

Nearly twenty years since the WWE Universe first saw Brock Lesnar, The Beast is still tapping into new facets of his persona for fans to see.

In 2021, we were introduced to “Cowboy Brock,” as a babyfaced, big teddy bear going out of his way for cheap soda: “hello (insert state name), but it was almost tongue-in-cheek and done in a way that everyone was in on the joke. To his opponents, he somehow seemed even scarier in 2022.

9 The return of the prodigal son

cody returns

After being raised in WWE’s developmental program and having a run on the main roster, Cody Rhodes hit a creative wall. Trapped in Stardust’s attire, he asked for his release and was granted. He tore himself apart for half a decade and even started rival promotion, AEW.

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Cody then shockingly decided to leave the company he helped found to return to WWE. If it hadn’t been for Stone Cold’s latest match, Cody’s return would have been the biggest pop ever. WrestleMania 38.

8 The return of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs.  Kevin Owens WrestleMania 38 cropped

Nineteen years after all manner of injuries forced The Bionic Redneck into retirement, fans were in for the surprise of their lives when he accepted Kevin Owens’ challenge to join him in a wrestlingoversized edition of The KO Show.

Even more so when the conversation turned into a fight. While the party of him with Rock on wrestling 19 it was a fitting ending, his KO fight in Austin’s home state and the place where he began his career was a fitting sendoff.

7 War games

war games 2022 cropped

While WarGames had been around in NXT for a number of years under the guidance of Triple H, The Match Beyond was given the main roster treatment and nailed it in the best way possible. instead of traditional survival series games taking place – all roads lead to WarGames.

Much like the great Horsemen WarGames matches of yesteryear, the entire match was built around one major storyline involving the company’s main group: The Bloodline and a number of babyfaces coming together to try and stop them.

6 Large events held outside of the US

Sheamus Vs Gunther Clash At The Castle Cutout

It may seem like a minor thing, but WWE is a global company and they put on shows all over the world for their fans. But for the most part, their live Premium Events seem to only take place in North America (except for the shows that are sometimes tailor-made for the Saudi crowds).

That started to change elimination chamber from Saudi Arabia. The company also made a big fuss about returning to the UK to clash in the castle. The trend has continued this year as well, and it’s a welcome change of pace to see fans around the world cheer on their favourites.

5 Mid-Card titles are relevant again

gunther cropped

How do you make titles mean something when for several years they didn’t seem to matter? You make everyone chase them or have a dominant headline. On Raw in 2022, Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, and Austin Theory chased the United States title and hosted nightly featured matches.

Theory, despite failing, even cashed in his MITB briefcase to try and get the gold. On SmackDown, Gunther had ruled the Intercontinental Title with an iron fist and has since bid to (hopefully) surpass The Honky Tonk Man as the longest reigning IC Champion.

4 Everybody get up

Dominik Mysterio and the cropped judgment day

With Vince McMahon at the helm, if you thought Judgment Day would be the headlining act on Raw and Dominik Mysterio the company’s number one badass, you’d honestly be lying. It never seemed like the president was a big fan of Finn Balor and Damian Priest’s stock was falling slightly.

There’s a safe bet that Priest would be in AEW and Balor would be back in New Japan if things continued on their trajectory. But some minor adjustments under the guidance of Triple H’s regime, Dom Dom’s heel turn and Rhea Ripley’s Unchained and Judgment Day is perhaps the most intriguing faction in the entire industry.

3 NXT returns

Bron Breakker Cropped NXT Champion

While many fans certainly think he was spiteful when Vince McMahon took over NXT after his son-in-law suffered a heart attack, he completely revamped the product. Considering he revamped it to be more like what he likes about wrestling, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

But once Triple H returned, he and HBK began to reshape NXT once again. He became a hodgepodge of goodness from both versions of the Black and Gold brand.

2 the real game begins

Triple H WrestleMania 38 cropped

For years, even decades, the running joke was always “when Vince decides to die, who will run WWE?” Fans didn’t need to wait for that date to find out. Due to unfortunate allegations, Vince (maybe not so much) voluntarily resigned and walked away from WWE.

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It was announced that Triple H would take over all of WWE Creative. Almost immediately the changes were felt, and the fans almost unanimously jumped on board. Just like when he ran NXT, he has shown how dedicated he is to putting out the best possible product.

1 The history of the bloodline

the trimmed lineage

While the saga involving the Anoa’i dynasty began in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down yet, 2022 is when The Bloodline story really kicked into full gear. Roman Reigns unified the WWE and Universal titles in WrestleMania 38The Usos tied together the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles, Only Sikoa debuted on the main roster, Family was dominant in WarGames, and of course The Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn.

There was rarely a moment that he didn’t make the most of, allowing fans to get behind him and cheer his efforts while still being able to boo The Tribal Chief.

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