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10 Secrets And Easter Eggs Fans May Have Missed In AEW: Fight Forever

All Elite Wrestling would debut in 2019 with big names like Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes attached to the project. his inaugural show Double or nothing in 2019 it would make AEW the biggest competition WWE would have since World Championship Wrestling existed. WWE would have a stranglehold on a market during AEW’s early days, video games.

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All Elite Wrestling announced on November 10, 2020 that they would be creating a video game together with former WWE video game creator Yuke’s. Yuke’s would part ways with WWE after the release of WWE 2K19 in 2018. It wouldn’t be until June 29, 2023 that fans could finally get their hands on the debut home console title, AEW: Fight Forever. Let’s dive into some of the secrets and Easter eggs that fans might have missed when playing AEW Fight Forever.

10 Road To Elite Intro Scene


One of the opening scenes of the Road to Elite mode for AEW: Fight Forever features Matt Jackson and a few other fighters recreating the famous press conference that took place in front of TIAA Bank Field.

The mode allows players to choose any character or custom superstar they want. However, if the players choose Matt Jackson, he will be replaced on the podium by American nightmare Cody Rhodes. There are no changes to the dialog either.

9 cassidy orange road to elite


Follow up with some fun things that players can find in the Road to Elite mode. The mode consists of different options between matches such as working out, mini-games, and fan meet and greets. If the player chooses to play as Orange Cassidy for the mode, they will have special dialogue in some of these scenes.

When talking to fans or waiters/waitresses, Orange Cassidy often answers questions with a simple “okay” or “sure.” One story also has the player lose his team at the airport, but with Orange Cassidy, he will instead say “whatever” since she is already in his team at all times.

8 preset inputs


Just like the WWE video game series, AEW: Fight Forever has a list of different default entries that are available for your custom Superstars. Some will be completely generic moves like raising hands or taunting the crowd, others however will be references to wrestlers outside of All Elite Wrestling.

Some of these entries include WWE Superstars like AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio, Iyo Sky, and many more. Some of these names also have signature moves like Styles Clash included in the custom movesets.

7 Cassidy orange sloth style


Another fun thing players can do with Orange Cassidy is stick their hands in their pockets and fight. The game has hints during loading screens and one of them will show players that they can right-click their controller to enable “Lazy Style”.

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Doing so gives Orange Cassidy different animations for various moves like hurricanfrogs and arm sweeps. This also gives access to Cassidy’s signature moves, like his shin kicks, giving fans a real-life experience with the fighter laid back.

6 different referees


Anyone who has had the chance to get their hands on the game so far might have noticed that famed AEW referee Aubrey Edwards is a playable character in AEW: Fight Forever. However, something that fans might not have noticed is that there are other options for referees in matches.

Upon entering the options menu, players can see that they can choose between Aubrey Edwards or Rick Knox as the referee during their matches. Doing so is really just a visual difference as he doesn’t have voice lines or signature moves like the referee.

5 Special tickets to the championship


A handful of fighters have a special entrance when they are champions. Names like Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley and Darby Allin are some on that list. It works with any belt they can clip on.

Other little easter eggs with championships include the ability to have all the titles a wrestler has. Giving a fighter all the belts in the game will include them holding one at their waist and the rest spreading out over their arms and hands.

4 The barricade can be broken anywhere


Fans of the WWE video game series will be well aware that you can break through the barricade with a finisher, but only when pressed against the corner. AEW: Fight Forever takes that and makes the ability available everywhere and without the use of a finisher.

Dive moves that throw an opponent into the barricade can also knock it down. Also, as a nod to the past SmackDown video game series, players can climb on top of the barricade and jump off it.

3 Break Entrance LED Screens


Something that has been seen several times on AEW television is when someone throws another person hard enough against one of the LED screens in the entrance and breaks it. That exact moment can be recreated in AEW: Fight Forever.

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If players go up the ramp, throwing an opponent onto the screen can disable visuals. Doing it again may cause a blurry screen and proceed a few more times with breaking the glass. Players can also screen fight and suplex another person on screen.

2 Players can ride a skateboard

Credit: NewLegacyINC

AEW: Fight Forever includes a handful of wild and crazy weapons like a propane tank that explodes on impact, a bag of tacks that can be scattered across the floor, or tables wrapped in exploding barbed wire.

Another weapon that AEW fans will be happy to use is Darby Allin’s signature skateboard. In addition to using it as a weapon against your opponent, players can also assemble the board around the arena. If the player collides with someone, it still acts as a weapon.

1 Secret ending of explosive barbed wire deathmatch


One of the most exciting features of the unique match type of the AEW video game is the explosive barbed wire deathmatch. The match occurred once on AEW television with Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley facing off for the AEW World Championship.

The real life match notoriously flopped when the explosions looked more like flares. Instead, the game has the ending that fans wanted to see with a massive explosion, but if they’re lucky, fans get to see a secret ending that looks just like the real-life match perfectly.

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