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10 Shocking Wrestling Moments That Would Be Inappropriate Today

Today’s world is very sanitized and equalized, with people of all races, genders, and even physical states being welcomed. And in wrestling, all segments and promos, at last in the major promotions, are carefully scrutinized to ensure that they are palatable for all fans, especially those who do not conform to what is considered normal.

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Once upon a time, however, that was not the case. Remember back when the then-WWF had a squeaky-clean product? Then had to push the envelope in response to WCW? Sure, it made for great ratings, but sometimes still people wonder why these segments (and a few more from later in time) had to happen…

10 Piggy James

Piggy James WWE

Today, the WWE has female wrestlers of varying sizes, races, and characters attaining varying levels of success. From socialite Tiffany Stratton to goth Mami Rhea Ripley, and from chill surfer Sol Ruca to crass team mom Bayley, the women’s division has a diverse cast of personalities, each with their own charm.

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That was not decidedly the case before the Women’s Revolution, when WWE thought tall, blonde, and somewhat ditzy was the way to go. Case in point: Piggy James. You have to be wondering what Mickie James, one of the most highly respected veterans in wrestling, did to deserve this.

9 Muhammad Hassan’s Run

Muhammad Hassan WWE

Back in the 2000’s, anti-Arab sentiment was at an all-time high thanks to 9/11. WWE, looking to capitalize, decided to push Muhammad Hassan to the moon as a heel, with the plan of giving him the World Heavyweight Championship.

There were just two problems: 1) Mark Copani, the man behind the gimmick was Italian-American, and 2) his character took on a terroristic bent when he had some masked goons take out the Undertaker, culminating in what appeared to be strangulation – and then actual terrorists attacked the London Underground. Nowadays, Americans are more racially and ethnically inclusive, so such a character will be dead on arrival.

8 Eddiesploitation

Eddie Guerrero with WCW Cruiserwight Championship.

Eddie Guerrero is still considered one of the greatest wrestlers of the 2000s. His exceptional in-ring skill and unbridled charisma helped him capture multiple titles throughout his career, but his main event push was cut short when he died in 2005.

After that, WWE began a phase of creative exploitation that would soon be called Eddiesploitation, with very infuriating moments like Randy Orton claiming Eddie was “in hell” and Rey Mysterio claiming that Eddie was “helping me from heaven”. But it was going to be even worse: there was going to be a feud over his “estate”, though luckily nothing came of it. One good thing, though: it held to kickstart his widow Vickie’s career as the most hated woman in all wrestling.

7 Eric Young, A Women’s Champion

eric young knockout title

Many can be forgiven for thinking, “Is Harvey Wippleman winning the WWF Women’s Championship infinitely worse? Or what about the time when Santino Marella put on a wig and some female clothing, snuck into a women’s battle royale at WrestleMania, and won?”

Sure, but remember, that is in WWE, whose booking of its women can be hit-or-miss. TNA/Impact, however, has usually been the opposite, getting praise for its Knockouts angles like Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong or more recently the Rosemary/Allie friendship. And then there is Eric Young, who is obviously a man, being Knockouts Tag Team Champions with ODB.

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Why, just why? Everyone knows Young can create magic, whether in the ring or on the mic, but did he really have to endure this?

6 Triple H vs. Booker T

Triple H and Booker T promo

In an alternate world, Booker T wins the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 19 and solidifies himself as one of the best WCW imports WWE has ever seen.

Of course, that was not what happened here. Instead, this feud reeked of missed opportunity. All of Hunter’s racially charged insults could have been worth it had Booker overcome them and won, but what viewers got was the validation of said insults – coupled with a rather underwhelming match. No wonder WWE has mostly stopped leaning into racial stereotypes when creating storylines.

5 Servant Virgil

Virgil and Ted DiBiase

Speaking of racial stereotypes, the WWF was apparently still stuck in the 19th century when it debuted Virgil as Ted DiBiase’s servant.

Slavery was long gone in America, let alone the world, by the time professional wrestling became a huge hit. But most (if not all) of the top draws, at least in the West, were inevitably Caucasian/European – Buddy Rogers, Lou Thesz, Ric Flair, and eventually Hulk Hogan, just to name a few.

Although Virgil would eventually break free of DiBiase, African Americans would arguably not put themselves on the wrestling map until Faarooq and the Nation of Domination.

4 The Disrespect For Paul Bearer

cm punk ashes

Paul Bearer is one of the greatest managers in wrestling history. His high pitch might have been irritating to some, but it was how he and the Undertaker commanded the stage and the audience that helped define him.

So when he died in 2013, WWE thought it would be a good idea to have CM Punk draw heat by having the-manager Paul Heyman disguise themselves as Bearer. As Taker was observing the scene around him, one of the druids attacked him, and he was revealed to be none other than Punk, who then proceeded to anger fans by spilling what were purportedly Bearer’s ashes onto the Deadman.

That would be the last time WWE attempted to exploit an actual death for profit.

3 Vince Treats Trish Like A Dog

Vince McMahon Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus, one of the most influential women’s wrestlers ever, the one who proved that even pretty faces could fight…

And yes, the sene above actually happened – her, on all fours, being made to bark like a literal dog by her boss Vince McMahon. If this looks sexist, then it is because it was. Remember, this was the Attitude Era, when women were perceived as nothing more than eye candy, objects to be looked at.

Well, today’s era features women as warriors on par with their male counterparts, so any degrading uses of them like this are no longer permissible.

2 “African” Goldust

Goldust Intercontinental Champion

As Goldust, Dustin Rhodes redefined how wrestlers presented themselves, donning face paint and using elaborate entrance tricks to bedazzle the audience. That being said, he has been a part of some dubious gimmicks throughout his career.

Black Reign in TNA is a decent example of an awful gimmick he did. There was also that vignette promoting Seven in WCW that seemed to evoke pedophilia. But none cross the boundaries as the time when he literally imitated an African American – blackface, yes, but also an afro, fur coat, gold chains, and even boom box – a blatant attempt at making himself look fly.

1 Katie Vick

Katie Vick segment WWE

Necrophilia is one of the most disgusting things someone can do. And when it occurs, then multiple moral boundaries will be crossed to the point of no return. But apparently, Vince McMahon ignored all those warnings and went ahead with this anyway, consequences be damned

It is very telling that even Triple H and Kane vehemently opposed such an idea; but of course what Vince wanted, Vince would get, because he was the boss and opposing him would mean the loss of their pushes. But after much fan revolt, he finally got the hint and never tried such disgusting concepts again, but that did not stop him from exploiting deaths for gain by other means, as seen by some prior examples here…

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