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10 Things Boxing Fans Should Know About Manny Pacquiao’s Life Outside Of Boxing

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is one of the greatest professional boxers of all time. With a record of 62 wins (39 by KO), eight losses, and two draws, the Filipino fighter is the only eight-division world champion in the sport’s history. However, there is far more to the man outside the ring. Pacquiao has transcended boxing to become an influential political figure, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and family man. Here are 10 fascinating things boxing fans should know about Manny Pacquiao’s life beyond boxing.

10 Started From the Bottom

Long before he was packing arenas, Pacquiao grew up in poverty in the Philippines. As a child, he was forced to drop out of school and sell donuts on the streets to help provide for his family. This instilled in him a lifelong desire to help the underprivileged. Pacquiao understands firsthand the daily struggles of the impoverished. He recalls having to sometimes eat one meal a day and at times having no food at all. These experiences motivate him to work tirelessly to better his circumstances.

9 Elected to Public Office

Manny Pacquiao election for senator in 2016

In 2010, Pacquiao ran for a congressional seat in the Philippines and won by a landslide. He has since been reelected multiple times and is currently a senator. Pacquiao takes his political duties seriously, even continuing to attend sessions with big fights approaching. In 2016, while training for a bout, Pacquiao delivered a speech criticizing extrajudicial killings taking place under President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. He passionately stated that he understood illegal drugs were a menace, but there were better ways to handle the problem, demonstrating that he was willing to take controversial political stances when standing up for his people.

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8 Karaoke Obsession

Manny Pacquiao Karaoke Obsession

Pacquiao loves to belt out classics and contemporary hits at karaoke bars with friends in his spare time. His song selections range from love ballads to pop anthems. Inside the karaoke booth, the champ’s pipes get as good a workout as in the ring. Karaoke is extremely popular across Asia and Pacquiao has embraced this cultural phenomenon. In the Philippines, the boxer will even visit small villages to sing karaoke with residents as a way to connect with regular people, happily taking selfies and singing for hours with his enthusiastic fans.

7 Basketball Enthusiast

The boxer is a huge basketball fan and incorporates drills and scrimmages into his training. He plays basketball to improve his footwork, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and cardiovascular health. Pacquiao even suited up for a semipro league in 2014 under the pseudonym “Kid Kulafu.” While only averaging 1.8 points per game, the experience fulfilled his childhood dream of playing pro basketball.

6 Passionate Preacher

Manny pacquiao the passionate preacher

Pacquiao is a devout born-again Christian who seamlessly blends boxing and Bible verses. After his fights, he leads prayers filled with religious rhetoric. Pacquiao makes the sign of the cross before every round. His deep Catholic faith stems from his impoverished roots, when he relied upon God’s mercy. In recent years, he has also received blowblack for making inflammatory statements opposing LGBTQ+ rights, even going so far as once calling LGBTQ+ individuals “worse than animals.” The “Pacman” takes his preaching a step further as an occasional “televangelist,” broadcasting sermons to millions of viewers.

5 Military Man

He was enlisted with the Philippine Army Reserve Command as a sergeant major in 2007. Pacquiao balances his entertainment and political careers with his military duties. He sees this role as a noble responsibility and often visits troops to boost morale. At training camps, Pacquiao conducts shooting drills and joins the rigorous exercise routines. He has stated he is willing to engage in real combat to defend his country if necessary. The boxer’s national pride and quest for discipline has made him a model soldier.

4 Chart-Topping Recording Artist

Singing is more than just a hobby for Pacquiao, he is a legitimate pop star in the Philippines and Asia. Under the stage name PacMan, he has released albums, collaborated with major regional artists, and headlined concerts attended by thousands of fans. His music is catchy, upbeat, and inspiring. Songs often include themes of overcoming adversity and believing in oneself. While some critics have panned his vocals, Pacquiao has undeniable charisma and talent as a performer. His concerts allow him to connect with supporters differently.

3 Extensive Real Estate Holdings

There are few better representations of Pacquiao’s wealth than his impressive collection of luxury homes around the world. He owns mansions in the Philippines, Los Angeles, and various high-end residential communities. His main residence in Manila has a pool, gym, large garage, and theater. His Los Angeles mansion currently is estimated at $4.5 million. Each lavish estate has its own unique amenities, from bowling alleys to private cinemas. Still, he never takes these comforts for granted, given his poor upbringing.

2 Family Man

For all his fame and fortune, Pacquiao remains firmly grounded by his family. He speaks lovingly of his wife Jinkee and five children. While he spends long stretches of time doing intense fight training, Pacquiao values the time spent with his family above all else. He makes it a priority to have meals together when possible and attend his children’s activities. Pacquiao acknowledges that nothing is more important than being a devoted husband and father. He aims to instill his values of hard work, compassion, and humility in his children.

1 Generous Philanthropist

Pacquiao has always remembered his humble roots. Over the years, he has established charitable foundations that have built homes for the homeless, provided free housing, sent children to school, and given aid and food to the poor. He founded the Emmanuel Pacquiao Foundation which has provided relief to victims of natural disasters. Even as one of the richest athletes ever with a net worth of about $220 million, Pacquiao continues to give back through donations, volunteering, and outreach. For him, improving the lives of impoverished Filipinos is the greatest championship.

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