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10 Things KSI Fans Should Know About His Boxing Career

Love him or hate him, KSI is one of the biggest stars in professional boxing today. Currently the face of his own promotional company Misfits Boxing, he’s moved from YouTube to the ring full-time. To his credit, he’s built a large fanbase who are interested in watching all of his fights.

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While he’s made a lot of enemies as well along the way, there’s no doubt that KSI is one of the biggest stars in the sport. With that being said, there are a few things that boxing fans might not know about ‘The Nightmare’ and his boxing journey to this point.

10 Early Beginnings

Before he was KSI, he was just Olajide Olatunji. Born in London, he began making YouTube videos in 2009. At the time, he was making gaming videos, mostly about EA’s soccer series FIFA. Quickly the channel became a success, and he dropped out of college.

Over the next eight years, KSI became one of the largest creators on the platform. By 2018, he had millions of subscribers and was in a prime position to become one of the first stars of influencer boxing.

9 Feud with Joe Weller

In 2017, KSI, who never had any interest in shying away from controversy, began feuding with fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. They quickly got intense and personal with one another, leading to an amateur boxing match being set for the following year.

That February, KSI showed the levels between them. He easily dominated Weller, who never boxed again. KSI scored a third-round knockout win and then took to the microphone to make a few massive callouts.

8 Logan Paul Feud

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Following his knockout win over Joe Weller, KSI took to the microphone to call out both Jake and Logan Paul. While ‘The Problem Child’ has emerged as the better boxer of the two, Jake Paul initially declined the callout. As a result, older brother Logan Paul stepped up.

The two fought in August 2018, with the fight ending in a majority draw. Despite the amateurish action, the fight sold well over 1 million pay-per-views at $10, making it arguably the most successful white-collar bout ever.

7 Going Pro

Nearly one year after his draw with Logan Paul, KSI agreed to a rematch with ‘The Maverick’. However, this fight took things to a new level for influencer boxing. The event was promoted by Matchroom Boxing and had names such as Billy Joe Saunders and Devin Haney on the undercard.

In the main event, KSI scored the first win of his professional boxing career by split-decision. While it first appeared that he would next fight Jake Paul instead, fans would instead have to do a lot of waiting.

6 Hiatus

Following his victorious late 2019 rematch over Logan Paul, there were talks between KSI and Jake Paul. The two even went face-to-face after the latter scored a knockout win over AnEsonGib. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, talks immediately stalled.

In the meantime, KSI began to focus on music. He was signed to RBC Records and released two albums from 2020 to 2022. Both were successful, but his rapping career didn’t keep him from the ring.

5 Two Fights One Night

In July 2022, it was announced that KSI would make his long-awaited return against Alex Wassabi the following month. However, due to a concussion, the latter withdrew and was replaced by Swarmz. He was a footballer-turned-rapper, who apparently had very little training.

To make matters more exciting, KSI brought in 2-7 pro boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda as a second opponent in the same night. The YouTuber dominated both fights, but it was a weird night and didn’t capture the same level of momentum.

4 Feud with Dillon Danis

Just a few months after getting two knockouts in one night, KSI signed to face Dillon Danis. The highly controversial Bellator welterweight has no real boxing experience but has a big name. Furthermore, he trained with former UFC champion Conor McGregor for years.

However, just weeks before the fight, Danis suddenly withdrew with no explanation. The fight was canceled, and these two never got to face off in the ring. These two continue to trade words to this day, however, signaling that their feud isn’t over.

3 Faze Temper Knockout

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While Dillon Danis withdrew from his January fight with KSI, there was a backup fighter. That backup boxer came in the form of Brazilian gamer-turned-boxer, Faze Temper. He entered the matchup holding a 2-1 record.

To KSI’s credit, this was the night that he recaptured the momentum he lost with his hiatus. Facing an opponent he was widely expected to beat, he handled business in the first round as many hoped.

2 Joe Fournier Elbow

Following his knockout win over Faze Temper, KSI went face-to-face with Joe Fournier. The latter had called out both ‘The Nightmare’ and Jake Paul for years, confident that he could beat both. It wasn’t entirely undeserved confidence, as he had a 9-0 professional record.

Fournier and KSI initially agreed to fight in January of 2023, which was then pushed back to May, but controversy would rule the night. The YouTuber rocked his opponent in the second round and wound up scoring a knockout win. However, on replay, he clearly landed a massive elbow, and the win was overturned by the PBA, becoming a No Contest.

1 Tommy Fury Showdown

Following his controversial fight with Joe Fournier, KSI agreed to fight Tommy Fury, the younger half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. ‘The Nightmare’ reportedly wanted to box Jake Paul next, but they couldn’t reach a deal. As a result, he booked a fight with ‘TNT’.

The two clashed in a six-round bout in October 2023, with Fury picking up a controversial decision win. The defeat was the first loss of KSI’s career, and KSI consistently demanded a rematch since then. Despite the calls for a rematch against Fury, KSI, currently 1-1 under professional boxing rules, has no bouts lined up, and is instead focusing on his podcast entitled “What’s Good” with his friend and co-host, the British rapper Randolph.

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