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10 Things That AEW Fans Will Never See Again

AEW fans have seen a lot of wild stuff over the years. From Chris Jericho and MJF performing a musical number to Brandi Rhodes starting a cult, Tony Khan’s promotion has played host to a variety of different moments, storylines, angles, and segments.

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However, there will be some things (both good and bad) which will never be seen in AEW again. Whether it is because something has gone down quite badly in the past, or if AEW has moved on and something is pretty much impossible, there are certain things that AEW fans will not bear witness to again in their history.

10 A Pizza Cutter

Nick Gage wresltes Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho once took on Nick Gage in a deathmatch on AEW Dynamite in one of the more random main events in the company’s history. During the bloodbath, Gage pulled out a pizza cutter and used it.

This came during picture in picture with a Dominos advertisement, which caused a lot of controversy with sponsors. Don’t expect to see a pizza cutter used in AEW ever again after this moment. It was a bizarre weapon to use anyway, and wasn’t seen in AEW before Gage wrestled his one and only match.

9 Santana & Ortiz Teaming Up

Santana and Ortiz as a tag team in AEW

Santana & Ortiz were once regarded as one of the best tag teams on the planet. Since joining AEW, things went downhill for their tandem. Joining the Inner Circle led to them moving away from the tag team division, and they would eventually break apart in their real life friendship.

The last few months have seen no improvements on that front, and instead their real life heat has been turned into a storyline. It feels as though this will be a one and done though, with them then going their separate ways, never to interact with one another again. At least in AEW, these two will never be a team again.

8 Chris Jericho As A World Champion


Chris Jericho was the very first AEW World Champion, and he was the perfect name to hold the belt in the early days to help establish the new company. He would later become ROH World Champion too.

This will be the last of a world champion Jericho in AEW though. His age isn’t slowing down and AEW is now jam-packed with a sea of younger names who have yet to get their hands on the top prize. Jericho is at the end of a long list of names who are in the running for the big one. Jericho’s time as the number one guy has been and gone.

7 The Original Undisputed Era

Adam Cole Undisputed Era

AEW briefly had the original iteration of the Undisputed Era together in AEW, with Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish joining forces. With injuries and the outspoken Fish leaving AEW, the group disbanded. Cole is now doing something different, Fish is elsewhere, and O’Reilly isn’t expected back just yet based on his social media update on his injuries.

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AEW may at some point bring together Roderick Strong, Cole, and O’Reilly, but any chances of the original UE together again in AEW are zero. It was nice to see a reunion, but time has passed on the UE buzz.

6 Mimosa Mayhem Match

Orange Cassidy Chris Jericho Mimosa Mayhem

The Mimosa Mayhem match was one of the most unique concepts in AEW history. It came about in the Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy feud, mixing Jericho’s “bubbly” with Cassidy’s “orange juice”.

Given that these two likely won’t clash again, there is absolutely zero need for this match type to pop up in the future. It wasn’t exactly a great match in the end, with it getting in the way of an intense bout rather than adding to it.

5 Dan Lambert & American Top Team


Pretty much every feud which involved Dan Lambert and American Top Team in AEW was an abject failure. Storylines with Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, and Sammy Guevara were all very poor, and it led to the act being taken off television.

Even though Lambert’s performances were pretty good, the way his character was written just didn’t end up working. Given how much fans rejected this act, don’t expect to see them show up in AEW ever again, especially with the promotion bringing in so many more actual “wrestlers” and not MMA crossovers.

4 Major Title Change On Rampage


In the past, when AEW actually tried to make Rampage meaningful, it saw the IMPACT World Championship and the TNT Championship change hands. Both these changes came in the first year of Rampage’s existence, and ever since no major title has changed hands on the show.

With Rampage’s prominence decreasing by the week, and with Collision now firmly replacing it in the pecking order, don’t expect to ever see Tony Khan waste a title change on Rampage again, at least not a major belt (not counting the likes of the ROH Six-Man Titles, which were won recently by The Elite).

3 Live Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch

AEW Barbed Wire Botch

Revolution 2021 was a highly anticipated show due to the main event Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. Fans wanted to see the explosion, but a dud led to one of the most laughable PPV endings of all time.

Tony Khan might want to make it work, but in truth it feels like not even he would risk trying it again, at least not live. If AEW ever does a match like this, it will more than likely be taped due to the risk of yet another dud explosion.

2 Weigh-In Segment

Cody Rhodes Anthony Ogogo AEW Weigh In

During the awful Anthony Ogogo vs. Cody Rhodes feud, AEW ran a weigh in segment. The scales didn’t work, the presentation was all over the place, and nobody cared for it at all.

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Due to how badly this went down, AEW won’t be trying it again. All anyone would think about was this disaster as a segment, and that alone is just not worth it.

1 Cody Rhodes Competing In AEW

Cody Rhodes promo in AEW Cropped (1)

When Cody Rhodes first left AEW, it felt like he would come back one day due to helping to create the company. However, when seeing how successful his time in WWE has become, he is in for the long haul now.

There is no way WWE would let an asset like Rhodes leave, unless he wants to of course, but he has been booked better than he was in AEW and is an even bigger star today. He is clearly loving his time back in WWE, and he will be there for decades to come in some capacity.

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