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10 Things WWE Fans Should Know About Maxxine Dupri

Maxxine Dupri has been steadily growing her name since moving to work with Alpha Academy rather than the Maximum Male Models. It has helped to make her a more important part of WWE’s product, and that’s something that has benefited her both inside the ring, and with growing as an overall performer.

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However, Dupri is still very new to the wrestling business, therefore the WWE Universe doesn’t know too much about her as a performer or a person. However, that is certainly going to change as time goes on. There are certain things that fans should know about her to gain even more respect for the work she’s putting in.

10 Connection To Chelsea Green


Because Maxxine Dupri has been working alongside Alpha Academy during her time on the main roster, many people would assume that they travel together. However, while they do spend a lot of time together it is actually Chelsea Green that she spends a lot of time with traveling around the globe.

Dupri admitted that she’s like a sister to her, which is something that a lot of fans likely aren’t aware of. These genuine friendships are things that fans like to learn about, but often only find out via interviews at times.

9 Help From Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan Day 1 Cropped-1

Joining the main roster can be a daunting situation for any professional wrestler, even though that is ultimately where all the talent wants to be. However, that’s something that other wrestlers are aware of, and that is why many of them like to create an open door for upcoming stars.

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While there might have been a tougher atmosphere in the past, that’s something that has changed. Maxxine Dupri credited Liv Morgan for welcoming her to the main roster with open arms and showing her around and where to go.

8 Her Relationship Status

Maxxine Dupri relationship

When it comes to professional wrestlers a lot of fans now want to know about their personal lives away from the ring, which is something that came due to the rise of the reality shows. Maxxine Dupri may never have been part of that, but her relationship is still something people have started becoming aware of.

Dupri is dating Anthony Luke, who is a former defensive lineman at San Diego State University. While they have tended to keep things private, that is a relationship people will learn more about as time goes on.

7 Enjoying Total Divas

Fandango & Summer Rae v Natalya & The Great Khali Hell in a Cell 2013 Cropped

“Total Divas” was a show that divided a lot of fans because some people felt that it was a negative thing, while other fans knew that it was bringing a lot of new eyes to the product. Something that fans should know about Maxxine Dupri is the fact that she was a fan of the show.

Dupri knew that it was all about helping the business, and she revealed in an interview that the rivalry between Natalya and Summer Rae was her favorite thing from the show.

6 Getting Advice From Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus promo on RAW

Maxxine Dupri has been fortunate to share a locker room with a lot of top-tier stars early on in her career, one of which is Trish Stratus. She’s one of the greatest stars there has ever been in wrestling, and Dupri has revealed that the Hall Of Famer has provided advice for her at times.

It’s something that showcases Dupri is happy to learn and take advice from the right people, while it also highlights just how much Stratus was willing to give back to the current talent during her recent return run.

5 Last Minute Call Up

maxxine dupri
via WWE

Most people presume that everything in WWE is planned ahead of time due to the machine that the company is, however, that isn’t always the case. The company can sometimes do things in a rush, and that appeared to be the case when it came to Maxxine Dupri joining the main roster.

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She was only given four hours notice about the big moment, which wasn’t a lot. However, she still managed to make the most of the moment and got straight on with the opportunity.

4 NXT Injury

Maxxine Dupri in NXT Cropped

Maxxine Dupri didn’t achieve much during her time in NXT, which is something that most people have forgotten about or simply weren’t aware of. That was because Dupri sustained an injury early on in their career, fracturing her fibula which forced her to the sidelines.

It’s something that Dupri has claimed was a blessing overall as she was able to recover while WWE was taking a look at people to take on the Dupri character on the main roster.

3 Has Her Own Clothing Line

Maxxine Dupri red carpet

Maxxine Dupri is putting a lot of effort into the professional wrestling business, being someone who has dedicated everything to make herself a success. However, Dupri is just as interested in the fashion world as she has launched her own clothing line known as Jaunty.

It proves her work ethic away from the wrestling business, pushing her own individual passion alongside her own wrestling career which is becoming increasingly more common for wrestlers to do.

2 Role Almost Played By Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton has been on a role as of late due to her performances, and her reign as NXT Women’s Champion proved to be a great one. However, she almost ended up in a very different spot because at one point she was being considered for the role of Maxxine Dupri.

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That’s something that the other Maximum Male Models have revealed, and it could have left both Dupri and Stratton in completely different places had that role taken place.

1 Athletic Background


Maxxine Dupri has taken to professional wrestling very quickly since being given chances inside the ring on the main roster, and a big reason for that is that she has a genuine athletic background. She is a former cheerleader and dancer, which is something she was able to do professionally.

Dupri performed for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, showcasing the fact she does have a background, being the latest cheerleader to step into the ring.

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