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10 Worst AEW Wrestlers Of 2023

AEW has had an up and down year in 2023, with some hugely successful PPVs and match of the year candidates along with an apparent decrease in interest and backstage morale. There have certainly been positives and negatives in arguably AEW’s most turbulent year to date.


5 AEW Tag Teams With The Best Look (& 5 Worst)

Some tag teams in AEW history had a star-worthy look, while others were just plain and unexciting.

In 2023, some wrestlers underdelivered and in some cases even performed badly. This isn’t to say that they aren’t talented or had some good moments here and there, but when compared to the often high quality of AEW, these wrestlers have fallen short. Whether it be their own fault or more the fault of their booking and creative, these are the worst AEW wrestlers of the last twelve months.

10 QTV Stable Was Hard To Watch On AEW TV

QT Marshall’s New Group Didn’t Connect

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


It is only fair to include QTV as a whole when it comes to the worst wrestlers in AEW. Their gimmick was one of the more unwatchable in 2023, with over the top acting, unfunny content, and feuds that fans didn’t get invested in.

The group almost ruined the momentum of Powerhouse Hobbs, it botched Johnny TV’s official arrival in AEW, and their segments offered up some of the worst acting in AEW history. Those involved did try their best – QT Marshall was his usual good self as a heel and Harley Cameron shone, but overall the act did not work.

9 Ortiz’s AEW Career Has Become Completely Stale

Long Absences & No Crowd Reactions For Ortiz

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


Ortiz kicked off 2023 alongside Eddie Kingston in one of the more uninspired acts on AEW TV. Their alliance had no momentum to speak of, and their half feud with one another didn’t interest anyone.

Ortiz would then go missing for months before returning at All In along with Santana. The pair engaged in a feud that was confined to Rampage before both leaving TV again. It was a bad year for Ortiz even though it wasn’t necessarily his fault.

8 The Butcher & Blade Have Had Their Worst Year To Date

Just Another Name In AEW’s Tag Division

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


The Butcher & The Blade have been a decent act in the AEW tag team division, but in 2023 they have had a torrid year. They have not impressed, they’ve had pretty much zero storylines to speak of, and they couldn’t be any less interesting right now.

Their alliance with Kip Sabian hasn’t seen a positive change for anyone involved, and it has only led to being a glorified jobber team in the tag team division to one in the trios division instead.

7 Keith Lee Has Had No Momentum In AEW This Year

Keith Lee Has Been Well And Truly Lost In The Shuffle

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


AEW dropping his feud with Swerve Strickland was a big blow to Keith Lee, and he never seemed to recover from there, instead having a poor 2023. He’s impressed in the ring now and again against the likes of Samoa Joe, but even in some of his bigger opportunities against Chris Jericho, he has looked slower and fans haven’t been overly interested in him as an act.

2023 has been a year that hasn’t mattered all too much for Keith Lee, with no major feuds or titles to speak of.

6 Kota Ibushi Is No Longer A World Class Performer

Big Expectations But A Major Letdown For Ibushi In AEW

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


Fans were excited when Kota Ibushi debuted for AEW at Blood & Guts, but very quickly it was clear that this was not the same Kota Ibushi. Of course, with years away from the ring and a broken down body, this had a chance of happening.


10 Worst Business Decisions In AEW History

AEW has gotten a lot right over the years, but it has made a number of questionable business decisions that rank among its worst ones so far.

Since then, though, he hasn’t shaken off ring rust and has been pretty poor between the ropes. He has been used sparingly but even then, his poor qualities have been on full display, not able to keep up with his opponents for the most part.

5 Parker Boudreaux Was Not Ready For AEW Television

Tony Khan Quickly Took Boudreaux Off TV

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


Parker Boudreaux was a member of the Mogul Affiliates at the start of 2023, though he was clearly not ready to be on TV. WWE’s release of him wasn’t done without reason, and he was further exposed on AEW programming as someone who was not a strong worker.

It wasn’t long before he was written off after an attack from Keith Lee, and ceased to be featured on AEW programming.

4 Kip Sabian Has Been A Non Factor In 2023

Kip Sabian Is One Of The Weakest Booked Names In AEW

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


Despite showing a lot of promise in the past, Kip Sabian was handed the role of glorified enhancement talent in 2023 by AEW. His role has been solely to put others over, and it has led to him being among the worst wrestlers of the year.

Sabian’s character has had no real direction, and the lack of time and focus given to him has been very apparent.

3 Saraya Has Failed To Get Going Since Her Return

Fans Have Been Disinterested In Saraya

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


Saraya isn’t a full-time wrestler due to her body not being able to keep up following her major injury a few years back, which is understandable. However, even with her sporadic matches, she hasn’t had many strong showings.

The Outcasts gimmick was pretty poor, Saraya’s title reign received some criticism, and overall her feuds and matches have been a

2 Jack Perry’s Heel Turn Was Very Poor

A World Class In-Ring Competitor With A Poor Character

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


Jack Perry has had some great in-ring showings in 2023, but the reasons for why he is among the worst wrestlers of the years comes down to other reasons. Fans turned on his babyface character, and when he turned heel, his poor quality on the mic was exposed.


10 Worst AEW Gimmick Changes Ever

These gimmick changes didn’t help AEW wrestlers at all, leaving the fans disappointed by their run.

Perry as a heel was awkward and wasn’t really working, and it felt like he had taken several steps back. To make matters worse, his backstage controversy led to a suspension and a huge feeling of overall negativity around him.

1 Jeff Hardy Has Been A Parody Of His Former Self

Jeff Hardy Is Far Beyond His Prime

2023 AEW Win/Loss Record


Jeff Hardy’s AEW return in 2023 wasn’t a triumphant one, as he has looked as though he has been struggling any time he is in the ring. Hardy now feels like a parody of himself, delivering his best hits in an underwhelming manner.

The Hardy Boyz have done very little of note this year, being reduced to mostly putting others over in matches.

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