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10 worst fighters on the AEW roster (and their greatest strength)

AEW is one of the best wrestling promotions today as despite its short history the company has produced many world class shows and several incredible matches. That’s all thanks to an extremely talented roster.

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However, it is no secret to anyone that there are also mediocre wrestlers on the AEW roster, but even they have something special, which is perhaps the main reason they came to the promotion and is their hope of becoming superstars. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the greatest strength of the 10 worst wrestlers on the AEW roster.


10 Jade Cargill: The FactorJade Cargill

Jade Cargill is now 43 unbeaten singles matches and has held the TBS title for 14 months, but she has yet to have a memorable match. It’s already a bit worrisome that Cargill isn’t showing improvement in the ring, as she’s sloppy, she has no sense of in-ring psychology, and her sales are mediocre. Despite that, she Cargill is becoming a superstar, because she seems to have that factor.

Cargill is the most physically fit woman in the industry right now, she has charisma and presence, and she’s been drafted in such a way that there’s no woman on the AEW roster with the credibility to beat her.

9 Marina Shafir: Skins

Marina Shafir in AEW cropped

Marina Shafir began her professional wrestling career in 2018, and five years later she’s still pretty green. Shafir has a background in mixed martial arts but has not been able to fully adapt to wrestling. Shafir is careless and can legitimately hurt her opponents, plus her moveset is basic. She’s also not good with the microphone and her character is boring. The only positive thing we can say about Marina Shafir is her appearance, since she seems like a threat to the AEW women’s division.

8 Parker Boudreaux: YouthParker Boudreaux AEW

Some fans and even analysts were saying that Parker Boudreaux was the next Brock Lesnar, but he is already 25 years old and at that age Lesnar was already a WWE Superstar. Boudreaux didn’t live up to the hype in WWE and was released, but now he has another shot at AEW. So far, Boudreaux hasn’t shown noticeable improvement and remains a mediocre worker. However, he is still young and that is precisely his greatest strength, because if he works hard and improves, he can become a special fighter.

7 Brock Anderson: Lineage

Arn and Brock Anderson

Brock Anderson has not had a singles match in Dynamite either Rampage since August 2021, and with good reason, because he’s just not ready for the big leagues. He doesn’t know how to tell a story in the ring, his technique is poor and he can’t speak.

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So right now his biggest strength is his lineage, because if it wasn’t for his father Arn, maybe Brock wouldn’t be in AEW. On the other hand, you have to be patient with this guy, because he doesn’t have a lot of experience, and maybe over the years he can be a good mid-card fighter.

6 Abadon: Creativity


Abadon is not a featured performer in the ring, we rarely see her taking the mic, and her supernatural gimmickry is not everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, it’s no surprise that she only appears in dark aew. However, Abadon is creative and isn’t afraid to bring her ideas into her wrestling career, and one day she might come up with a great story, or just give her character a makeover that will land her on TV. weekly.

5 Anthony Ogogo: Look

Anthony Ogogo in AEW Dark

Anyone who sees Anthony Ogogo for the first time is sure to say something like “wow, that guy must be good.” Ogogo seems like a big deal, he seems like a tough guy who isn’t afraid to get in the ring to take on anyone. His body is toned and he really has the look of an athlete.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to say about Ogogo, as his promotions are average, his character is boring, and his boxing background doesn’t really help him much in wrestling.

4 Rebel: playing a heel

britt baker rebel

Rebel is one of the worst fighters in AEW history. He adds little to nothing to the product and has had a lackluster and forgettable career. Rebel’s wrestling skills are non-existent, and in fact, he has never had a good match. There is one thing that Rebel does well though, as he is a good heel and does a decent job at ringside during Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter matches.

3 luther: tough style

Luther AEW

Luther was never a standout wrestler, had a low-key career, and failed to establish himself in the major leagues. He is now 54 years old, so his skills have deteriorated and he no longer has what it takes to compete in Dynamite or Rampage. Despite his age, however, Luther is not afraid of tough action or brutal places, and that has been his greatest strength throughout his career.

2 Cam Bates: ExperienceInput Cam Bates

Leva Bates has been wrestling since 2007, making her one of the most experienced women in AEW, even if it doesn’t seem like it at times. It’s hard to believe that after all this time, Bates still has no sense of in-ring psychology and doesn’t know how to sell properly, but at least the experience has made her a relatively confident fighter with an interesting move set and fighting skills. microphone above average. .

1 Satnam Singh: Size

Satnam Singh debuts cropped

“AEW’s Omos” or “Cheap Great Khali” are some of the nicknames some fans use when talking about Satnam Singh, and they have arguments for it. Singh is 7’2″, and that’s probably the only reason he’s in AEW, but when it comes to wrestling skills, Singh is just mediocre. The Indian can barely move in the ring, he has no technique, he just he executes basic moves and doesn’t know how to tell a story, not to mention has no promotional skills, let alone charisma.

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