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10 Wrestlers Sting Surprisingly Never Faced In A Major Match

Sting is one of the all-time greats in professional wrestling, and someone who has been competing for a long time in the industry. He has gone through various generations of wrestlers, being able to work with a true range of top stars from different eras which has opened up a lot of opportunities for major matches.


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Whether it has been in WCW, WWE, TNA, or more recently with AEW, Sting has faced many of the biggest stars in wrestling. However, there are certain wrestlers that Sting has never faced at all, or others that he has competed against – but not in a major match that people would recall.

10 Battling The Undertaker

One Of The Biggest Dream Matches To Never Happen

  • They have wrestled once
  • Sting defeated The Undertaker
  • Fans expected it during Sting’s WWE run

The big encounter that never happened for Sting that everybody always talks about is The Undertaker. Their gimmicks were very similar, and the fact they were seen as loyal soldiers on opposing sides of the Monday Night Wars helped to drive home the idea of this one.

When Sting finally joined WWE most people thought this was an obvious road to take, putting them together at WrestleMania, but WWE went a different direction. While they did technically wrestle in WCW, it wasn’t a major encounter which is why people always wanted more.

9 Facing An American Nightmare

Cody Rhodes Would’ve Been A Huge Encounter

  • They worked together in AEW
  • Rhodes claimed the match was discussed
  • Sting has a history with Dusty Rhodes

Another big match that never happened was Sting competing against Cody Rhodes, which could have been a major encounter for AEW. Considering the fact Sting has a major history against Cody’s father, fans presumed that Tony Khan would’ve tapped into that to make this one happen.


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Sting’s debut saw him and the American Nightmare come face to face which got a lot of people talking, but it never happened. Rhodes has admitted this match was talked about had he stayed with the company, but his WWE return meant it never happened.

8 Competing With Heartbreak

He Never Wrestled Shawn Michaels

  • They never wrestled at all
  • HBK spent his career in WWE
  • He was retired by the time Sting joined the company

Shawn Michaels is often considered to be one of the best wrestlers of all time, therefore the idea of him and Sting colliding excites a lot of fans. However, the two men never got to be part of the same roster due to Michaels sticking around in WWE.

When Sting finally joined the company the Heartbreak Kid was retired, therefore WWE couldn’t make this happen. Instead, it was a dream encounter that never ended up happening for fans.

7 Trying To Ground The High-Flying GOAT

Sting Never Faced Rey Mysterio In Singles Action

  • They both worked for WCW together
  • They competed in two battle royal matches
  • Neither man won the battle royal matches

Rey Mysterio has always been a groundbreaking professional wrestler who is capable of special performances, and that included his time in WCW. Mysterio would put on unforgettable encounters with his unique style being something that blended in perfectly against any opponent.

However, the in-ring quality of Sting could have done a lot with Mysterio had they been given a chance. While both men are natural babyfaces, it could still have been an easy encounter to book for audiences to enjoy.

6 Taking On The Best In The World

CM Punk Would’ve Created A Great Match

  • Teamed up twice
  • Undefeated when working together
  • CM Punk no longer works for AEW

CM Punk is someone who loves to tell stories within a wrestling match, and that is something that would have worked perfectly against Sting – particularly later in his career. The two men shared the locker room in AEW, and that could have been an easy match for the company to book.

However, it was never booked by Tony Khan, despite each man operating at a high level. While they did end up working together as partners, the dream encounter between them was left on the table.

5 Mentor Vs. Protégé

He Has Only Teamed With Darby Allin

  • Sting and Darby Allin have been tag team partners
  • They have never lost when teaming
  • They’ve been involved in nine PPV matches

One major match that Tony Khan has had on his hands with Sting before he retires is to have him compete against Darby Allin. To this point, the two men have only worked as tag team partners, and their chemistry has been fantastic which is why audiences love watching them.


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However, allowing them to compete in a friendly one-on-one match would be a lot of fun to see. Giving Sting the chance to put Allin over and raise his hand would be huge, but so far it has yet to happen.

4 Challenging Christopher Daniels

They Didn’t Have A Major Match

  • They’ve had one singles match against each other
  • Sting defeated Daniels at Slammiversary (2007)
  • Faced each other in six tag matches

Christopher Daniels was one of the elite names during Sting’s time in TNA, and the two men have also shared a locker room in AEW as well. However, over the years they’re yet to have a truly major match that fans would never forget about.

They did wrestle against each other at TNA’s Slammiversary in 2007, but it was a smaller match on the card that lasted less than 10 minutes. Having a major storyline or a title match could’ve been superb, but it has never truly happened.

3 Fighting A Viper

Randy Orton Didn’t Share A Ring With Sting

  • They never shared the ring
  • Sting worked for WWE in 2015
  • Orton was active during that time

Sting only had a brief run in WWE, competing four times during that period. He got to compete against some major names such as Triple H and Seth Rollins during that period, but Randy Orton wasn’t someone he got to work with, despite being a top star in the company.

Orton has always been praised for his incredible in-ring ability and the smooth style he has, which would have protected Sting nicely at that time.

2 Taking On Latino Heat

Never Faced Eddie Guerrero In WCW

  • Competed in one battle royal
  • Never had a singles match
  • Shared a locker room in WCW

Eddie Guerrero was an amazing professional wrestler who was capable of doing anything inside the ring, and he created incredible encounters with everyone. However, a match against Sting was something that never got booked, leaving that to be one fans just had to dream about.


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They’d have put on a clinic if they’d have been given the opportunity, and if Sting had gone to WWE earlier there’s no doubt it would have happened. However, in WCW they were kept apart, which was a missed opportunity.

1 Facing The Dragon

Never Had A Singles Match With Ricky Steamboat

  • They were in the same match 43 times
  • They won a WCW World Tag Team Championship match (via DQ)
  • They worked together regularly

The fact that Ricky Steamboat and Sting never had a singles match against each other is something that will surprise most people. They were two top stars in WCW and even though they were fan favorites, putting them against each other could have been fantastic.

The in-ring quality between them would’ve been off the charts, but unfortunately, it never happened. They spent a period working together as a tag team, but never against each other which is a shame.

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