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10 wrestlers you didn’t know wrestled for TNA in 2004

TNA, which is now known as impact wrestling, has a rich and eventful history spanning nearly two decades, having undergone several name changes, multiple owners and general managers, and even shedding its infamous six-sided ring. Throughout its existence, a host of talented wrestlers have graced the TNA stage, with many notable names having made a significant impact on the promotion.

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The early TNAs were a breeding ground for up-and-coming wrestlers to establish themselves in the industry. Many legends also competed for the company in its early years. 2004 was an important year for the company. It was the year that set the tone for the future. Now it’s time to look back at one of the early years of TNA in which fans of the wrestlers may have forgotten that they wrestled for them in 2004.



10 mahoney balls

mahoney balls

Balls Mahoney was an ECW legend years before Impact Wrestling became a company. Although Mahoney spread his talents throughout the wrestling world, he only wrestled two matches on Impact.

His first match happened in 2004 and his second match didn’t happen until 2010, which was also his last match in the company.

9 Dallas Diamond Page


Following a whiplash injury that forced him into early retirement in 2002, Diamond Dallas Page returned to professional wrestling in 2004. Like many of his older peers, he gravitated to TNA, where he embarked on a brief but memorable tenure that lasted approximately six years. months. .


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Despite this brief stint, DDP demonstrated his prowess in the ring and delivered commendable performances in matches against Raven and Jeff Jarrett. However, his matches were frequently plagued by TNA’s trademark overbooking and confusing storytelling, which detracted from his impressive performances.

8 don calis

Don Callis as Cyrus

Going by Cyrus the Virus in ECW and The Jackyl in WWE, Don Callis began his journey in the world of professional wrestling in 1989. After a 15-year stint, he retired from dominance in 2004, only to make a triumphant return in 2017.

His return was marked by his appointment as a commentator for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, along with his significant presence as a backstage figure in Impact Wrestling. Don Callis wrestled in one of the last matches of his career in 2004 on Impact. He lost the match to Erik Watts and lost his power in the company.

7 Larry Zbyszko


Larry Zbyszko has been perceived in various ways by wrestling fans. Depending on his era of fandom, some may remember his feud with the iconic Bruno Sammartino during the early years of wrestling. Others may have only met him during his tenure in WCW or even his tenure with TNA.

He wrestled one match in 2004 in the company. It was a Guitar On A Pole Match between 3 Live Kru (BG James, Konnan and Ron Killings), Dusty Rhodes and Larry Zbyszko against Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock and The Elite Guard (Collyer, Hernandez and Onyx).

6 Jacqueline

Jackie Moore in TNA

Jacqueline is a formidable force within WWE, recognized as one of the toughest wrestlers to ever step into the ring. Her remarkable career spans multiple promotions including WWE, WCW, and TNA.

Throughout her time in the ring, Jacqueline has amassed an impressive collection of championship titles, proving her versatility in various roles. She made her debut at TNA Victory Road 2004.

5 CM Punk

CM Punk in TNA Impact Wrestling.

CM Punk is widely considered to be one of the most successful Ring of Honor World Champions in history. However, his time in TNA did not measure up to his previous achievements. Although he had already made a name for himself in professional wrestling, his work in TNA did not receive as much recognition as his legendary 5-star matches with Samoa Joe.

After forming a stable with Julio Dinero and Raven, two former ROH adversaries of his, Punk competed in some forgotten matches in TNA as part of “The Gathering” in 2004.

4 randy savage

Promotion Randy Savage TNA

Randy Savage, who had a remarkable career in WCW after his successful run in WWE’s Golden Era, surprisingly never returned to WWE. Instead, he made a couple of appearances in TNA after a four-year hiatus. However, his return to professional wrestling in TNA was not as memorable as expected. Although he did not compete in a match, he was involved in a story with Jeff Jarrett.

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Unfortunately, Savage’s tenure in TNA was short-lived, as he left the company within a month due to a disagreement. Savage teamed up with AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy at Turning Point 2004.

3 nigel mcguinness

Desmond Wolfe

In 2009, Nigel McGuinness, ROH’s longest-serving world champion, signed up for TNA. Upon joining the company, along with fellow ROH grads Jay Lethal and Samoa Joe, McGuinness changed his name to Desmond Wolfe.

While not the most insulting name change, it seems completely pointless, especially given Nigel McGuinness’s already established prestigious reputation. In 2004, he wrestled a forgotten match as Nigel McGuinness in TNA.

2 kevin nash

Kevin Nash in TNA

Kevin Nash’s signing by Impact Wrestling/TNA elevated him as the biggest name in the company, thanks to his previous WWE and WCW championship pedigree. However, despite his successful WWE career, his age and injury history made it difficult for him to maintain a consistent presence in the main event.

Nash’s time in TNA spanned seven years, during which he navigated a variety of roles and changes. Surprisingly, Nash has earned a reputation for supporting and nurturing younger talent, rather than overshadowing it. Nash wrestled his first company match at TNA Turning Point 2004.

1 Psychosis


Psychosis saw TNA as the ideal alternative after not being picked up by WWE. He was an early member of the X-Division, whose goal was to improve WCW’s cruiserweight division.

Despite being given an early opportunity to showcase his talent, both Psychosis and TNA seemed dissatisfied with his deal, leading to his eventual departure and return to wrestling in Mexico. He fought a handful of forgotten matches in the company in 2004.

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