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10 wrestlers you didn’t know wrestled for WWE in 2006

WWE had a stellar roster in 2006 with plenty of talented workers who were out to make a name for themselves. The likes of Booker T, Batista, and Kurt Angle were doing a stellar job, but that doesn’t mean fans remember everyone on the list. There were also many forgotten names from this time.

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Some of them are because the wrestlers didn’t make much of an impact during that time, but there are others that people have completely forgotten about. Whether it was because they were younger wrestlers at the time or because they didn’t appear in the main event, the roster has many forgotten members.

10 idol stevens

Idol Stevens in WWE

When people think of Idol Stevens, people go to his career as Damien Sandow, but that came years after this. Although Sandow didn’t make a big name for himself until long after this, he did make WWE’s roster in 2006.

He mainly worked in a tag team at the time alongside KC James who is another forgotten man. However, they also had a young Michelle McCool as part of their group at the time, but people still tend to forget about this race.

9 Rodney Mack

Promotional photo of Rodney Mack and Teddy Long

Rodney Mack is another forgotten name this year, as he wasn’t someone who could really make a lasting impact on the wrestling business. He was more of a flash in the pan when it came to his WWE career, so it’s easy for a lot of people to have forgotten about him.

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However, he was part of WWE’s ECW relaunch, but never became too prominent a part of the brand. He was primarily used at live events during this particular run with the company, so he is largely forgotten about.

8 Tatanka

cropped tatanka

When wrestling fans think of Tatanka, the 1990s usually come to mind, as this is when he did his best work and was regularly promoted on television. However, he too made the list in 2006, having returned the previous year to rejoin the company full-time.

Tatanka appeared a lot during this time, mainly working in tag matches in a match against MNM. It’s not the main era of his career, so it’s easy to forget, but Tatanka could still hold his own at this point.

7 the brooklyn fighter

Brooklyn Brawler in 2006 cropped

Brooklyn Brawler is another fighter people often remember from a bygone era, but that didn’t stop him from making the roster back in 2006 either. Brawler wasn’t competing regularly, so many fans may have forgotten he was still making the roster here.

This wasn’t the peak of his career, but fans at the time still enjoyed seeing Brawler appear simply for the fact that he was a nostalgic name from the past.

6 the miz


The fact that The Miz was on WWE’s roster in 2006 and is still a part of the company competing regularly to this day says a lot about him as an artist. He’s someone who went through trials and tribulations to earn his place in the company, but that’s something that worked out in the long run.

However, Miz being involved in WWE since 2006 is something that a lot of people forget, simply because of the time that went by. While he wasn’t one of the top stars at the time, Miz was still appearing back then.

5 jim duggan

Jim Duggan wrestling in 2006

Jim Duggan is a Hall of Fame legend of the wrestling world who put together an incredible career, however, it’s not 2006 that people think of when it comes to him. Duggan had been competing regularly since the late 1970s, but also made the list in 2006.

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Duggan was also competing on the main roster at this stage, proving that despite his age, he was more than capable of holding up to the talent that still existed, knowing exactly how to tell an effective story.

4 David Taylor

David Taylor

Dave Taylor is a legendary figure in the world of British wrestling, having flown the flag for the style for many years at the highest level. However, he never really got over the world of WWE, mainly because he was starting to slow down when he joined the company.

Because of that, it can often be a forgotten name, but Taylor was with the company at the time. He enjoyed a team career alongside William Regal, which was a huge boost for him at the time.

3 layla

Layla the Cropped

Layla is best known for her time working alongside Michelle McCool with the duo that dominated the women’s division for a stint as top-tier heels, which was a lot of fun to watch. However, she also made the list in 2006, something many have forgotten.

However, Layla had just entered WWE and the industry in general at this stage. She was part of WWE’s diva search this year and then began making early in-ring appearances.

2 Horn

Cropped Hornswoggle Cruiserweight Champion

Hornswoggle was a major part of WWE television from the moment he was put on, but many fans forget how long ago he first appeared with the company. It was in 2006 when he first debuted, appearing under the ring to help Finlay.

It was a partnership that served both of them perfectly until Hornswoggle branched out into other things. However, the fact that it took place in 2006 is something many people may have forgotten.

1 marty janetty

marty janetty 2005

Marty Jannetty is another wrestling legend who returned to the company in this period. He was thrust into a storyline with his former teammate Shawn Michaels, which also involved the Spirit Squad. It was a fun angle, but not a lasting one in the eyes of the fans.

Jannetty had a good run with the company at this point, but when people think back to the 2006 roster, he’s not a man people often talk about. This is simply because the main drive for him occurred many years before that, which is where he focuses his attention.

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