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10 wrestlers you forgot to date/were married to someone famous

Relationships are common in the professional wrestling business, with many people dating someone else within the business. However, over the years, there have been many wrestlers who have ended up in relationships with people outside of the industry, and many of them with other celebrities.

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Whether they ended up marrying them or just dating them, there are plenty of celebrities who have been involved with current or former WWE wrestlers that the public may have forgotten about. Whether it’s because the relationship didn’t last very long or because those involved moved on to other things, these are relationships that haven’t stood the test of time despite their celebrity status.



10 David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga

David Otunga was a part of WWE as a member of Nexus before the company pushed him into a variety of other roles, such as being a commentator. However, what many people may not remember is the fact that he was married to the popular singer Jennifer Hudson.

The two had a child together, but unfortunately, the relationship didn’t end up working out as they got divorced. Ultimately, this led to many fans forgetting about this relationship entirely, even though it was a huge talking point at one point.

9 Torrie Wilson & Alex Rodriguez

Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez

Torrie Wilson is one of the biggest names in WWE history, and her popularity was huge at some points and because of that, her love life has always been something people are interested in. However, his relationship with former MLB star Alex Rodriguez is something that people have forgotten.

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They dated for a while, but things didn’t work out long-term, which is why people have forgotten about the relationship ever since. However, they were shown together at ringside during wrestling 28, showcasing the fact that WWE knew there was real star power to this.

8 Dolph Ziggler and Amy Schumer

Dolph Ziggler and Amy Schumer

Dolph Ziggler has been consistently working at a high level in WWE, and that’s something that has caught his eye a lot over the years. Much attention has been paid to his previous relationship with Nikki Bella due to the fact that his romances regularly appeared on “Total Divas,” But that’s not the only person she’s dated.

Ziggler was once in a relationship with popular actress and comedian Amy Schumer, something he revealed to the world during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

7 MVP and sherri shepherd

MVP and Sherri Shepherd

MVP is a wrestler who tends to keep his private life exactly like that, and a lot of people don’t know much about him because of it. However, there was a period where he dated Sherri Shepherd, tapping into the celebrity world and fans got to see them together on screen.

While their legitimate relationship may not have been clear at the time, the two were part of an angle in WWE and even had a mixed tag team match alongside each other.

6 Lana and Isaiah Mustafa

Lana and Isaiah Mustafa

When it comes to Lana’s relationship status, fans only think of Miro due to the fact that they are married and have proven to be a very popular couple over the years. They spent a lot of time in front of the screen total divas, and that is why most people only think of that relationship but before she married him she dated Isaiah Mustafa.

That’s something that was revealed in an episode of the old reality series, with Mustafa best known for his role in Old Spice commercials.

5 Kelly Kelly and Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven and Kelly Kelly

Jeremy Piven is best known to most wrestling fans for being the man who delivered the infamous SummerFest line when he was the guest host of Monday night raw during the era of celebrity hosts. He did not thrive in the role and struggled a lot, leading fans to often speak negatively of him.

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However, he has another tie to the wrestling business because there was a period where he dated former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly. The two weren’t together for very long, but they did spend some time together as a couple.

4 brie bella and richie kotzen

Brie Bella and Richie from Poison

Brie Bella has been married to Bryan Danielson for a long time and the relationship between them has become popular among wrestling fans. However, before dating him, she Bella was in a relationship with Richie Kotzen, who is best known for being a member of Poison.

The legendary rock band helped him rise to fame and he ended up in a relationship with Brie Bella for a while. However, considering how well known Bella’s current relationship is, it’s no surprise that this has been forgotten.

3 Saraya and Kevin Skaff

Paige and Kevin Skaff

Saraya’s relationship status is something that has been closely watched by wrestling fans as many of their partnerships ended up being highlighted on social media and reality TV shows. One that people might have forgotten about was when she dated Kevin Skaff.

He is best known for being part of the band A Day To Remember, and has been very successful in his music career. He dated Saraya for a while during their WWE days, and the two even got briefly engaged before it all called off.

2 becky lynch and luke sanders

Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders

Wrestling fans only think of Seth Rollins when it comes to Becky Lynch’s love life, which makes sense considering what a popular couple they are. However, Rollins isn’t the only famous athlete Lynch has dated in his life, as he spent time in a relationship with Luke Sanders.

Sanders is best known for his time competing inside an octagon for the UFC, raising his profile throughout the world of combat sports. The two dated for a while, but ultimately things didn’t work out and Lynch ended up married to Rollins.

1 Stacy Keibler and George Clooney

Stacy Keibler and George Clooney cropped

George Clooney is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and the A-list actor spent time dating Stacy Keibler. The new WWE Hall of Famer is an incredibly popular professional wrestler and someone who ended up entering the world of acting as well.

Keibler became a huge name outside of the wrestling world in her own right, and that’s something that led her to meet Clooney. While their relationship didn’t last and she’s been forgotten ever since, it was certainly a big deal at the time.

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