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10 Wrestling Characters That Were Only Used For One Feud

Crafting a compelling pro wrestling storyline is not everybody’s piece of cake, as it requires the right balance of drama, athleticism, and audience engagement and the right people to bring the storyline to life on-screen. Hence, the writing teams go through intense brainstorming sessions to write stimulating storylines for every wrestler on the roster. The process also involves introducing new characters whenever necessary, which might elevate or degrade the storyline’s momentum.

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Likewise, wrestling fans have witnessed many such introductions over the years, and while most of the characters went on to have lengthy runs, some of them didn’t share the same fortune and disappeared after a single program. With that said, let’s take a look at ten wrestling characters that were used only for one feud.

10 Judas Mesias

Judas Mesias in TNA

4-time AAA Mega Champion El Mesías signed with TNA Wrestling in 2007 and made his debut as Judas Mesias, the kayfabe son of James Mitchell. TNA introduced the character during Mitchell’s storyline with Abyss, and he first appeared on the 2007 No Surrender PPV, where he cut a hole from underneath the ring and pulled Abyss through it.

He then made his official debut on the September 13, 2007, episode of Impact!, where he attacked Abyss during the latter’s match with Kurt Angle.

It eventually led to Mesias defeating Abyss at Final Resolution 2007 before getting defeated by the latter in a Barbed Wire Massacre match at Against All Odds 2008. Following the event, Mesias got released from TNA in March 2008 and returned under a different character for a one-off appearance in 2013.

9 The Yeti

The Yeti making his entrance in WCW

On the October 23, 1995, episode of WCW Nitro, as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were brawling with The Giant and the other members of The Dungeon of Doom faction, cameras showed a giant block of ice from which an enormous mummy-like figure broke out.

He was The Yeti, The Dungeon of Doom’s insurance policy the group had been teasing for The Giant’s WCW World Heavyweight Championship match against Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1995.

At the event, The Yeti attacked Hogan and performed a double bearhug on Hogan with The Giant in what was one of the most awkward moments in pro wrestling history. However, WCW dropped the bandaged mummy-like version of The Yeti and changed his attire to that of a masked ninja. He only made a few appearances in the gimmick before taking on another gimmick in 1996.

8 Zeus

Zeus vs Hulk Hogan in WWE

Actor Tiny Lister played the character Zeus in the 1989 wrestling movie No Holds Barred, which was produced by WWE and starred Hulk Hogan in the lead role. Following the movie’s release, Vince McMahon brought in Lister to WWE under the same character he played in the movie and introduced him as “Zeus: The Human Wrecking Machine.” Jealous over getting billed under Hogan and losing to the latter in the film, Zeus stated that he wanted to beat Hogan in real-life and formed an alliance with Randy Savage to feud with Hogan and Brutus Beefcake.

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Hogan and Beefcake defeated Savage and Zeus at SummerSlam 1989, but Zeus continued to stand in Hogan’s way and collided with him at the Survivor Series and No Holds Barred events the same year and ended up in the losing side on all occasions.

7 Xanta Klaus

Xanta Klaus and Ted DiBiase in WWE

Before he became a hardcore wrestling legend in ECW, Balls Mahoney made several appearances in WWE between 1992 and 1996, and in one such instance, he appeared as Xanta Klaus at the In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings in December 1995.

It wasn’t a proper feud, but he was one of the lengthy addition of things or persons Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase managed to buy. DiBiase interrupted Savio Vega and a guy dressed as Santa Claus handing out presents to the fans at the event, and had the Santa Claus turn on Vega and attack him.

DiBiase the introduced him as Xanta Klaus from the South Pole, who steals presents. Apart from the event, Xanta Klaus appeared alongside DiBiase on the following episode of Raw, and competed on an episode of Superstars before disappearing for good.

6 The Executioner

Paul Bearer, with Mankind and The Executioner, in WWE. 

WWE Hall of Famer and member of The Fabulous Freebirds, Terry Gordy, had a brief run with WWE as The Executioner between 1996 and 1997. He aligned himself with Paul Bearer and Mankind in their feud against The Undertaker and made his televised debut at the In Your House 11: Buried Alive event in October 1996, where he assisted Mankind in his Buried Alive match against The Undertaker.

It eventually led to an Armageddon Rules match between The Undertaker and The Executioner at In Your House 12: It’s Time in December 1996, in which The Deadman came out victorious. Following the event, Gordy left WWE in January 1997 and never returned to the company.

5 Mr. America

Hulk Hogan as Mr. America in WWE

Following his loss against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 19, Vince McMahon suspended Hogan as part of the storyline and forced him to sit out the remainder of his contract. However, The Immortal had a trick up his sleeve and had a brief run as the masked Mr. America, and had the same entrance music, moves, and gestures as Hogan but denied that he was the Hulkster in disguise.

Hogan continued to feud with McMahon in the Mr. America persona, but real-life creative differences with the company led to Hogan leaving WWE, which resulted in Vince McMahon firing Hogan on-screen to cover up for his exit.

4 Manu

Manu with Legacy in WWE.

Afa Anoa’i Jr, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa Anoa’i of the Wild Samoans, made his WWE main roster debut in 2007. Following a brief absence due to getting suspended for a wellness policy violation, he re-debuted as Manu, and became an initial part of Randy Orton’s Legacy faction alongside Cody Rhodes.

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However, Randy Orton kicked him out of the group, resulting in him siding with Sim Snuka and Ted DiBiase to feud against Orton. But DiBiase turned against Manu and Snuka and joined forces with Orton and Rhodes, following which WWE released Manu from his contract in February 2009.

3 Jesús

Jesús in WWE 

Aaron Aguilera is a former WWE superstar who made his debut for the company in 2000 but didn’t get signed to a contract until 2004. He re-debuted as Jesús and sided with Carlito in his feud against John Cena.

As part of the storyline, Jesús got accused of stabbing John Cena at a Boston Nightclub under Carlito’s instructions, and even had a Street Fight against John Cena for the United States Championship at Armageddon 2004.

Cena defeated Jesús at the event, following which the latter took some time off to undergo surgery for a torn groin and two herniated discs in his back and got released from his contract without returning.

2 The Fake Undertaker

Undertaker and Paul Bearer with impostor Undertaker

While the original Undertaker went on to have a lengthy career in WWE between 1990 and 2020 and took his well-deserved place in the WWE Hall of Fame, this entry looks at the impostor Undertaker brought to WWE by The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

The impostor Undertaker’s actions led to the return of the original Deadman, resulting in a match between the two at SummerSlam 1994, in which the real Undertaker came out victorious.

Following the event, WWE dropped the impostor Undertaker angle despite original plans to prolong the feud, and the mock Deadman never returned to WWE again.

1 Thomas Whitney, ESQ

Tommaso Ciampa as lawyer

Before he made a name for himself in WWE by becoming a 2-time NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa had a brief run with the company between 2005 and 2007.

He first appeared on the main roster as a part of The Undertaker’s feud with Muhammad Hassan in 2005. He appeared as Thomas Whitney, ESQ, one of Hassan’s lawyers, on the July 14, 2005, episode of SmackDown, where he read a statement from Hassan to The Undertaker before getting attacked by the latter.

It turned out to be a one-off appearance for Ciampa with the lawyer gimmick, and he had a brief run in WWE developmental in 2007 before returning to NXT in 2015.

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