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10 Wrestling Masks Better Than Rey Mysterio’s

When it comes to masks in professional wrestling, Rey Mysterio’s is often one of the first that people think about. The WWE Hall Of Famer is an iconic figure due to what he’s achieved inside the squared circle and the fact that he has continuously tweaked the design of the mask to keep it current.


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Who were the first few wrestlers to pin Rey Mysterio in WWE?

However, over the years there have been plenty of other great masks that bring different styles and some of them have ended up being better than Mysterio’s for different reasons. It’s something that has added a lot to different characters around the world, with the unique styles all looking fantastic.

10 Jushin Thunder Liger Offers Something Different

His Style Was Unique

  • Debuted in 1984
  • Retired in 2020
  • 11-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

Much like Rey Mysterio, Jushin Thunder Liger is an iconic professional wrestler who has managed to carve out a legacy for himself that will never be forgotten over the years. His in-ring style was fun to watch, and a big reason he caught the attention of fans was because of his mask.

The style was unique in comparison to the traditional mask design people have, largely because of the spiked elements. It helped to make Liger stand out and feel different, which is ultimately one of the purposes of wearing a mask.

9 A Big Red Machine

Kane’s Original Mask Is Iconic

  • Kane debuted at Badd Blood: In Your House
  • He is a former WWE Champion
  • The mask ended up being tweaked over the years

Kane’s character is one of the most memorable, much like Rey Mysterio, even though it’s very different. Over the years the Big Red Machine has had a variety of different masks with slightly altered designs, but his original mask is one of the greatest in wrestling history.


First 10 WWE Wrestlers To Defeat Kane (In Chronological Order)

Despite his supernatural nature, Kane wasn’t invincible, so it wasn’t long before he started taking losses in WWE.

While Mysterio’s mask was all about making him a larger-than-life superhero, Kane’s was all about making people scared. It was like something out of a horror movie and it worked perfectly to get a reaction from fans, with the red and black design standing out.

8 Adding An Animal Touch

Tiger Mask Is An Amazing Mask

  • Debuted in 1981
  • The gimmick has been portrayed by seven different wrestlers
  • Each wrestler has had a slightly different mask

Tiger Mask is an iconic professional wrestling mask, with this one purposefully being designed to seem similar to the animal. The gold and black color scheme has always popped out in a crowded room, and the color scheme has remained the same over the years.

Adding in the touch of fur is something that has helped to make this mask feel different, and it’s something that many others don’t have which is why this is such a memorable mask.

7 A Minotaur Roars In

Black Taurus Certainly Catches The Eye

  • Debuted in 2005
  • Former AAA Latin America Champion
  • Former AAA World Trios Champion

Another mask that has an animal touch is Black Taurus’, which is another fantastic offering. His does not get changed up like Tiger Mask’s, but it has tons of detail that helps to make it look incredibly realistic, which is why fans enjoy it so much.

Taurus might not have reached the level of Rey Mysterio, to the point where everyone will be aware of the mask, but those fans that are would certainly vouch for it being one of the best in the business.

6 A Fiendish Mask

The Fiend Made People Scared

  • Debuted at SummerSlam, 2019
  • Was given a specific Universal Championship based on the mask
  • There was also a burnt variant of the mask

Some masks are created to add to a character, and that is what happened with The Fiend. Bray Wyatt’s brainchild created a fantastic character that few will forget, and the mask is a big reason for that because it was genuinely terrifying.

The fact that a PG version of WWE created this was even more impressive, with the detail being incredible to see. There are few masks like this in wrestling history, and that in itself made this one so popular.

5 Consistently Detailed Masks

The Great Muta Is An Icon

The Great Muta may have used face paint at portions of his career, but deciding to commit to being a masked wrestler was a great call. It’s something he added in as he got older – which is likely the reason for doing it, but it’s something that proved to be effective.


Great Muta: 10 Best Moments In A Hall Of Fame Career

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A big reason why Muta’s masks are considered the best is because they were always so different and detailed. Rather than being just one texture he’d add lots of different elements, and that helped to make it even more impressive.

4 Ultimo Dragon Added Different Twists

  • Debuted in 1987
  • Two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion
  • Two-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion

Ultimo Dragon is one of the most successful masked wrestlers, and while that was down to what he could do inside the ring his fantastic look certainly didn’t hurt either. He would always have breathtaking masks that came in a variety of color schemes which helped him look like a superstar.

However, his mask would also extend down toward his shoulders as well. The extra details gave his overall look an edge in comparison to other masked wrestlers which audiences enjoyed.

3 A Skeletal Design

LA Parka Looked Amazing

  • Debuted in 1987
  • Rey de Reyes winner (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014)
  • AAA Hall Of Famer

LA Parka’s iconic mask is another one that many fans consider to be the greatest of all time. The decision to have it be like a skeleton instantly made it different from everyone else who had worn a mask, and he was still able to make certain changes with colors to keep it fresh.

Audiences always enjoyed seeing this mask because it looked cool, and that is ultimately what people want from a masked wrestler. It was a little darker than what Rey Mysterio would do, but that also proved to be popular with people.

2 One Of Mexico’s Greats Looked The Part

Mil Mascaras Had Amazing Masks

  • Debuted in 1963
  • Retired in 2019
  • WWE Hall Of Famer

Wrestling masks were around long before Rey Mysterio began donning his, with the Master of 619 being inspired by a generation that came before him. Mil Mascaras was one of those legendary figures who helped to make masks as iconic as they became.


10 Things Wrestling Fans Should Know About Mil Mascaras

Mil Mascaras is a wrestling legend who helped put the industry on the map in Mexico.

Long before adding elements of cosplay or different textures were happening Mascaras put together a fantastic design. The classic ‘M’ being at the top of the mask was enough to make him feel different, with this subtle signature becoming iconic.

1 Dragon Details For Days

Drago’s Masks Are Incredibly Intricate

  • Debuted in 1988
  • Two-time Lucha Underground Trios Champion
  • Former AAA Latin America Champion

Drago is a fantastic in-ring talent, and someone who pushes himself with the idea of looking like a dragon. It’s incredibly effective because of his mask as Drago always designs it to look like the mythical creature.

Much like a dragon, it is filled with different textures and details as if he really had scales. Few masks come close to the level of detail that Drago’s does, and that is why many people consider it to be the greatest.

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