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10 WWE Main Events Fans Completely Forgot About

The WWE has been a promotion for over 70 years, first starting as Capitol Wrestling Corporation. Now with a storied history dating back so many years, it might be impossible for fans to remember every single main event that the company has produced. There are plenty of them that might just slip through the cracks for one reason or another, thus ending up not so memorable.

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Looking back on every single PPV that the WWE has given the fans, there are countless matches in general that only a handful will recall seeing or remember without being shown them. So going through history was a very easy task to find a bunch of WWE PPV main events that fans completely forgot happened.

10 Roddy Piper Vs. Jerry Lawler – King Of The Ring 1994


King of the Ring 1994 featured a handful of decent matches such as Owen Hart vs. The 1-2-3 Kid, Razor Ramon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow, and the King of the Ring finals between Owen and Razor. While these were fine matches and the crowd also got to see Diesel vs Bret Hart in a Champion vs. Champion match, they might have gone home with a weird taste after seeing the main event.

The main event saw Roddy Piper and Jerry Lawler wrestle each other following the story of Piper being the guest referee for the WrestleMania 10 main event. The match went 12:30, and neither person even wrestled on the following PPV card, SummerSlam.

9 Kurt Angle Vs. Mark Henry – Royal Rumble 2006

Mark Henry v Kurt Angle Royal Rumble 2006 Cropped

The 2006 Royal Rumble didn’t have much to stand on as a great card with John Cena vs. Edge, the Rumble itself, and a slightly above-average match between Mickie James and Ashley as the highlights. Now for the WWE Championship match with Cena and Edge or the Rumble match, these were pretty great and either one deserved to main event.

Nothing against Kurt Angle or Mark Henry as both men are amazing performers, but this match going on after both of those made little to no sense. This was only done to have The Undertaker return at the end of the match, so he could challenge Angle at No Way Out.

8 Randy Orton Vs. Triple H – The Bash 2009


The Bash 2009 saw Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship, Chris Jericho and Edge capture the Unified WWE Tag Team titles, and Jeff Hardy retain the World Heavyweight title from CM Punk.

The main event was another addition to the Triple H and Randy Orton feud that headlined WrestleMania 25. While being quite better than their WrestleMania bout, this match is talked about considerably less due to being on a B-show. They wrestled a Three Stages of Hell featuring a singles match, a Falls Count Anywhere match, and a Stretcher match finale.

7 Goldust Vs. The Undertaker – In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog 2

Goldust v Undertaker In Your House Beware Of Dog 1996 Cropped copy

In Your House 8: Beware of Dog lives in infamy due to a massive power outage stopping viewers from watching the original show. To remedy this issue, WWE decided to air another PPV which was titled In Your House 8: Beware of Dog 2, and featured three matches including Savio Vega vs. Steve Austin in a Caribbean Strap match and Vader vs. Yokozuna.

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The main event of this three-match card saw a rare chance for The Undertaker to capture a mid-card title as he faced Goldust for the Intercontinental Championship. Goldust scored the victory after Mankind came out and helped Goldust get Undertaker into a casket, setting up a King of the Ring match between Foley and Taker.

6 The Undertaker Vs. Faarooq – King Of The Ring 1997


Another King of the Ring PPV with matches that were better than the main event. Such matches as Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Mankind made the headliner of The Undertaker vs. Faarooq look weak in comparison.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that most of the main event was dominated by interference from the Nation of Domination before Undertaker got the victory. Even the post-match angle didn’t help much, as it saw Ahmed Johnson attack The Undertaker, leaving the champion laid out after a title defense.

5 John Cena & Dolph Ziggler Vs. King Barrett & Kane – The Beast In The East 2015


The 2015 event that saw WWE travel to Sumida, Tokyo, Japan was originally scheduled to just be a house show event before plans changed and it aired as a WWE Network special. The name and promotion were heavy on the fact that Brock Lesnar was going to be there, despite him not being in the main event and working an 8-minute match against Kofi Kingston.

Other matches included Finn Balor capturing the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho beating Neville, while fans were treated to the much better idea of John Cena & Dolph Ziggler wrestling King Barrett and Kane for almost 24 minutes.

4 Randy Orton Vs. Ric Flair – Taboo Tuesday 2004

Randy Orton v Ric Flair Taboo Tuesday 2004 Cropped

The first-ever Taboo Tuesday event saw fans get to vote for multiple parts of the show including who would wrestle Chris Jericho, the weapon of choice for the match between Snitsky and Kane, and the stipulation for the main event of Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair.

Fans chose a Steel Cage match with 68% of the votes, with Falls Count Anywhere and Submission falling behind. The proceeding match was weird to have headline when multiple title matches were shown prior, but it resulted in a bloody match between the two former Evolution members.

3 Bron Breakker Vs. Dolph Ziggler – NXT Stand & Deliver 2022

Bron Breakker wrestling Dolph Ziggler Cropped

NXT Stand & Deliver was a pretty good NXT card (no surprise) and was highlighted by matches such as the NXT North American ladder match, the NXT Tag Team Championship triple threat, and Gunther vs. LA Knight. The main event saw Dolph Ziggler retain the NXT Championship against Bron Breakker.

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The feud between the two of them was already off to a weird start, as having someone as over as Breakker lose the NXT title so quickly and also to someone like Ziggler, who didn’t necessarily need to be NXT Champion. On top of that, having Ziggler actually beat Breakker again at their biggest show of the year, before having Bron get his win and the title back on an episode of Raw was an even odder choice.

2 Camp Cornette Vs. The People’s Posse – In Your House 9: International Incident 1996


The In Your House series of PPVs were always B-shows at best, but still typically featured a few title matches and some title changes even. In Your House 9: International Incident decided to take a different approach and have nothing but non-title matches, such as Mankind vs. Henry O. Godwinn, Steve Austin vs. Marc Mero, and The Undertaker vs. Goldust on the card.

The main event was a six-man tag featuring Camp Cornette, comprised of Vader, British Bulldog, and Owen Hart facing off against Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, and Sycho Sid who called themselves The People’s Posse. Vader scored the pinfall victory over the WWE Champion Michaels, earning himself a title match at SummerSlam the next month. Also, the fact that Sid was a replacement for The Ultimate Warrior, who was fired after no-showing previous events, helps this match’s case as forgettable.

1 Sheamus Vs. Edge Vs. John Cena Vs. Randy Orton – Fatal 4 Way 2010

John Cena v Sheamus v Randy Orton v Edge Fatal 4-Way 2010

Probably one of the most forgotten WWE PPVs in general, fans were treated to a card where Fatal 4 Way matches were the main center of attention. The other four-way bouts saw Alicia Fox win the Divas Championship from Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and Maryse and Rey Mysterio win the World Heavyweight Championship from Jack Swagger, Big Show, and CM Punk.

The main event saw another title change, as Sheamus captured the WWE Championship from John Cena, Randy Orton, and Edge. The match was pretty good, something that should be expected with the talent in the ring, but the event itself was so forgettable and the PPV stipulation was scrapped until being brought back for NXT and their TakeOver event in 2014.

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