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10 WWE Women That Disappeared Into Oblivion

Most of the time when someone leaves the world of WWE for whatever reason, they end up doing something that fans can keep tabs on. Whether that sees them remain in the wrestling bubble with another promotion or via a podcast, fans normally know exactly what former WWE employees are doing, whether it be wrestlers, interviewers, or commentators.

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However, over the years, there have been certain people who have simply disappeared into oblivion post-WWE. When it comes to the women of the company, this has certainly proven to be more true, seemingly because there are fewer opportunities for them elsewhere, which leads to many just walking away completely.

10 Debra Walked Away From Wrestling

WWE Tenure: Five Years

  • Former WWE Women’s Champion
  • Originally worked for WCW
  • Had a cameo role in “The Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

Debra is someone that WWE fans will certainly be familiar with, largely due to her on-screen managerial role with Steve Austin. The two of them were married in real life as well at that time, and it was because of their divorce that Debra ended up walking away from the sport.

At the time, Austin had been arrested for domestic abuse, but WWE still brought him back and opted to stop mentioning Debra. Therefore, she chose to walk away from the business, which is why she ended up disappearing.

9 Sable Remains Very Private

WWE Tenure: Six Years

  • Former WWE Women’s Champion
  • Married to Brock Lesnar
  • Featured several times in Playboy

At one point in time, Sable was one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling, therefore the idea that she disappeared into oblivion is surprising to most. Sable had the world at her feet, but instead fell in love with Brock Lesnar. The two of them started their own family and now live a very private life.

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Even though Lesnar has a brilliant relationship with WWE, working for the company on a part-time basis, Sable hasn’t returned at any point. She’s someone who could have a Hall Of Fame induction at some point, but instead, she remains exceptionally private, living away from the limelight with Lesnar.

8 Amy Weber Is Focusing On Real Estate

WWE Tenure: Two Years

  • WWE Diva Search contestant
  • Was part of JBL’s Cabinet faction
  • Only had one match

Amy Weber only had a brief stint with WWE, but she did manage to make an impression throughout her spell with the company. Weber was great at the entertainment side of the business, putting a lot of effort into bringing in character work to try and entertain fans.

This led to her being the image consultant for JBL in his Cabinet faction, which is how she’s best remembered. However, Weber took herself away from the industry after making allegations of harassment against other wrestlers, and she is now part of the real estate world.

7 Devin Taylor Stopped The Interviews

WWE Tenure: Three Years

  • Had a broadcast degree
  • Played competitive soccer
  • Her release was shown on “WWE Breaking Ground”

Devin Taylor originally joined WWE with the idea of becoming a WWE Superstar, getting the chance to train at the Performance Center alongside many top talents at the time. However, she ended up transitioning into a backstage interviewer role, which she did in NXT.

It was a role she thrived in, showcasing great personality during the backstage segments, but injuries ended up hampering her progress. WWE decided to cut its losses and let her go, which was a shame as she’s since moved on from the sport.

6 Dawn Marie Fought Against WWE

WWE Tenure: Three Years

  • Originally debuted in ECW
  • ‘Married’ Al Wilson in WWE angle
  • Now Works As A Nurse

Considering WWE’s treatment of Dawn Marie, it is no surprise that she opted to walk away from the wrestling world after her release in 2005. WWE’s decision to let Marie go was extremely controversial considering she was pregnant at the time, which is something that she fought the company over which saw her settle outside court.

Marie continued working in the wrestling industry for a while after departing WWE, largely in a managerial role. However, since 2012 she hasn’t been involved in the business, only being involved in sporadic interviews.

5 Cherry Skated Away

WWE Tenure: Three Years

  • Trained in OVW
  • Teamed With Jerry Lawler on the Indies
  • Worked alongside Deuce ‘n Domino

Cherry is best known to most wrestling fans as the valet for Deuce ‘n Domino, who brought greaser-style gimmicks, with Cherry’s character being added in to fit with that. She’d wear rollerskates at times around the ring, and that helped to fit the overall vibe.

However, while she played a big role on the outside of the ring, Cherry also got some opportunities in it as well. They were few and far between though, and since she decided to retire in 2008 she’s disappeared into oblivion.

4 The Kat Rests Her Paws

WWE Tenure: Three Years

  • Former WWE Women’s Champion
  • Was married to Jerry Lawler
  • Trained by Al Snow

The Kat was a huge part of WWE’s women’s division for the short stint she was around the company. The Kat certainly had a look that made her a big star as she is a memorable amongst fans, even getting to win the Women’s Championship at one point.

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However, after 2001 her appearances in wrestling were few and far between. She was involved in a documentary about Jerry Lawler, but that is it, instead choosing to focus on her life away from the spotlight.

3 Rosa Mendes Focuses On Fashion & Religion

WWE Tenure: 12 Years

  • Competed in the 2006 Diva Search
  • Debuted as a ‘fan’
  • Was part of “Total Divas”

Rosa Mendes was part of the WWE roster for a surprisingly long period, proving to be a well-respected member of the company by management. She took on a wide variety of roles during her time, whether it was as a wrestler, a valet, or even as a reality television star on “Total Divas.”

However, after giving birth she stepped away from the ring and took on non-wrestling roles until leaving the company. Despite a brief run on the independent scene, Mendes has moved on from wrestling to create her own religious clothing brand; Salty And Lit.

2 Nidia Wasn’t Tough Enough In The End

WWE Tenure: Four Years

  • WWE Tough Enough winner (2001)
  • Made a few appearances for TNA
  • Competed in an intergender match

Nidia is someone who instantly got a lot of attention because of the fact she won the Tough Enough series in 2001. She was given good opportunities on WWE television as well, particularly during her storyline with Jamie Noble.

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The angle was a fun one, albeit slightly over the top as she ‘sold’ the idea that she was blind which Noble took advantage of, eventually leading to a match between them. However, coming out of WWE there was only limited opportunities for her in wrestling before she moved on.

1 Layla Has Closed The Door On Wrestling

WWE Tenure: 10 Years

  • Former WWE Women’s Champion
  • Former Divas Champion
  • #6 in the PWI 50 in 2012

Layla proved to be a very effective heel during her time with WWE, particularly as one-half of the infamous LayCool partnership. She and Michelle McCool were a brilliant duo, putting together some amazing moments as they gained huge heat from fans.

Layla was also popular when working as a babyface, and she had a long tenure with the company. However, she now rarely does interviews and is often not seen involved in the sport, having admitted to Ring The Belle, “That door’s closed, and I’m okay with it.”

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