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10 WWE Women’s Wrestlers Who Would Have Benefited From A Midcard Title

While the WWE men’s division has had the Intercontinental, United States, European, and even Cruiserweight Titles, the women’s division has only ever had one top belt and only recently the implementation of a set of Tag Team Championships.

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In earlier eras of women’s wrestling, it is safe to say with the state of the division that a midcard title would not have worked, but as time has gone on, it could be argued that certain wrestlers would have thrived under the creation of a midcard belt. Whether that be providing something different to the division or managing to find some success to prove themselves earlier, there are several women’s wrestlers who could have reigned as a midcard champion.

10 Natalya

Natalya Sharpshooter Cropped

The issue with Natalya is that she is very often elevated to the top title scene for one feud to put over a new champion due to her talents, and then drops down right again. Every time this happens, she gets more stale.

Instead, Natalya having standout matches and time given to technical contents in the midcard division would have been so much better than what she’s done for the last decade. Natalya would be able to perhaps work with younger names, gain more wins to give her some legitimacy as a performer, and if WWE did in fact want her to put over a top champion, she would at least have more credibility. She is someone who deserves more gold around her waist, but with bigger stars she has hardly spent time as a singles champion.

9 Gail Kim

Gail Kim WWE

Gail Kim might’ve had reigns as WWE Women’s Champion, but it was clear that WWE didn’t see her as someone who could lead the division. In-ring work wasn’t really valued at the time, though perhaps if there was a midcard title, there would have been more opportunities for good matches.

Gail Kim would have absolutely thrived as a midcard champion in WWE, and perhaps her leading a workhorse division might’ve kept her with the company. Instead she rightfully left to find more respect and success in TNA.

8 Naomi

naomi holding her hand to her ear

Naomi was someone who kept up with many of those in the division after the transitions from “divas” to “superstars”, but failed to really break into the top title scene apart from two reigns with the SmackDown Women’s Title in 2017.

Many fans rallied for Naomi to get pushes which never came, but if there was a midcard title around the birth of the “women’s revolution” then she would have been a prime person to be in that sort of division.

7 Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan Day 1 Cropped-1

Liv Morgan’s rise in popularity began at the start of 2022, but due to Becky Lynch being a bigger name, WWE didn’t pull the trigger until much later in the year when she had lost some steam.

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Morgan is a perfect example of someone who would have been great winning a midcard title given that she was a rising star and was still looking to establish her name. It would have given her something to do until it was her time to jump up to the SmackDown Women’s Title later on in 2022.

6 Ember Moon

Ember Moon Royal Rumble 2019 Cropped

Ember Moon was a brilliant talent in NXT, but upon her main roster call up, WWE didn’t know what to do with her. She was given a quick push to challenge for a world title, lost, and then fell into obscurity.

If Moon had been introduced in the midcard and won the equivalent of an Intercontinental Title, it would have meant that she could continue having great matches, building her status in the company, and survived a curse that many NXT call-ups have suffered.

5 Alicia Fox

alicia fox

Alicia Fox was in WWE for over a decade, but all she really had to offer for it was a Divas Title reign and the 24/7 Championship. She was a level below many of the top stars, but she was still entertaining and veteran.

Fox would have been good with a midcard championship given her character work, and it would have given her more to do over all those years where she was under the radar and not used very much, particularly when the divas era came to a close.

4 Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler Cropped

Speaking of botched NXT call-ups, Shayna Baszler was once the most feared individual in NXT, but has become an afterthought on the main roster. WWE pushed her to a world title match in her first few months following a call up, only to lose and never recover.

Baszler was pushed to the top too quickly, and if she had developed an undefeated run in the midcard as a champion, it again would have prevented such a steep decline for her WWE career.

3 Summer Rae

Summer Rae Sasha Banks WWE NXT

Summer Rae never quite had the talents inside the ring to push and challenge for a top title in WWE, but her character work is where she shined brightest, and this was mostly shown during her time in NXT.

She was left with not much to do on the main roster, and just wandered around from minor feud to minor feud. A midcard title being in play around this time would have been great for her, as it would have given direction to her and many other divas of that era who weren’t the top names. Rae as a champion would have promised some great character work for sure.

2 Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane in WWE

Despite an incredible run in NXT where she proved she could be a massive babyface, Kairi Sane’s time on the main roster didn’t work out all too well. She was mostly thrown into the tag team division where her babyface potential wasn’t realized.

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Sane was among the best in-ring workers in the company at that stage, but didn’t get a chance to show it. If there was a midcard title she might well have shown WWE how good she was. Imagining Sane stealing the show every week in great TV title matches is an alternate reality we all likely wish we were a part of.

1 Mickie James


Mickie James’ 2016 return to WWE was a complete failure. She was treated like a sidekick to Alexa Bliss at first and then fell down the card as a glorified enhancement talent. On one hand it is understandable why she didn’t get to the top again due to the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch all in contention, but given her legendary status and wonderful talents, she should have been in the mix.

Instead, reigning as a midcard champion and helping to elevate younger stars by either just working with them or putting them over would have been perfect.

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