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12-Time WWE Championship Superstar’s Contract Expiring In 2024


  • Sheamus’s contract with WWE is set to expire in 2024, leading to speculation about whether he will re-sign or explore other opportunities.
  • Sheamus has expressed frustration with WWE’s booking decisions, particularly regarding his tag team partnership, which has fueled speculation about his future in the promotion.
  • While Sheamus may consider leaving WWE, the company has a vested interest in retaining a talent of his caliber, given his history of delivering high-quality matches and his four-time World Champion status.

Recent reports, specifically from Fightful Select, have shed light on WWE’s contract situation, revealing that one of the notable deals set to expire in 2024 belongs to four-time World Champion, Sheamus. This revelation has sparked discussions within the wrestling community, especially considering Sheamus’s vocal expressions of dissatisfaction with certain aspects of his WWE tenure. Will he re-sign? Will he try his luck somewhere else? Considering Sheamus has held 12 titles in WWE, from the World Title and WWE Championships to tag team gold, it makes sense that both WWE and AEW would want him, so he’ll likely have a choice.

Sheamus has been candid about his frustrations with WWE’s booking decisions, particularly in relation to his tag team partnership with The Brawling Brutes. At times, he has openly voiced his displeasure with how the company utilizes him, leading to speculation about his future in the promotion. In an interview with the Daily Star, Sheamus talked about how frustrating it was for WWE not to capitalize on the momentum he and Gunther had built up. He noted at the time, “What I was upset about and what really bothered me was the creative after that. I came out of that with so much organic momentum, and it was just wasted. It didn’t go anywhere.”

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However, it’s essential to consider both sides of the equation. While Sheamus may have expressed frustration, WWE has a vested interest in retaining a talent of his caliber. His history of delivering high-quality matches and his status as a four-time World Champion make him a valuable asset.

The key question now revolves around Sheamus’s decision. Does he opt for the familiarity and comfort of staying with WWE, where he can continue to showcase his wrestling skills and potentially secure prominent matches? Or does he seek a new challenge, exploring opportunities outside WWE’s confines?

Is There Anything Left For Sheamus In WWE To Do?

Sheamus has already achieved significant milestones in WWE, including his world title reigns. Given the current landscape, another world title run may not be in the cards. This raises the intriguing possibility of a fresh chapter in his career, potentially in another wrestling promotion. The wrestling industry is witnessing several contracts nearing their expiration dates. Some of the notable names whose contracts are set to conclude include Riddle, MJF, Drew McIntyre, Becky Lynch, Andrade, Randy Orton, Ricochet, Kevin Owens, Bryan Danielson, and Nick Khan, with varying dates spanning from 2023 to 2025. But, if Sheamus jumps, it would be big news.

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