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13 Photos Of A Young Stephanie McMahon WWE Fans Should See

Stephanie McMahon has been one of the cornerstones of WWE for over decades, playing different roles both on the screen and off the screen. While she can be a hated villainous on television, she currently holds an important position as the Chairwoman and CEO of WWE.

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The Billion Dollar Princess made her debut as a young rookie in the Attitude Era. Hence, many wrestling fans saw a younger version o Stephanie McMahon back in the day, as she was regularly featured on TV. But here are some rare pictures of a young Stephanie from her early WWE and pre-WWE days.


Although Stephanie McMahon no longer appears on WWE television as she has resigned from the company, she is a well-known figure in the world of professional wrestling. She has always been in the spotlight as Vince McMahon’s daughter, even when she was young and taking her first steps in the industry. So, you’ve probably seen a lot of pictures of her, but maybe there are some pictures you haven’t seen. Some of her older photos show how much she has evolved as a businesswoman and as a character, not to mention the physical changes.

13 Stephanie McMahon Greets Eric Bischoff In A Limo

Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon

This photo was taken in 2002. We can see a young Stephanie McMahon leaning out the window of a limousine to chat with Eric Bischoff. In that year, McMahon was the general manager of SmackDown, while Bischoff was the general manager of RAW. Maybe they were discussing something about business, exchanging ideas, or just chatting about something that has nothing to do with WWE. The two would go on to have an infamous interaction where Bischoff groped her while wearing a Halloween mask of Stephanie’s father, Vince. This is a great photo, showing two important WWE characters.

12 Four Legends In One Picture

Stephanie McMahon The Undertaker Brock Lesnar

This photo was also captured in 2002, backstage at a SmackDown production. Young Stephanie McMahon is sitting at a table talking with none other than The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Four of the most relevant people in WWE history in one picture. Also, the World Championship is on the table, which adds relevance to the photo. This picture is very interesting and most WWE fans have not seen it.

11 Innocent Smile

Stephanie McMahon 1999

In the photo we can see the 22-year-old Stephanie McMahon with an innocent smile on her face. She looked very cute back then, and no one would have imagined that she would become one of the most detestable characters in WWE history. Looking at that photo, it’s impossible not to empathize with Steph, but over the years she became a phenomenal heel, and fans love to boo and insult her whenever she appears in the ring.

10 High School Stephanie McMahon

High school Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon was born in Connecticut in 1976. She went to Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich, Connecticut and did graduation back in 1994. Therefore, she was in the school in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Here is a young Stephanie McMahon from her high school days. She is smiling in this black and white photo, and she has bang hair cut here.

9 With Her Brother Shane McMahon

Shane and Stephanie

Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon are certainly among the most popular siblings in the wrestling world. Shane is the oldest child of Vince McMahon and the older brother of Stephanie McMahon. While they have six years of age difference, they started their wrestling careers around the same time.

However, it is a picture of the siblings from their pre-WWE days when they were younger. They are looking elegant in suits. Seems like Stephanie is in her teen days here, and Shane is in his early 20s.

8 Little Steph With The Gentle Giant

Andre the giant Stephanie

When Stephanie McMahon was growing up in the 1980s, the likes of Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and many more were at the peak of their careers. Hence, a little Stephanie McMahon often interacted with these legends backstage.

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This photo shows Stephanie McMahon’s interaction with Andre The Giant. Andre is holding a little Steph, while the latter is smiling and looking cute.

7 Stephanie & Shane McMahon As Young Siblings

Stephanie and Shane as kids

While the previous picture of Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon looked like from their teen and early 20s respectively, many fans have probably never seen pictures when they were way younger than that.

Here is an amazing picture of the famous wrestling siblings. Steph is just a kid here in her brother’s arms, while a young Shane is looking dapper in a white suit. Shane appears to be a teen himself here.

6 WWE’s Power Couple Is Born: Triple H & Stephanie

Mcmahon Helmsley era

Stephanie McMahon has been married to Triple H for nearly two decades, tying the knot back in 2003. Having featured in WWE’s various storylines as a couple numerous times, they are arguably one of the well-known wrestling couples in WWE.

Their on-screen romance started during Stephanie’s early WWE career in McMahon-Helmsley Era. Back then the Billion Dollar Princess was young in her early 20s. This is a photo from the early career of Stephanie, who is in the ring with Hunter after she betrayed her father at Armageddon 1999.

5 With The Legends Of Women’s Division

Stephanie, Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young

Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah, the two greatest women wrestlers of old-school wrestling, had a stupendous run in the late 1990s. As a matter of fact, Moolah ended up winning the Women’s Championship, becoming the oldest Women’s Champion in WWE history.

During that run of Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young, Stephanie McMahon was part of the WWE roster. Here is the backstage photo of young Stephanie with Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah.

4 Guest Referee

Stephanie McMahon

The fans have seen Stephanie McMahon in different roles throughout her wrestling career. Using her corporate power, Stephanie has made things difficult for many babyfaces of WWE. But she has also donned the attire of a guest referee at times.

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A young Stephanie McMahon is looking stunning as a guest referee in this photo. Given the WWE logo here, it is apparent that the picture is from the Attitude Era.

3 Teenage Stephanie

Stephanie McMahon young

As mentioned before Stephanie Mahon grew up in Connecticut before reaching her adult life. Therefore, she spent her teen days there. The fans haven’t seen many pictures of the former Women’s Champion from her teen days.

Here is an adorable photo of teenage Stephanie McMahon. She is sporting a 80s hairstyle here and smiling for the picture.

2 Rocking The Rockers T-Shirt

Stephanie young kid

Consisting of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, The Rockers was a well-known tag team in the late 1980s and early 1990s WWE. While they didn’t win the tag team golds in WWE, they did in other promotions.

This picture is actually from an old WWF Magazine section which sold official merchandise, as one of her first jobs in the company was modeling the merch.

1 Fun Time With Her Husband

Steph and Hunter

Considering Stephanie McMahon and Triple H started seeing each other in real life during their on-screen pairing in the Attitude Era, it was common to see the power couple having fun off the screen.

This is a fun photo of The Billion Dollar Princess and The Game. They seem to enjoy each other’s company here while giving goofy poses. Being in her early 20s, Stephanie McMahon is looking quite young here. Triple H is sporting his signature long hair.

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