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13 Pictures Of Sable Like You’ve Never Seen Her

Sable was one of the popular faces of the women’s division in the Attitude Era as well as the Ruthless Aggression Era. Like a majority of the women from those WWE eras, Sable was over for her look, not the skills in the squared circle. She won the Women’s Championship once in her career and was part of many raunchy segments with other women.

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The fans always saw Sable in seductive attires while she would show her sculpted physique. But behind the scenes, Sable certainly took on a different persona, and the pictures below give a glimpse of the legend in real life.


Despite not being an extraordinary talent, neither in the ring nor on the microphone, Sable was an icon of WWE women’s wrestling. She had several good moments and was very popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Considering her popularity, you’ve probably seen a lot of pictures of her. However, there is a chance that you have never seen the photos we will show you below. We are talking about photos that show perhaps unknown, or forgotten, facets of Sable. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 13 photos of Sable like perhaps you’ve never seen her before.

13 Red Carpet Appearance For Ready To Rumble Movie

Sable doesn’t make many public appearances these days, probably because her husband, Brock Lesnar, doesn’t like it. However, when Sable was young she used to appear in public frequently, especially at events and ceremonies. In the photo, we can see Sable on a red carpet, and judging by her outfit, she probably stole the spotlight and many eyes were on her. It’s a couple of great photos of Sable that you may have never seen before.

12 Spotted In A Public Place

Sable picture

As mentioned above, Sable does not appear in public on a frequent basis, however, recently she and Brock Lesnar were spotted in a public place. Lesnar was cut out of the photo, because in this case we are talking about Sable, who is in the foreground with another woman. You probably haven’t seen this photo since it’s recent, and frankly there’s nothing spectacular about it to go viral.

11 Movie Star

Sable and Daniela Krhutova

In the photo, we can see Sable together with Daniela Krhutova. This is the top part of a poster of a movie called Slaves of the Realm, in which Sable and Krhutova were the main characters. The movie was a flop, and you’ve probably never heard of it, so it’s no wonder you’ve never seen this picture. Sable had a brief stint in the industry, but never had a really outstanding role.

10 Boxing Practice

Sable gym pic

Seeing Sable’s goddess-like physique in her prime, it shouldn’t be hard to guess that she always worked hard in the gym. She carried a decent amount of muscle for a woman and had an overall lean physique.

This picture is from her active wrestling days. She is wearing gym clothes for the picture. With boxing gloves on, she seems to be practicing boxing, which is a form of cardio.

9 Supporting Wife

Brock Lesnar Sable kiss

Plenty of WWE fans know that Sable is married to “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar. They started dating during Lesnar’s first WWE stint. The couple tied the knot in 2006, and they are still together.

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During Lesnar’s UFC days, Sable was often snapped with her husband. It is probably taken before the start of a fight because Lesnar is wearing his MMA gloves. Sable is giving Lesnar a good-luck kiss.

8 Unusual Picture

Sable now wwe

Sable stays out of the public eye now. Ever since leaving the wrestling business, Sable has been out of the limelight. She lives on a farm with her husband Lesnar. Therefore, fans don’t get to see how she looks nowadays. Also, Sable doesn’t use social media platforms.

But this is a recent picture, which might give fans an idea of how the blonde beauty is looking nowadays. It is likely to be in a gym, as Sable is wearing a gym sweatshirt while carrying a water bottle.

7 Young Sable

Young Sable

Sable is currently 53 years old, and she was born in 1968. She entered the wrestling business in 1996. Before pursuing wrestling, Sable played different sports. She was a model in her pre-WWE days and worked with many notable brands.

This headshot shows Sable’s face in her younger days, long before embarking on her wrestling journey. Surprisingly, she has brunette hair in this photo, and she is smiling. Judging by the picture, it might be from her teen days.

6 With Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson and Sable

While Sable and Torrie Wilson competed with each other in various types of competitions to prove who was superior in terms of looks, they also teamed up as a tag team. The two blonde beauties were on the same team at WrestleMania 20. They faced the team of Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler in a Playboy Evening Gown match.

Sable and Torrie are snapped here at the press conference of WrestleMania 20. Both women are smiling while Sable is staring at Torrie. The logo of WrestleMania 20 can be seen behind them.

5 With A Fan

Sable with a fan

As it is mentioned above, both Brock Lesnar and Sable lead a very private life. But being public figures, it is usual to interact with the fans. Whenever a fan asks for a picture, both are generous enough to do it, and this rare picture is proof of their real-life personalities.

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Sable and Lesnar are standing with a young fan. Considering both are in workout clothes, it might be taken in a gym. Along with the fan, Lesnar and Sable are smiling in the picture.

4 Playboy Days

Sable Hugh Hefner

Back in the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era, being featured in Playboy magazine was a big achievement for any woman wrestler. Many female wrestlers in WWE were featured in that renowned magazine, including Sable.

Sable was featured in Playboy magazine in 1999 twice. Five years later, the former Women’s Champion got another opportunity to be in the magazine with Torrie Wilson. This rare picture is from her Playboy days. She is pictured with Jerry “The King” Lawler and the magazine’s founder Hugh Hefner.

3 During Her Second Marriage

Marc Mero and Sable with a fan

Before marrying Brock Lesnar, Sable was married to former WWE wrestler, Marc Mero. Their marriage lasted 10 years. In fact, Marc Mero was the reason Sable broke into the wrestling business. As a couple, they also performed together in WWE.

This picture is from the late 1990s when Sable and Marc were happily married and were performing together in WWE. They are snapped with a young fan. Both Sable and Marc Mero are smiling for the picture.

2 The WWE Debut

Sable debut

Sable first started getting limelight when she became Marc Mero’s on-screen manager. But a lot of people probably didn’t remember Sable’s debut appearance in WWE. She debuted guiding Hunter Hearst Hemsley or Triple H to the ring at WrestleMania 12, a wrestler who was still in his rookie days. Hunter faced The Ultimate Warrior at the big stage.

Sable is looking young and stunning while walking with Hunter in this picture. She is wearing a beautiful black dress.

1 The Other Half

Sable and Lesnar at UFC

Brock Lesnar’s last UFC fight was at UFC 200, where he fought Mark Hunt. The Beast Incarnate gave a stellar performance to dominate Hunt. To support her husband, Sable was also present in Lesnar’s corner, and it was probably her last appearance at a public event.

Wearing a black dress, Sable is looking as gorgeous as she did in her prime. She is standing in the Octagon with Brock Lesnar.

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