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35 Best Female Wrestlers In WWE History, According to Fan Votes

Throughout WWE history, many amazing female wrestlers have made their mark on the company. Over the years, female talent has increased exponentially, to the point where women are currently experiencing their best moment in wrestling history. That said, it is normal for most of the best female wrestlers of all time to be still active today.


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To rate a wrestler, Cagematch.net users basically take into account mic skills, in-ring skills, character, and the career they had. Without further ado, here are the best of the best female wrestlers to ever step into a WWE ring, according to Cagematch.net.


Cagematch.net fans have been using the website to review wrestling matches for years. It is an amazing place to find a collective opinion on not only a particular match or event but also a specific wrestler. With the WWE being the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, there are countless names that have been a part of the company. So let’s focus on the impressive women who have put their bodies on the line to entertain the fans, and see who Cagematch.net users believe are the absolute greatest women’s wrestlers to grace a WWE ring.

35 Roxanne Perez (Rating: 7.67)

Born: November 5th, 2001


One of WWE’s youngest athletes, Roxanne Perez, started her wrestling career at the age of 13 before getting to train with Booker T and his Reality of Wrestling promotion at 16. She signed with the WWE in 2022 and quickly became a constant on NXT, feuding with Mandy Rose and her stable, Toxic Attraction, for the NXT Women’s Championship.

She would capture the title and hold it for 109 days before losing it at NXT Stand & Deliver 2023. Now only 22, Roxanne has already had more success than some of her peers twice her age and looks to have an outstanding career coming up

34 Tegan Nox (Rating: 7.69)

Born: November 15th, 1994

Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox was very athletic at a young age playing football/soccer, netball, and rugby all before starting her training to become a professional wrestler. Prior to competing in a WWE ring, Nox was a huge star in the United Kingdom wrestling shows like Progress, Attack! Pro, and Fight Club: Pro.

Despite a few injuries plaguing her career, Tegan is still under 30 years old and fans are very hopeful that she has a great run ahead of her. Her recent work with names like Becky Lynch, Chelsea Green, and Piper Niven has been a showcase of what she can do.

33 Mia Yim (Rating: 7.70)

Born April 16th, 1989

mia yim holding a kendo stick
via WWE

Mia Yim has wrestled in countless promotions before coming to the WWE. Training to become a wrestler while also attending college, Yim made her debut in 2009. Mia Yim became a popular name due to her work with Shimmer, CZW, Shine, and later Impact Wrestling as Jade before signing with the WWE.

Yim was let go from her WWE contract in late 2021 and made a return to Impact Wrestling. After having an impressive match against Mickie James at Bound for Glory, Yim returned to the WWE and has been working alongside AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows as a member of The OC.

32 Molly Holly (Rating: 7.72)

Born: September 7th, 1977

Molly Holly Royal Rumble

Helping current stars look as good as possible, Molly Holly works as a backstage producer with the WWE after winding down her career, minus a few appearances at Royal Rumbles and WWE’s Evolution PPV event.

Molly Holly held the WWE Women’s Championship twice during her career and also became a Hardcore Champion in the 24/7 era. She was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

31 Natalya (Rating: 7.78)

Born: May 27th, 1982

Natalya Sharpshooter Cropped

A member of the Hart Dungeon, Natalya Neidhart is one of the longest-tenured athletes in WWE today debuting back in 2007. Natalya’s accolades in the WWE include the Divas Championship, SmackDown Women’s Championship, and a host of Guinness World Records.


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Something fans might not know about Natalya is that she also writes a weekly column in both the Calgary Sun and Edmonton Sun newspapers detailing her life and career, something she started in late 2017.

30 Charlotte Flair (Rating: 7.91)

Born: April 5th, 1986




WWE Raw Women’s Champion x6, WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion x7, NXT Women’s Champion x2


July 17th, 2012

Charlotte Flair has become one of the most decorated women athletes in history in a rather short amount of time, 15 different title reigns under her name. Charlotte also made history alongside Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey when the three became the first women to main event WrestleMania.

Flair is one of the most gifted wrestlers in-ring but due to her booking and inability to portray a babyface character, fans have turned on her somewhat, resulting in a rating of 7.89.

29 Tiffany Stratton (Rating: 8.07)

Born May 1st, 1999

Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton didn’t take long to make her name in the WWE as she debuted in late 2021 and was holding the NXT Women’s Championship by May 2023. Stratton has also become a fan-favorite heel in NXT with her Barbie-like character.

Stratton held the NXT Women’s Championship for 107 days before embarking on a feud with Becky Lynch, who was attempting to become a Grand Slam Champion. She has recently been called up to WWE’s main roster and will compete in the 2024 Elimination Chamber.

28 AJ Lee (Rating: 8.07)

Born March 19th, 1987




WWE Divas Champion x3, FCW Divas Champion x1, Queen Of FCW x1


April 3rd, 2015

Currently working as the executive producer and color commentator for WOW – Women of Wrestling, AJ Lee spent her career as a professional wrestler in the WWE starting in 2009 where she trained under Florida Championship Wrestling.

2011 saw her make her main roster debut and get matches on Raw and SmackDown before soon becoming the WWE Divas Champion, a title she would hold for a combined 403 days. Lee retired in 2015 after having a feud with The Bella Twins.

27 Candice LeRae (Rating: 8.07)

Born September 29th, 1985

Candice LeRae Raw September 26, 2022 Cropped-1

Having a long-tenured and successful career before ever signing a WWE contract, Candice LeRae was one of the biggest names on the Indy scene. It wouldn’t be until 2017 that she followed in her husband Johnny Gargano’s footsteps and joined NXT.

During her time with the brand, she captured the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Indi Hartwell and challenged for the NXT Women’s Championship multiple times. Candice wouldn’t resign her contract and left in the summer of 2022 before returning later that year and debuting on the main roster.

26 Toni Storm (Rating: 8.10)

Born October 19th, 1995

Toni Storm coming to the ring in WWE

Toni Storm has proven herself to be one of the more intriguing characters on the All Elite Wrestling roster with her recent character change. For long-time fans of hers, this isn’t anything new, however, as she has shown that she is a consistent performer and has the ability to run with anything given to her.


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Her time in WWE wasn’t the longest and only saw her win the Mae Young Classic in 2018 and capture the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Her career before the WWE was a bit more fruitful as she was a top performer in World Wonder Ring Stardom and held the World of Stardom Championship. Storm is currently having a career renaissance in AEW with her Hollywood-inspired “Timeless” Toni Storm character.

25 Lyra Valkyria (Rating: 8.12)

Born October 23rd, 1996

Lyra Valkyria NXT Entrance

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Lyra Valkyria started working with WWE in 2020 under the name Aoife Valkyrie and competing under the NXT UK brand. She started to amass an undefeated streak in late 2020, beating names like Isla Dawn and Dani Luna before suffering a loss to Meiko Satomura in April the following year.

Since NXT UK was closed down, Lyra received a name change and started working with the US NXT brand and has multiple big match showings. Lyra was able to stand atop the NXT Women’s division when she won the NXT Women’s title from Becky Lynch.

24 Bianca Belair (Rating: 8.19)

Born April 9th, 1989




WWE Women’s Champion x2, WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion x1, Royal Rumble Winner x1


September 29th, 2016

Bianca Belair hasn’t been in the WWE all that long but has quickly made a name for herself by making history multiple times and putting on some of the best matches of recent history. She became the second African American to win a Royal Rumble match, was one-half of the first all-African-American WrestleMania main event against Sasha Banks, and many more accolades under her belt.

Belair started her career with NXT back in 2016 and has become the poster for Performance Center success stories. Only being in her early 30s, fans can hope to see much more from her in the future.

23 Mickie James (Rating: 8.23)

Born August 31st, 1979




WWE Women’s Champion x5, WWE Divas Champion x1


August 28th, 1999

A trailblazer for the Women’s division in not only WWE but also Impact Wrestling and NWA, Mickie James started to pursue professional wrestling in 1999. Since then, she has debuted with promotions like Impact Wrestling and the WWE where she captured both promotion’s Women’s titles multiple times.

Her in-ring skill is beyond compare and her latest run in Impact Wrestling alone is enough to prove that. James had a major hand in creating the NWA PPV, NWA Powerrr, which was the promotion’s first all-female PPV event in 2021.

22 Victoria (Rating: 8.24)

Born February 10th, 1971

Victoria Women's Champion 2004 Cropped

Lisa Marie Varon didn’t start her adult life by becoming a professional wrestler but instead started as a bodybuilder and fitness instructor. It was a run-in with Chyna that got Varon to further pursue a career in the sport after an attempt with Torrie Wilson to sign with WCW failed earlier.

Victoria’s career featured many different characters, such as being one of The Godfather’s “hos” to becoming a multiple-time WWE Women’s Champion. Victoria’s feuds with Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, and Jazz prove why she is rated so highly.

21 Bayley (Rating: 8.26)

Born June 15th, 1989




WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion x2, WWE Raw Women’s Champion x1, NXT Women’s Champion x1


September 19th, 2008

The fact that Bayley is so low in the rankings of WWE’s greatest women should reveal just how many amazing female wrestlers came through the promotion. In NXT, Bayley had one of the best story arcs of modern wrestling, going from excited fangirl to spirited underdog to NXT Women’s Champion, helping bring WWE’s presentation of female talent out of the Stone Age along the way.

While the character struggled on the main roster, a much-needed heel turn turned Bayley into one of WWE’s most entertainingly annoying villains. However, Bayley has recently turned babyface by challenging her former Damage CTRL partner Iyo Sky to a title match at WrestleMania 40.

20 Dakota Kai (Rating: 8.26)

Born May 6th, 1988

iyo sky dakota kai and bayley together as damage ctrl
via WWE

Dakota Kai seemed like a can’t miss star in WWE NXT. She started off as a babyface, but when she betrayed her best friend Tegan Nox at NXT TakeOver: WarGames, she became one of the most hated heels in NXT. She ended up partnering with Raquel Gonzalez.

After leaving WWE for a short while, Kai would return at Summerslam alongside IYO SKY and Bayley to form Damage CTRL. Kai and IYO would capture the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships a couple of times, receiving one of the best reigns with those belts. She is currently nursing an injury, but she’s still made her presence felt in the ongoing Damage CTRL storyline.

19 Gail Kim (Rating: 8.32)

Born February 2nd, 1977


Over the course of her nearly two-decade career, Gail Kim had two stints with WWE. The first, from 2002 to 2004, didn’t amount to much even with a Women’s Championship win, but then she moved on to Impact Wrestling and eventually became part of the newly formed Knockouts Division with the aforementioned Awesome Kong.


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That was seemingly enough for WWE to re-sign Kim, and she spent another three years with the company. However, this also proved to be a dud, as Kim’s only memorable moments included getting into an on-screen relationship with Daniel Bryan and purposefully eliminating herself from a Divas Battle Royal.

18 Kharma (Rating: 8.37)

Born September 4th, 1977


Before Bayley and her cohorts, however, Awesome Kong was one of the women who showed mainstream televised wrestling what female competitors could do in the ring via her run in Impact Wrestling. It was a major coup for WWE to sign a monster heel with legitimate in-ring cred during the Divas Era in late 2010, and her arrival as Kharma signaled something new.

Unfortunately, she only wrestled one match — a surprise entry in the 2012 men’s Royal Rumble — before she abruptly disappeared from the company.

17 Lita (Rating: 8.38)

Born April 14th, 1975




WWE Women’s Champion x4, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion x1, WWE Hall Of Famer


April 1999

Lita got her start as a manager in WWE. When she arrived, she had worked a little in ECW and then worked with Essa Rios as his manager before moving on to bigger and better things with the Hardy Boyz. Proving to be more than a valet/manager, Lita quickly proved her worth in the ring and was able to become the WWE Women’s Champion multiple times.

Lita has shown that she can still go and had a run alongside Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch with the three facing Damage CTRL at WrestleMania 39.

16 Lola Vice (Rating: 8.38)

Born July 19th, 1998

Lola Vice WWE NXT

Lola Vice has burst onto the scene after departing Bellator MMA and becoming a professional wrestler. Starting off with a few small matches, Vice was announced as a part of the NXT Breakout Tournament in 2023 before making it to the finals and winning the competition.

Now with a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship in her hands, Vice is a name for fans to watch as she is under 30 and just starting her career.

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