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4 Matches Triple H Should Book For WWE Backlash 2023 (& 4 He Shouldn’t)

After Cody Rhodes challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at the WWE Reaction PPV, the card for the show has finally started to take a bit of shape. Nothing has been officially announced for the show yet as of this date (April 14), but it’s likely that some matches will be added very soon.

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There are certainly some fights the show should do to ensure Backlash is a success, but there are also some fights Triple H should avoid, either because the fights aren’t of high enough quality or because they show patience to allow certain fights. and rivalries to build over time before pulling the trigger on a big showdown.



8 I should book for Backlash: Bad Bunny and Rey Mysterio vs. Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio

Bad Bunny stops Dominik Mysterio from cheating at WrestleMania 39

The wheels are already turning for a big celebrity fight in the Reaction PPV starring the host of the event, Bad Bunny. After previously being teammates, Damian Priest chokeslammed Bunny through the announce table recently, setting up this match.

The combination of Priest and Dominik makes sense given the history between those involved, rather than including Doomsday’s highest-profile member, Finn Balor, who should take a backseat on this one.

7 I shouldn’t book for Backlash: Gunther vs. Sheamus

Gunther v Sheamus Clash at the Castle 2022 Cropped

After his participation in a triple threat confrontation in wrestling, Gunther and Sheamus have continued to feud, with the Brawling Brutes picking up a victory over Imperium. This seems to be setting up another match between these two, but it seems too soon, especially after wrestling.

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WWE should postpone this match until Gunther has faced more opponents and had a longer historic reign, before finally handing the Intercontinental Title to Sheamus later on.

6 Should I book for Backlash: Bobby Lashley vs. cane bronson

bobby lashley raw

After Bobby Lashley last eliminated Bronson Reed from Andre The Giant Battle Royal, a feud broke out between the pair in a combination that was very new and fresh.

Reed is a promising young person and a match with Lashley is a great way to start to properly establish him on WWE’s main roster. Landing a major role in a PPV singles match would be a good idea after a rather slow reintroduction to WWE since re-hiring him last year.

5 You shouldn’t book for Backlash: LA Knight vs. xavier woods

LA gentleman cropped

LA Knight and Xavier Woods have been feuding recently, and it heats up as the weeks go by. It’s a tame rivalry for the most part, though, and feels more like a TV feud. It would be nice to see Knight on a pay-per-view, but this doesn’t feel prominent enough.

However, it’s nice to have TV-exclusive fights, which has been a common theme of Triple H’s creative era, so this should stay on SmackDown.

4 I should book for Backlash: Rhea Ripley vs. zelina vega

Zelina Vega Legacy of the Ghost Cropped

Reaction is taking place in Puerto Rico this year, so you have to highlight someone of Puerto Rican descent: Zelina Vega. Whenever she is thrust into the singles spotlight, Vega often impresses, herself being one of the most underrated in the women’s division.

Being in front of his friends and family would be a good time, even in defeat. This matchup would also make a lot of sense given that Judgment Day and the Latino World Order have been feuding with each other.

3 Shouldn’t book for Backlash: Matt Riddle, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs. the lineage


This match is already booked for the undercard, but it’s a mistake looking at it from the outside. Much like last year’s Backlash event, The Bloodline’s rivals look to take on the dominant faction in the main event of the first post-WrestleMania PLE. However, a match like this should be saved for a big TV main event.

The problem with this type of match on PPV is the lack of stakes, especially when someone in the match has a championship. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, and to start their reign they should have a great PPV defense.

2 Should I book for Backlash: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs. the uses

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens against the Usos

Speaking of a great PPV title defense, a rematch of the wrestling The Night One main event would be a great fight to add to the card, and would ensure the stakes are high in the match.

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Sure, this matchup only happened recently, but this is a feud that could go on for a series. This could very well be a two out of three drop, a steel cage, or a tornado tag. Adding a stipulation to a rematch or rematch selection could lead to months of huge tag team belt fights.

1 I shouldn’t book for Backlash: Becky Lynch vs. trish stratus

Trish Stratus Becky Lynch

Trish Stratus recently turned her back on Becky Lynch, setting up an inevitable combination. However, WWE should not criticize this for the Reaction PPV. Lynch vs. Stratus is a dream fight that deserves an extended build.

Waiting for summer festival and adding a lot more history and animosity could make for a hot rivalry and high-profile feud for the big four event.

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