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5 Boxers That Tyson Fury Loves (& 5 That He Doesn’t)


  • Fury has immense respect and admiration for Mike Tyson, a boxing legend who he was named after.
  • Fury has a heated rivalry with Deontay Wilder, trading punches and insults both inside and outside the ring.
  • Fury has voiced respect for Derek Chisora and Ricky Hatton, fellow British boxers who he has had positive interactions with.

Tyson Fury stands as a towering figure inside and outside the boxing ring. His charismatic persona and fiery character have garnered attention from boxing fans worldwide. He’s well renowned for his heavyweight title success and his candid and unabashed expressions of both admiration and disdain for his fellow boxing peers.

The WBC Heavyweight Champion certainly holds himself in high regard and is famous for disparaging certain opponents and respecting those he admires. As we explore Fury’s alliances and rivalries, here’s a glimpse into his perspective on fellow fighters while unraveling his opinions that shape his character, his larger-than-life personality and his views and opinions on other boxers that he loves and the ones he doesn’t.


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A Boxer He Loves: Mike Tyson

The British Tyson Has Shown A Lot Of Respect For The American Tyson.

It’s no secret that John Fury, Tyson Fury’s father, named him after the legendary heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. In many interviews, Fury has shown immense respect and admiration for Mike Tyson and his contribution to boxing. He also claimed that it doesn’t matter who wins in a fight between the two and that Mike Tyson has already won since he was named after the legend himself. Despite having a good relationship with Mike Tyson, Fury has voiced his disappointment at the coaching of his most recent opponent, Francis Ngannou, by Mike Tyson.

  • Fury believes Mike Tyson is a living legend and was absolutely thrilled to have him in the ring on the night of his fight against Ngannou.

A Boxer He Doesn’t: Deontay Wilder

Their Intense Rivalry Has Caused Them To Have A Never-ending War Of Words Since Forever.

In what is arguably known as one of the most heated rivalries in modern professional boxing, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury have not only traded punches inside the ring but also verbal insults outside of it. While Fury is known for his candid assessments of Wilder’s technique and style, he has also openly expressed his disdain for Wilder, citing fighting style differences and inability to keep up with Fury’s pure pace and power. Wilder has also accused Fury of cheating in the past; however recently, the two have laid their feud to rest while catching up at the Jake Paul/Tommy Fury fight in Saudi Arabia.

  • The ongoing animosity between Fury and Wilder started back in 2018 before their first-ever bout.

    A Boxer He Loves: Derek Chisora

    One Of The Few Fighters He Has Voiced His Respect For Is Derek Chisora.

    The WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World has spoken of his respect for fellow British professional boxer, Derek Chisora. In 2020, Fury claimed that Chisora was his favorite boxer and that he got along very well. Although the pair had heated exchanges back in 2011, in December 2022, when they both faced each other at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Fury had respected the way Chisora had taken up the offer for the fight. Even having faced off in their trilogy bout, Chisora and Fury still maintain admiration and respect for one another.

    And A Boxer He Doesn’t: David Haye

    Fury Threw Shade On Haye’s Supposed Injuries Before Their Fight.

    One of the awaited and anticipated fights in British boxing, David Haye vs. Tyson Fury was postponed twice due to David Haye’s injuries in the days leading up to the fight. In 2013, the expectation of this match-up escalated to some intense words thrown by Fury towards Haye in the pre-match press conference. As a young monumental figure in heavyweight boxing, Fury unleashed a barrage of insults at Haye, often calling out his lack of skill and unexpected calling off of the fight due to injuries. In what could’ve been British boxing’s greatest fight of the decade, Tyson Fury still has a no-holds-barred approach towards David Haye.


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    • WBC Heavyweight Champion Fury has praised British boxer Derek Chisora, despite past conflicts, and the two have always maintained mutual respect.

The fight between David Haye and Tyson Fury, a highly anticipated British boxing match, faced two postponements and intense verbal exchanges.

A Boxer He Loves: Ricky Hatton

Hatton Is The Main Reason For Fury’s Ambitions Of Being A Professional Boxer.

Long before he was crowned “The Gypsy King”, a 16-year-old Tyson Fury watched from Manchester as Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton rose up the ranks in the early 2000s. Fury, in fact, has gone on the record to have credited his rise to being world champion after being inspired by his fellow British boxer, Ricky Hatton. Fury recalls that he wasn’t the only future heavyweight champion in the audience watching Hatton that night. Along with him were two fellow British boxers, Anthony Crolla and Terry Flanagan. Since Fury’s rise to fame, Hatton has been part of Fury’s entourage for several of his bouts and even helped him with his training regime.

  • Tyson Fury attributes his rise to the inspiration he drew from fellow British boxer Ricky Hatton, who has been part of Fury’s entourage and training.

A Boxer He Doesn’t: Anthony Joshua

A War Of Words On TV And On Social Media Between Britain’s Most Famous Boxers.

The Gypsy King and Anthony Joshua have always engaged in a volatile war of words without having fought each other in their careers. They’ve often exchanged insults on social media with Fury calling Joshua a “weightlifter” and suggesting that the Olympic gold medalist was more obsessed with “bodybuilding” rather than honing his fighting skills. British boxers have exchanged social media humiliations and accused each other of calling off their much-anticipated clash.

  • Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have engaged in a heated war of words, and exchanged insults on social media, but have yet to fight each other.


Anthony Joshua Responds To Deontay Wilder Questioning His Confidence

Anthony Joshua fires back at rival Deontay Wilder questioning his identity.

A Boxer He Loves: Tom Schwarz

A Massive Show Of Respect From Fury Before And After Their Fight.

In June 2019, after his bout against German heavyweight boxer, Tom Schwarz, Fury showed his respect for Schwarz’s bravery, hunger and spirit to win. Despite Schwarz being a 24-1 longshot to beat Fury, he was lavished with immense respect and admiration on an Instagram story by “The Gypsy King”. After the fight, Fury walked to Schwarz’s changing room to congratulate him and his father on the fight and invite him back to England to train with him. This moment caught on video shows Tyson Fury’s admirable respect for an opponent who showed up to fight and win.

  • After defeating Tom Schwarz, Tyson Fury showed immense respect for Schwarz’s bravery and spirit, going to his changing room to congratulate him and even inviting him to train in England.

A Boxer He Doesn’t: Wladimir Klitschko

At The Dawn Of Fury’s Career, Fury And Klitschko’s Rivalry Was Very Well Heated.

When he was on the rise, Fury possessed a confident and outspoken character (just as well as now) and was labeled a joker by many in the boxing world. There was considerable doubt that he would beat Wladimir Klitschko. However, his bouts against Joey Abell, Derek Chisora and Christian Hammer in 2014 and 2015 showed that Klitschko was his ultimate prize. After months of heated exchange in interviews on several TV stations, Fury pointed out Klitschko’s age as a crutch in their fight. Their match-up escalated to comical levels when their bizarre press conference involved Tyson Fury appearing in a Batman suit. Klitschko eventually lost the fight, but the respect between the two remained cold but admirable nonetheless.

  • Despite being labeled a joker and doubted by many, Tyson Fury showed his determination to defeat Wladimir Klitschko in a comically intense lead-up to their fight. Fury eventually won but respect between them remained cold.

A Boxer He Loves: Tommy Fury

Fury Has Shown A Lot Of Love And Support For His Half-brother.

Tommy Fury
Image via: Tommy Fury’s Instagram

Be it in the ring or outside, there is no denying that brotherly love between Tyson and Tommy Fury. Their connection echoes each other’s dedication and love for the sport of boxing. Tyson has openly praised Tommy’s prowess and often mocked and belittled Tommy’s opponents viz a viz KSI and Logan Paul. From sharing the spotlight and being present during Tommy’s fights, Tyson’s admiration for his half-brother is evident in both words and actions.

  • The strong bond between Tyson and Tommy Fury is evident through Tyson openly praising and supporting Tommy in and out of the ring.

A Boxer He Doesn’t: Dillian Whyte

Fury Had A Bitter Build-up, Often Trading Insults With Dillian Whyte Before Their Fight.

Tyson Fury’s disdain for Dillian Whyte was quite evident in their pre-match press conference. A rivalry that transcended the ropes, the verbal jabs they exchanged between them, show how potent their intense rivalry was. Tyson Fury, known for his unfiltered commentary, didn’t hold back in expressing his disregard and dislike for Whyte and his fighting style. This pre-fight banter was rife with insults and trash-talk and created an atmosphere of mutual disrespect that comes with a Tyson Fury fight.

  • Fury has expressed his dislike and disrespect for Whyte’s fighting style multiple times through insults and trash-talk in pre-match press conferences.

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