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5 Current Impact Wrestlers Who Wouldn’t Top In The 1990s (& 5 Who Would)

The 1990s was a very different time than what the wrestling business is like today and a lot of things that happened during that time just wouldn’t be allowed to fly today. The wrestlers that are working now have to focus on completely different things than the stars of the 90s, and that is why many of those working today would not get over it if they worked back then with their current styles and personas.

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impact wrestling he has a varied roster in terms of experience, styles and tricks, with a great pool of talent putting on some amazing matches on a regular basis. However, while some from that period would still have thrived back then, many others would not have been as popular.



10 I Wouldn’t Get Over It: Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna Purrazzo

Women’s wrestling is a big part of what Impact Wrestling does, and the company focuses a lot on its Knockouts roster because of it. Deonna Purrazzo has been one of the biggest stars in that division with her excellent performances in the ring propelling her to the top of the industry.

However, in the 1990s, women’s wrestling was not pushed to the same extent as it is today and that is probably why she would have wrestled. Purrazzo gets the better of him by showing his value inside the ring, but those opportunities would have been few and far between back then.

9 Would Outdo: Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry in WCPW

Joe Hendry is a talented pro wrestler who can put up a good match against anyone, but what really sets him apart is how entertaining he is. The Scotsman is an excellent conversationalist and someone who brings innovative ideas to the table to try to outdo himself.

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That’s something that would have served him well in the 1990s because then it was all about gimmicks. His music video entries would have been a treat, and it’s easy to see how he would have prospered.

8 I Wouldn’t Get Over It – Steve Maclin

Steve Maclin in Impact Wrestling cropped

Steve Maclin is a hard worker and that has allowed him to enjoy a lot of success in Impact Wrestling, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would translate into the 1990s. During that time, personalities were often much bigger than they are now, and that’s not Maclin’s main focus.

It’s all about being a good fighter and while he’s developing his promo and character work, that’s something he still needs to improve to connect back then.

7 Would Outdo: Joe Doering

Joe Doering in cropped impact

Joe Doering is one of the biggest men on the Impact Wrestling roster and that is something that would have served him well in the 1990s. Doering knows how to use his size well inside the ring, intimidating his opponents and dictating the pace of their encounters.

That would have easily allowed him to slip into a monster role that could have been placed against any top babyface at the time. It would have been pushed well into the 1990s, creating a lot of success for it.

6 I Wouldn’t Get Over It: Jonathan Gresham

jonathan grham

Jonathan Gresham is one of the most technically gifted professional wrestlers in the business today, and that’s something that holds a lot of value today. While there were some in the 1990s who pushed this style as well, it was generally much more about hard-hitting, physical moves that were mixed into technique rather than focusing on submissions and grappling.

Gresham is also one of the smaller wrestlers on the Impact Wrestling roster and while that’s not an issue today, back in the ’90s it was. Smaller people usually struggled to get to the same level, so he might have struggled.

5 I’d Get Over It: Jordynne Grace


While Gresham would likely have a hard time surpassing him in the ’90s, his partner would thrive. Jordynne Grace may be short, too, but she’s fucked up and boasts one of the best physiques in all of pro wrestling. That’s something that makes her stand out now, and she would have been even more of an impact back then.

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During the ’90s it was important to be as muscular as possible, which is why Chyna was such a breakout star. Grace would have enjoyed the same treatment if she had worked at that time, with her excellent in-ring ability only helping that.

4 I Wouldn’t Get Over It: Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander as Impact World Champion.

Josh Alexander is a fantastic wrestler, which is why Impact Wrestling has pushed him so hard, but in the 1990s he might have had a harder time getting over him. The main reason for this is that the in-ring aspect is Alexander’s gimmick and that’s something that wasn’t that important back then.

While there were plenty of other great wrestlers out there, a lot of them were able to combine that with major gimmicks, which is where Alexander might have ended up wrestling at the time.

3 I’d Get Over It: Nick Aldis

nick aldis

Nick Aldis has all the tools for a top professional wrestler, from looks and physique to his promotional and in-ring ability. That’s why he’s had such a good run in the business, and in the 1990s he would have outgrown it too because the looks of him would have made him a top-tier guy on his own.

Considering that he can behave well inside the ring, it would have been easy to see Aldis in a great place putting together some strong performances to become a huge star in that era as well.

2 I Wouldn’t Get Over It: Mike Bailey

'Speedball' Mike Bailey in Impact Wrestling

Mike Bailey works in a fantastic style and delivers some amazing matches with a style that’s easy on the eyes. However, putting his focus on his in-ring look might not have helped him during the 1990s, and the martial arts elements of his character are something that might not have been as popular at the time.

During that time there was a lot more attitude with the gimmicks, and that’s something his character doesn’t bring in the same way he did back then, which could be a problem.

1 Would Outdo: Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan looking angry in the ring

Sami Callihan has had a great career in this era, but if he had been racing in the 1990s, he might have been even greater because of his style. He is someone who can be very forceful and violent when he has to be and that would have worked in the 1990s, particularly as part of ECW.

However, he is not just a hardcore fighter because he can also work well in traditional matches. Also, Callihan is an excellent conversationalist and someone who is always trying to shake his temper to make sure he doesn’t become stale, all of which would have served him well back then.

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