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5 Older Wrestlers Who Are Still In Great Shape (And 5 Show Their Age)

Wrestling is interesting because it’s not a real sport, obviously. However, in the NFL or NBA, when you get older and start to slow down, teams just don’t sign you and you’re forced to retire. In wrestling, there is always at least one promoter willing to sign an old legend no matter what.

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In 2023, that’s still the case in promotions like WWE and AEW, and there are several older fighters who should be leaving it by now. However, just because someone is old doesn’t mean they don’t have it. There are plenty of wrestlers who have stayed in incredible shape as they’ve gotten older.

10 Presentation Age: Jeff Hardy

jeff hardy aew debut (1)

For what it’s worth, it’s impressive that Jeff Hardy hasn’t slowed down for as long as he did. The Charismatic Enigma has had too many dangerous stunts to count, and has also struggled remarkably with addiction. However, until the last few years, Hardy has been able to put on fun matches and hang out with the best.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Hardy has clearly slowed down, and that has been very noticeable in his time with AEW. While he does his best to stay in shape, it’s hard to fight father time forever.

9 In Form: Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio cropped

Years ago, Rey Mysterio would have been at the opposite end of this list. While the flyer has always maintained his speed and quickness, he has been remarkably struggling with injury issues for a long time. However, he eventually received stem cell therapy.

While Mysterio himself praised the procedure for helping him save his career, he didn’t really need to say anything. The former WWE Champion continues to put on incredible matches to this day and slides around the ring like he’s WCW.

8 Showing age: rhino


These days, Rhino is typically used as a tag team wrestler, working alongside Heath in Impact Wrestling. While that team was nice in WWE in the 2010s, both have clearly slowed down in recent years.

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Also, Rhino has clearly slowed down a lot more than his teammate. He’s not surprising, because he’s in his late 40s and he’s been in some crazy tough games in his career. However, even in a tag team, it’s hard to hide Rhino’s ability these days.

7 Fit: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley as WWE Champion

While most fighters do a pretty good job fighting father time, Bobby Lashley is not just winning, he’s dominating the battle right now. Despite a career in the military, 17 cage fights and a lifetime of wrestling, he hasn’t slowed down.

Also, Lashley is 47 years old but somehow looks 20 years younger than that. To his credit, not only is he fit for his age, he’s still one of the most shredded members of the WWE roster.

6 Showing Age: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy posing at his door
via AEW games

While Jeff Hardy has started to slow down, Matt Hardy has slowed down for quite some time. Not exactly a shock, as he’s suffered a lot of injuries over the years, which isn’t surprising considering his wrestling roots.

Nonetheless, as a member of AEW’s roster today, Hardy has clearly taken a step back. While he is far from the worst member of the roster, it’s hard to see him moving in the ring these days.

5 Fit: Billy Gunn


While most talents tend to take a step back as they get older, that’s not the case with Billy Gunn. Instead, he’s gone all-out and he’s arguably in the best shape of his career despite being in his late 60s. Plus, he’s also doing some of the best work of his career alongside his kids.

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He managed The Gunns, helping the team get close to the AEW audience. Now with The Acclaimed, Billy Gunn is doing some of the most entertaining stuff of his career working with Max Caster and Anthony Bowens.

4 Presentation Age: Bully Ray

Bully Ray returns to Impact

Impact Wrestling is generally putting out some solid television these days. That being said, they have made some strange decisions in recent years, including hiring an aging Bully Ray and putting him in the main event scene.

For what it’s worth, Ray can still put on a solid hardcore fight and he can still put on a solid promo. However, in his 50s, he’s clearly slowed down tremendously in recent years, and that’s especially evident in his current Impact stint.

3 Shape: Sting

Sting at the forbidden gate cropped

It’s not exactly a secret that Sting is looking to bring his storied career to a close shortly. Having previously retired, he came out of retirement at age 60 to end his career on his terms at AEW. While he is easily forgotten, many were very concerned about Sting when he signed.

However, those fears have been squashed, as his stint with AEW has been incredibly fun. Despite being 64 years old, Sting is still in great shape and taking crazier punches today than he did in his prime.

2 Showing Age: Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon returns to WWE wrestlemania

You have to feel something for Shane McMahon at least a little bit. He has been forced to leave the business side of the company and is slowing down on the wrestling side. It is true that he slowed down at the worst possible stage earlier this year.

In WrestleMania 39, he tore his quad just seconds into a match with The Miz, prompting Snoop Dogg to take over. If he suffers such a devastating injury within seconds of starting a game, one has to wonder if it’s time to hang him up.

1 In Form: Brock Lesnar

brock lesnar smiling with his hat raised
via WWE

It’s easy to forget, but Brock Lesnar seemed to be on his way to retirement after WrestleMania 36. Later, he admitted that he was completely ready to walk away and hang him forever, luckily he didn’t.

Despite being 45 years old, Brock Lesnar is still in incredible shape and one of the most entertaining members of the WWE roster. He’s also showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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