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5 Reasons WWE Fans Are Loyal For Life (& 5 Reasons They Stop Watching Forever)

WWE puts a lot of effort into creating entertaining moments, whether through promotions or matches, to capture the attention of as many people as possible. The company is constantly looking to grow in size and stature and while gaining new fans is crucial to that, it is equally important for WWE to retain them.

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Many WWE fans have been fans their entire lives and stayed loyal to the company no matter what. However, there are many who choose to stop watching the company for a variety of reasons, opting out of being a WWE fan.



10 Forever Loyal: Constant New Stars

Daniel Bryan heavyweight champion of the world

Wrestling fans generally enjoy the product as a whole and all the different segments that are featured on the TV show. However, what helps people stay loyal forever is the fact that new stars are always being created that fans can get behind to see them rise to the top.

Whether it’s a true story of underdogs like Daniel Bryan or Kofi Kingston, or watching the overall career of a legend like Shawn Michaels, who went through all the ups and downs in front of people’s eyes, be created, there are plenty of reasons for fans to keep watching.

9 Stop Watching: Grow Out of Wrestling

WWE fans cropped

One of the main reasons many people stop watching WWE is simply because they end up leaving the sport. Professional wrestling is unique compared to football, hockey, or soccer, and that’s something some people stop enjoying later in life.

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It is a natural situation for people to decide to stop watching professional wrestling as they get older, as the sport is not for everyone. This leads many fans to turn away from the sport entirely.

8 Forever Loyal: Begins to look like a child

The WWE Universe

Many wrestling fans start looking at the product when they are young, and may be introduced to it by older family or friends. That creates a feeling of nostalgia within them that builds the passion to the point where they never want to stop looking at the product.

Fans enjoy watching wrestling for the rest of their lives because of it, as they have a unique connection to the sport that can’t be explained any other way. They then pass that on to their own children and stay connected by it, creating a family cycle.

7 Stop Watching: PG Restrictions


While the familiar aspect of watching from a young age is something that makes many fans loyal, for those who started watching in a different era, that may be why they stop watching altogether. Fans who enjoyed the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression era probably didn’t want to see the move to a PG product.

While WWE is trying to be more family-friendly, that’s ultimately not for everyone and, over the years, has led many fans to tune out the product over the years.

6 Loyal forever: Loyalty to the company

vince mcmahon sitting in the front row
via WWE

People who are WWE fans almost have a sports team feeling when it comes to how people support the company where they are incredibly loyal and will yell about it to anyone who will listen. They support WWE as a whole and are loyal to the company to the point where they refuse to see anything else.

This has been made clear since the rise of AEW, as certain fans on social media will hate anything Tony Khan believes simply because of his WWE loyalty. It’s the sports team mentality and WWE is the team that a lot of people choose and stick with through thick and thin.

Eddie Kingston goes down to the ring.

WWE may be the number one company in the wrestling industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only promotion in the business. Over the years, many other promotions have sprung up that have led many wrestling fans to tune out WWE to watch something else.

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Whether it’s WCW, Impact Wrestling, or AEW, there are many fans who prefer what everyone else is doing and choose to watch it instead, resulting in them not watching WWE anymore.

4 Forever Loyal: Constantly Changing

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns cropped

Competition is something WWE is aware of which leads to the company constantly changing to stay on top of the industry and that gives fans a reason to keep watching. Whether it’s big story changes, big heel turns, the debut of new stars, or interesting stipulation concepts, WWE always delivers something new.

It means that fans never get bored of the product and choose to keep watching and stay loyal to see what the next innovative idea will be in the future.

3 Stop Watching: Too Much Content


There’s just too much of a good thing in life, and that’s also true when it comes to professional wrestling. WWE has a lot of content going on right now with three weekly TV shows, premium live events, along with reality shows, YouTube content, and everything WWE throws out on social media.

It’s about having too much content for fans to consume and that can end up putting people off. The fact that there is so much to see makes it hard for people to keep up with all the stories and that can cause people to just give up.

2 Loyal Forever: an entertaining product

Cody Rhodes - Royal Rumble 2023 - Cody Rhodes calls his undercut shot

Ultimately, the main reason people choose to watch WWE is that the product is entertaining. Sure, there are times when a show is disappointing, and not every segment of a show works for people since everyone has different tastes, but there’s no denying that WWE is entertaining.

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The company often hits it out of the park with their stories, providing as much entertainment as possible for people. Whether it’s big matches, funny angles or the extravaganza of a wrestling there are many reasons for the public to stay engaged.

1 Stop Watching: Too Many Scandals

Vince McMahon's Tyrannasaurus Cropped

WWE would like to present itself as a perfect family business that does everything by the book, but the fact remains that there have been countless scandals regarding the company and Vince McMahon in particular that have caused fans to not see the product.

WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia, the steroids scandal, the deaths of wrestlers, and the most recent allegations against McMahon have all provided reasons for fans to turn off the product, as they simply feel the company does not match their values. .

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