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5 Retired WWE Wrestlers Who Would Be Great In The Commentaries (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)

When it comes to WWE comment there is a lot of pressure on them due to the importance of the role. Today, the company has landed some fantastic tag teams, and while many non-wrestlers like Pat McAfee and Michael Cole have thrived in this role, it’s typical for WWE to bring in retired wrestlers to offer their voices.

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The likes of Booker T and Tazz have proven to be fantastic commentators and there are plenty of other retired ex-WWE Superstars who would probably do well in that spot. However, being an ex-wrestler does not guarantee that they will be great in the comments, and there are many who should avoid this place.



10 It would be great: MVP


Since returning to WWE, MVP has proven to be a fantastic addition to the company, no matter what role he’s been assigned. While he has competed for the company at times, it seems like it’s over now as he concentrates on running Omos, which is a good place for him.

However, MVP is very business savvy and is an excellent conversationalist, so he would make a great commentator. He’s someone who can either heel or babyface, and he knows how to add little details to a story that would be crucial to that.

9 Wouldn’t It Be Cool: Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner as WCW World Champion

Scott Steiner certainly doesn’t fall short when it comes to personality and charisma, both of which are traits that help make a great commentator. However, he’s also known for being pretty unpredictable when it comes to being on the mic, and that’s led to some crazy moments over the years.

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Steiner might have cooled off over the years, but WWE is unlikely to trust him for commentary these days, nor would he be a good fit due to the PG environment WWE implements now.

8 It would be cool: AJ Lee

AJ Lee author cropped

While WWE probably couldn’t convince AJ Lee to return to the company by any means, she would make a brilliant commentator given the chance. Lee was a talented fighter, but one thing she thrived on was playing character and injecting a lot of personality into everything she did.

On the mic, few people could hang out with her, which is why she transitioned nicely into commentary. She is someone who knows her moves and can tell the stories that would make her perfect in this place.

7 Wouldn’t it be great: The Undertaker


The Undertaker is a respected mind in WWE history and someone who has more experience and knowledge than most people. He’s someone other talent likes to turn to for advice and that’s understandable, but when it comes to working on commentary, this isn’t a role for him.

Undertaker might have opened up in interviews, but when it comes to appearing on WWE television, fans are still hoping to see a certain version of him. The trick he has is something that just doesn’t fit the role of a commentator, so it shouldn’t happen.

6 It Would Be Great: William Regal

William Regal in AEW

Fans got a glimpse of what William Regal is capable of in the commentary during his time at AEW, where he often commentated on matches during Blackpool Combat Club matches. Regal combined entertainment and factual knowledge when he was given this opportunity that people enjoyed.

He proved to be a fantastic commentator and fans had a blast with him in that role, which is something people want to see happen again. Now that he’s back in WWE, this is a role he could realistically take on and showcase the personality he has once again.

5 Wouldn’t it be great: Batista

promo short batiste

Batista would be a huge star for WWE to place in the comments, which would certainly get a lot of people talking. However, she probably wouldn’t be a great fit for this simply because the promotional aspect of the business was never something Batista seemed to enjoy or relish.

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It was one element of his game that was always a bit weaker than the rest, therefore he’s unlikely to be a good fit in a role that’s purely about talking and concentrating on getting others to top.

4 It would be great: Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash in WWE

Kevin Nash is a fantastic conversationalist who has a unique mind for the business, which is very clear during his podcast when he breaks things down. That’s something that would make him a great commentator if given the chance because he knows how to figure things out.

Nash is able to spot specific elements to push and the fact that he is naturally charismatic also helps as that is something people want to see in a commentator. He is smart and has good conversations, and that would allow him to take on this role with confidence.

3 Wouldn’t It Be Cool: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Raw General Manager

Kurt Angle is someone who knows how to put comedy and seriousness in everything he does and, throughout his career in the ring, he has proven to be a brilliant conversationalist. However, during his last run with WWE, that element of his game went a bit weaker and it became clear that he had missed a step on the mic.

Some of his promos ended up being a bit difficult and awkward at times, which is why he might be the most natural candidate for comments. Angle is at his best when he gets into skits and clear segments, so it’s better as WWE currently uses him.

2 It would be great: Road Dogg

Road Dogg in WWE cropped

Road Dogg is one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, which was always made clear every time he hit the ring and started speaking into the microphone. His ability to speak ill of others was something that always helped him in wrestling and that would make him a great commentator.

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Road Dogg is full of energy and that can be perfect in the commentary, as Pat McAfee demonstrated. He brought a lot of emotion when he was at the desk, and that’s something the D-Generation X star could do as well.

1 Wouldn’t it be cool: X-Pac

X-Pac cropped

X-Pac might have had some buzzing moments on the mic, but cutting promos has always been something that has made him nervous, which he’s openly admitted on occasion. So this is not a role that would suit him even though he has an excellent mind for the industry.

X-Pac can be a lot of fun and he’s a good talker, but someone in that place needs to be very confident in his way of speaking and be able to do it regularly, which is where he could have trouble.

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