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5 Rumored WWE Storylines We Wanted To See (& 5 We’re Glad We Didn’t)

WWE constantly comes up with different creative ideas for the shows to try and make things as entertaining as possible, but with so much going on not everything ends up happening. The creative team has meetings regularly to decide what to do, but plans can fall through for a variety of reasons such as injuries, better decisions, or the boss going against it.

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Certain storylines that fans have learned about that didn’t happen are ones that could have been very special, and would have been brilliant if they happened. However, there are also plenty that audiences are pleased ended up not taking place as they could have been terrible if they ended up becoming reality.

10 Wanted To See: The Undertaker vs. Sting

sting vs the undertaker

When the build toward WrestleMania 27 began and an eerie figure in a trenchcoat was shown there was a lot of excitement over the potential of Sting’s WWE debut. A lot of people felt it was setting up a match between him and The Undertaker, and seemingly, so did WWE’s creative team.

At the time, WWE had tried to bring Sting on board to finally deliver the dream match between him and Undertaker which would have been huge. Fans have always been desperate to see it and this was the closest it came, but it never happened.

9 Glad We Didn’t See: Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels Best Of Three

Shawn Michaels Vs Hulk Hogan SummerSlam 2005

The match between Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels was comically bad due to the Heartbreak Kid overselling throughout the entire bout. This was due to political issues between them as both men felt they should’ve been picking up the victory, and it spoiled things overall.

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That is why fans are happy they didn’t have to go with WWE’s original plan which was for them to compete three times. They would’ve had another two PPV matches which could have ended up being utterly ridiculous.

8 Wanted To See: Bobby Lashley’s Weight Gain

Bobby Lashley posing

Most of the time when fans tune into WWE television the wrestlers are all in great physical condition, which can be tough to relate with from a fan perspective. However, if Bobby Lashley had his way that wouldn’t be the case as he wanted to do a storyline where he ended up gaining a lot of weight.

This would’ve been down to losing matches, which is something that would’ve pushed mental health and if done right could have been fantastic. He was then going to show his journey back to the way people know him which would’ve been unique and an impressive amount of work for him to do.

7 Glad We Didn’t See: Kalisto A Hair Stylist

Kalisto in WWE Cropped

Kalisto was a fantastic in-ring performer, but when it came to developing his character a lot was missing which stopped him from kicking onto the next level. However, fans are still happy that WWE never committed to the idea of him being a hairstylist.

This was a gimmick that would have been incredibly tough to get over on WWE television and is something that could’ve led to people remembering him negatively.

6 Wanted To See: Mr. Kennedy Is The Illegitimate Child

Mr. Kennedy

Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son was a huge angle that WWE promoted heavily and it had the potential to create the next major heel for WWE’s main event scene. That role was going to be given to Mr. Kennedy, which made sense given that he was a man on the rise at the time.

However, due to him getting suspended the company opted to change plans. Rather than waiting for him to return, the company opted to give Hornswoggle the spot, which seriously hurt the overall angle in comparison to what it could’ve been.

5 Glad We Didn’t See: The Demon vs. Sister Abigail

The Demon vs Sister Abigail

Nobody ever wants to see a wrestler get hurt or have an illness, but when Bray Wyatt was unable to compete at the 2017 TLC event it ended up being a blessing in disguise. That’s because he was going to compete as Sister Abigail at the event against Finn Balor’s Demon gimmick.

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While they did some of the build to this angle, WWE didn’t fully commit to the feud because the match ended up changing. Putting Wyatt in this situation could’ve been a disaster for him, and fans didn’t complain about it not happening.

4 Wanted To See: Jon Moxley Calls Out Mick Foley

Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley backstage talking

Before him becoming Dean Ambrose and a member of The Shield, WWE had other creative plans to debut Jon Moxley on the main roster. This was for him and Mick Foley to feud and eventually wrestle, with the premise being that Ambrose would call him out for setting the bar too high with the dangerous bumps he took.

They had started setting this up with a confrontation in public, but then Foley was unable to pass a WWE medical to actually wrestle. That led to the plug being pulled on this altogether and it never ended up happening.

3 Glad We Didn’t See: The Undertaker & Sable

Sable Cropped

Romantic storylines are popular within WWE and they can be brilliant when done right, but they can also be very risky. That’s why people are glad WWE didn’t pull the trigger with a romantic angle between Sable and The Undertaker when the company wanted to turn her heel.

This would’ve happened during the Ministry Of Darkness era, which would have seen Sable rule the group alongside the Deadman. However, his real-life wife at the time shot down the angle, and that’s a good thing as adding romance to that version of Undertaker wouldn’t have worked.

2 Wanted To See: Brock Lesnar Faces The Rock

Rock v Cena

The night after The Rock competed against John Cena at WrestleMania 29 he was supposed to set up a storyline against Brock Lesnar for the following WrestleMania. It would’ve been an epic situation between two legendary names, but The Rock sustained serious injuries against Cena, which caused issues.

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He was supposed to be filming “Hercules” at the time, and that set things back and cost the studio money which became an issue for him with WWE. The plans changed and that didn’t end up happening which was a missed opportunity people wouldn’t enjoy seeing.

1 Glad We Didn’t See: Shane & Stephanie McMahon Have A Child

Shane and Stephanie together Cropped

Incest storylines aren’t something that anybody ever wants to see in professional wrestling, but especially when the people involved are legitimate siblings, with a legitimate pregnancy involved. However, Vince McMahon did suggest the idea of Shane McMahon being announced as the father of Stephanie McMahon’s child when she became pregnant.

The fact that their own father was the person who lobbied for the idea only makes the situation creepier, but people are happy that it never happened. Thankfully, Vince’s kids shot down the idea and wanted no part in it, and that’s for the best.

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